Post #97, May 18, 2020: The AS GOOD AS DEAD (Deluxe) Post

I did a review on this album when it had released and I ended up rating it an 8-8.5/10. After giving it more time to sit with me and visiting it more and more I can easily say that this is a 10/10 album for me because it encapsulates everything i enjoy about music. It’s quick and to the point, high in energy, loud, and different. This is one of my favorite releases from last year and I continue to listen to it almost daily. We’re here with a deluxe version to the album which I am super excited to get into, it’s only 3 new tracks but that’s also 3 new tracks for me to enjoy so let’s get into what I think about these tracks.

AS GOOD AS DEAD (Deluxe) by City Morgue

First thing I want to talk about before I get into the actual review is the original album. The reason why it stood out to me so much is because everyone is always looking for something new, a new sound, a new style, a new production style, etc. Basically people like things that stand out and these two are the most stand out people I’ve ever seen. They are huge in the underground scene and get a lot of respect from some of the rock community which I absolutely love to see. This album is full of a lot of emotion, mainly from Zillakami because he uses his voice perfectly. I talked about the track “DRAINO (feat. Denzel Curry” and how his voice sounds very empty, it’s raspy and aggressive but it sounds like it’s coming from a person who is genuinely hurt and full of nothing but despair. His haunting voice on the hook sent shivers all over my body when I heard it, this is the same guy who raps over tracks like “16 TOES” & “NECK BRACE” which are some super aggressive and violent tracks. Basically what I’m trying to say is that they are really great musicians and that I’m a big fan of their style of music. Let’s go ahead and get into the new tracks.

The first track of the deluxe version is basically a remix to the track that comes earlier on the album titled “The Give Up” this one one is titled “The Fall Before The Give Up” and it features Clever. I’ve heard of Clever very few times and the times o have heard of him I’ve been very impressed by his extremely strong and colorful vocals. Zillakami’s verse along with Sosmula’s verse are untouched and it’s Clever’s part that is added to the track which is a really good addition in my opinion. He has very deep and sentimental lyrics on this track which isn’t anything new from him, everything I’ve heard so far has been very deep and dark in a way, great feature and track. “ACAB” is very fast paced and a majority of the track is a loop of the hook which isn’t anything impressive. I’ve heard of Nascar Aloe very few times and all I know is that he is a very very aggressive artist. He seems to be heavily influenced by metal because that’s what his music revolves around. I like the track and I really like the feature from Nascar Aloe along with Zillakami, they are super aggressive and this is what I expected the track to sound like as well. The next track “V12” starts off with a fantastic and perfectly timed verse from Sosmula, all I remember from the original version of this album was that Sosmula wasn’t a favorite but this track is really aggressive and abrasive which is what I love to hear from Sosmula. It just sounds very natural and not forced in any way, this is a very short track but also a very pack filled track. The next track “CYKA” is my favorite off the deluxe album. Zillakami sounds extremely different here, I didn’t think it was possible but he sounds even more evil than he already does. They both prove to me just how much of an unstoppable force they are, they add such an incredible energy to all the tracks they make which is a big reason why I love their music and why I come back when they release music. Fantastic track.

There isn’t much to this Deluxe album but I really enjoy the 4 new tracks, I do wish they would have added up most to about 8 new tracks in total, the tracks they make are very short in length so it wouldn’t have made a huge difference, maybe a 16-18 minute difference but these 4 new tracks are full with emotion and a lot of energy which is exactly what I expected to hear from them. The two features are really well done, definitely no complaints from the features. The production does seem a bit different on the Deluxe compared to the original but maybe it’s just me. Like I said I really enjoy this and I recommend this to someone who’s basically looking for a quick thrill, very fast paced and highly energetic tracks but they start and end very quick.

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