Post #96, May 17, 2020: THE GOAT Post

Polo G is a rapper from Chicago who blew up around the summer time of last year with a track that became very popular over Tik Tok mainly, since then he has released an album that I thought was pretty good for a debut. He is back with another album and I’d be lying if I were to say I wasn’t excited. He had released some really good singles here and there so I’m definitely looking forward to a new and more aggressive sound from Polo G, also some really good story telling because I know that was a highlight from his last album. Let’s get right into this review.

THE GOAT by Polo G

Staring off with “Don’t Believe The Hype” this track sets a really good tempo for the album in my opinion and really starts the album off with a bang. He is telling me on this track that he is here to prove himself as a great rapper and a force to be reckoned with. He has all of my attention and I’m excited about this album after hearing him on this track. Very strong introduction to the album. “Heartless (feat. Mustard)” is another banger. Here we have Mustard on the production of the track which is the reason why the production is impeccable. Polo G comes with strong raps and good messages, nothing new with the positive messages and good story telling, I’m just excited I’m able to hear it again. Like I said this is another great track and continues my excitement for the rest of the album. I feel like every trap album has to have a track like “Martin & Gina” and the reason why I say this is because I hear tracks like this everywhere. The type of track that talks about the type of relationship he wishes to have in the future, really a track for the females. His main demographic when he blew up was majority of the male audience so now he has to target more to the female audience, this definitely isn’t a bad track but not really my taste. When I saw this track I became really intrigued because I love a good Juice WRLD feature. “Flex (feat. Juice WRLD)” gives me a good and very strong verse from Polo G which fused with the beat gives a really professional and impressive outcome. I always love Juice WRLD verses and this one just adds to that list, it isn’t anything crazy but it’s good to hear Juice in a time like this, it makes me happy. This is a fairly short track but does a good job gaining my attention and keeping it for the duration of the track, good track. “Go Stupid (feat. Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa)” was released prior to the release of the album and is the lead single of this project. This track was a favorite from the second I hear it, the pattern of the 808s in the production is very entertaining and provides a strong source of energy to the listener. The features are alright but the main stand out of the track is clearly Polo G in my opinion. This along with the last track are my favorites so far no question about it. Everyone on this track in particular flows perfectly especially Polo G, this is one of the most impressive flows I’ve heard from him yet. The reason why I like the track “21” is mainly because of the vibe and energy it gives off. It’s a really good cool down track from the previous track. It has a very relaxing quality with the production and also with the main verses from Polo G. I don’t really have much else to say about this track, really good track overall. I really enjoy how well Polo G uses his voice, this track “33” is a good example about it. He has gotten a little aggressive on previous tracks and he’s even slowed it down like on this track. I love how he can be versatile on his albums, this more than his last but still he doesn’t stick to the same sound, great quality to have and to notice so early into a career. I don’t think I’ve heard a bad track so far. “I Know” continues the streak of really well produced and impressively written tracks. I love the subject matters he raps about on the tracks on this project so far because they all come together to tell the story of how he thinks he’s the goat or a future goat. Great track overall. I’ve mentioned this before throughout the history of TMT. If a track has a guitar in the production or is mainly guitar infused I will like it no matter what. This track “Beautiful Pain (Losin My Mind)” is one of my favorite so far and is probably the best track on the album so far. I love the production from Murda Beatz and the use of the guitar, this guitar is heavily hypnotic and does a good job matching Polo G during the hook, also the little harmonies Polo G uses on the hook it’s just extremely catchy and infectious. This is just overall an amazing track, the songwriting is the main highlight of the track in my opinion. “No Matter What” isn’t all that of a track in my opinion but it does pride itself on the great lyrics performed by Polo G. The production is alright, not the best off the album but I care more about the lyrics on this track than anything because they are very emotion filled and has the purpose to be relatable in a way, fantastic delivery of the message of the track too. Lil Baby has been having an amazing year so far so I had a very strong feeling that he was going to kill this feature and I was right. I never knew that their chemistry would be so well, I would definitely like to hear more of this in the future because this track is just flat out amazing. There are great performances from both acts on this track in my opinion, this is definitely a strong highlight off the whole album. One complaint that I do have is that I’d with the vocals from both of them were well mixed with the production and more clear because they sound like they have completely different effects on them but I don’t really mind all that much, it is still a great track at the end of the day. “Relentless” is full of amazing lyrics again. This seems like a common these so far in the album. The way he raps really paints a picture of the environments he talks about in these tracks, he makes me feel for the struggle he has went through thus far in life. I genuinely love when artists do this because it builds a stronger connection with the listener and the artist but one thing I wish I did but don’t do is write down some lyrics that stick out, I don’t do this because a lot of lyrics in the music I listen to stand out and Polo G has a lot of them not just on this track but all throughout the album. “DND” is another single that was released prior to the release of the album and I listened to a little bit of it but not all of it so this is my first full listen of this track and I feel the same way with the other tracks as I do with this one. I don’t have much to say about it besides that it’s a really good track and sticks to the same narrative so far in the album. I have a lot of mixed emotions with “Chinatown” because the mixing on the track as a whole feels not completed. It’s very fast paced which is great but the production doesn’t seem well mixed with his vocals. I see the potential this track has and I get the message but this just seems like it slipped through the cracks, not a highlight of the album. On the track “Trials & Tribulations” I really get a good insight on just how much potential Polo G has. So far I’m very surprised on his songwriting skills because he conveys a lot of important topics and emotion in his lyrics, he is definitely a legend in the making if you ask me. “Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)” ends the album on a really good and positive note. Again he raps some really good and conscious lyrics that relate to the social issues we as a society deal with currently such as police brutality. The feature from BJ the Chicago Kid is gorgeous and adds a great and different sound to the track and album, more of a gospel influenced sound. I really like this track and everything it’s about, great ending to this fantastic album.

THE GOAT is a fantastic album and has been getting nothing but praises from the public. Typically speaking an artists second body of work isn’t their strongest or most memorable but this is definitely not the case here. Polo G shines on this project and gets more in depth with his emotions and his experiences, he really lays everything out on the table. After more listens this album only gets better in my opinion and makes me realize just how much influence he will have not only in Chicago later in life but in Rap history as a whole. With all that being said I will be rating this album a solid 9/10 for its messages, story telling abilities, it’s range of emotion from energetic to sad, the production, and overall theme of the album. I’m happy with this rating and can’t wait to rate another Polo G album.

Thank you!!! For coming back to another post here at TMT. I hope you enjoyed it and I also hope that you are following the page! I just created an Instagram so you should also follow that, @tylersmusicthoughts. See you tomorrow for another great post.

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