Post #94, May 12, 2020: The Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 Post

I’ve been extremely late to the Lil Durk bandwagon. Everyone seemed to enjoy his music besides me, that was until his project Love Songs 4 The Streets 2 which I reviewed on this page, this project really stood out to me and surprised me. Ever since this release I’ve only really heard most of Lil Durk off of features which I also enjoyed. I have some high hopes for this project and am actually excited to listen to it and share my thoughts so let’s get into it.

Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 by Lil Durk

Beginning this review we have “Different Meaning”, this is an alright intro track in my opinion, it doesn’t really catch my attention in any way, if anything it kind of bores me. This isn’t what I had expected the first track to sound like, I expected it to sound a little more aggressive but this is alright for what it is. Now in my opinion “Street Affection” should have been the intro track, this is what I expected the intro track to sound like because if it’s bits of aggression with the vocals and the production. If you were to switch these two tracks my attention would have been grabbed right at the very start of the album. Hopefully we hear more of this sound from Lil Durk, I’ll be very pleased if I hear more of this throughout the album. I’ve been seeing this next track trending all over the place (3 Headed Goat (feat. Lil Baby & Polo G)”. After listening to this track I see why it’s so popular, you have two features that are from artists who are highly respected in the rap community in my opinion but the sound of it overall is a little lack luster. It’s a fine track but I don’t find that it’s my style or taste. “All Love” is probably one of the worst tracks so far, I just don’t like how the overall vibe is, it is a little too slow in my opinion. I also am not a big fan of the vocal effects he has placed on his voice during the track. “Gucci Gucci (feat. Gunna)” is an alright track in my opinion, I do find it fairly entertaining from both acts on the track. So far this is one of my favorite tracks off the album, I genuinely like the vibe and sound of the track because this is what I had imagined the rest of the album to sound like. I really enjoy the feature from Gunna which is a little ironic because I don’t view myself as a fan of Gunna but this feature is really good. I really liked the lyrics on “Viral Moment” because they seem pretty personal but very heartfelt. I enjoy listening to Lil Durk for this reason, for the subtle messages that he hides within his lyrics, they don’t come across that often but when they do it’s definitely worth the listen if you ask me. “248” is another alright track, not much has stood out so far in the album but it’s really just been alright tracks, nothing terrible but nothing amazing yet besides the track with Gunna. This track is full of some more really good lyrics and an overall deep message about either death or past friendships. I like the vibe of this track but there is something about it that stops me from enjoying it fully. Definitely a highlight of the album though. “Triflin Hoes” has a really good energy and sound. I love when Durk makes tracks like these because it’s high in energy and tempo which makes it really Infectious to the ear. He isn’t saying much of anything but it’s fun and made to have a good time to. This is another favorite and another highlight of the album so far if you ask me. So far in the album the tracks seem really short, I like this method of song making because it keeps my attention on the track as a whole. The content within the tracks would be boring if it was 3 and a half or 4 minutes long. The next track “Internet Sensation” is a really low key and just nice track overall. I don’t have much to say besides that the vibe is just enjoyable, not abrasive and not corny it has a good in between that makes it a very good track. The music that Lil Durk makes is street music, typical trap music in my opinion but with that being said tracks like “Street Prayer” don’t really do a lot for me because he raps about a lifestyle and experiences that I don’t know about so it’s hard for me to change my perspective or relate to what he raps about, that just makes me view this track and others like it as just any other track. “Chriaq Demons (feat. G Herbo)” is probably the best track off the whole project in my opinion, it shows a lot of aggression from both Herbo and Durk. Herbo had a really good album earlier this year and it’s good to hear him on this feature because he seems to have that same energy from his solo project. I’ve always enjoyed their collaboration and their chemistry because not only are they from the same place they rep it with pride and it’s easy to see on this track. “Doin Too Much” is another good track and well produced track, the flow from Durk seems like it was done with ease and the same thing with the general structure of the track, not much else to say because not much happens in this very short track. “Broke Up In Miami” is the 3rd track in a row that I genuinely enjoy but I do wish that he was this for the first half of the project, that would have made it way more enjoyable for me in my opinion. This track is full of subtle lyricism, nothing crazy but it’s definitely there, the song title also hints at a significant theme within the track but overall it’s not bad, definitely a good track. This track “Turn Myself In” caught my attention when I was going through the track list because I imagined that it would relate to what happened to him a few months ago and I was right he touches on this subject a little bit in the track, a little less than what I would hope for but he makes the topic enjoyable for the listener through the overall raps and rhyme scheme of the track. The last track “Fabricated” ends this album pretty good. It’s nothing new, nothing we haven’t gotten so far in this project. It’s a pretty low key track which is good to have at the end of an album because it sends off the project with ease and doesn’t leave the listener questioning “Is that it?”, NAV’s album made me feel this way but Durk did a great job at this outro track if you ask me, I really can’t complain either because it left me satisfied.

All I can really say is that this album is alright, I had high hopes because the first album I every listened to him which was earlier last year was a pretty good album. My expectations were pretty high and I feel like I did get let down a bit, I just wanted more. I did like a good amount of the tracks on here but nothing really excited me a lot, the track with G Herbo was amazing along with “Triflin Hoes” because I think these were some high energy tracks. My final rating for this album will probably be a decent 5/10 or 6/10. I don’t think this is bad whatsoever but just a little disappointing.

Thank you for coming back for another review. While you’re here go ahead and follow the page for some more great content, I love making these posts and I know you’ll love reading them if you follow!!! See you back tomorrow for another review!!!

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