Post #93, May 11, 2020: The GOOBA Post

6IX9INE IS BACK!!! after almost a year and a half since 6ix9ine released music he is back with a new record. I normally never do singles unless it’s worth it but I asked a lot of you through Instagram and the overall answer was to do a post so here I am but the only other single I reviewed was “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott, I was going to do “Turks (feat. Gunna & Travis Scott)” by NAV because I felt that it was worth it enough. I decided to review this single for obvious reasons. I want to talk about his situation, give my opinion about it and the music so let’s get started. I’m excited!!

GOOBA by 6ix9ine

Let’s start off with the track “GOOBA”. What we get is a track that doesn’t sound anything different from what he had made prior to being arrested and snitching on his old gang and others. It still has a peculiar name like all of his other tracks. The sound of the track is still full of that high energy and aggression that made him famous, it is nice to hear since I personally haven’t heard it in such a long time. I really enjoy how the track begins, the repeated 808 under his voice really does a lot for the energy of the track. He does break down his flow about half way through the track which was something totally new, I haven’t heard 6ix9ine do this before, he tried to actually rap but let’s put a lot of emphasis on “tried”, his verse is very bad but I applaud the attempt. His overall sound is very fitting on this track, he seems to have that sound of being overly conceited, annoying, narcissistic, etc. Just typical 6ix9ine behavior. The thing that makes this track his most enjoyable is the amount of ignorance and arrogance he has behind the lyrics. He raps at the end of the track “YOURE MAD, IM BACK” and just continues to go on about how a lot of people are mad that he did what he did and that he can just continue making music. 6ix9ine embraces being a rat on this track and just in general, he’s really just laughing with everyone else which is something that people seem to hate, the amount he doesn’t care. As a piece of music it’s alright, it really isn’t anything crazy for his first record since his release but the thing that makes it an amazing source of entertainment is everything that came with it, such as the record breaking Instagram live, the hate from other artists, the YouTube breaking music video, also record breaking music video, merchandise, etc. 6ix9ine really planned all of this and executed it perfectly in my opinion. Extremely entertaining track and music video. He continues to prove to us that he is the KING of New York and the KING of trolling.

Now onto the situation that 6ix9ine has been in. If you follow rap or just music then you know somewhat of the situation that 6ix9ine got himself into about a year and a half ago. If not then I’ll give a quick run down of everything I know, he had gotten arrested for racketeering which was the first I’ve ever heard of it, apparently it’s a HUGE crime that comes with many many years in prison. Him and his old gang members/ management/ friends had gotten arrested with 6ix9ine, this was mainly his old management I believe and key word is “old” because before this all happened he fired every one because they were trying to steal from him. But once he got arrested news got out that he was working with the feds in exchange for a reduced sentence, he went from facing 40+ years to only about 2, that means a lot of snitching. When word got out that he was snitching the whole rap community turned on him, not one person supported him besides his family. Time went on and we entered this world wide pandemic which basically caused him to leave prison from a release by the judge in exchange to serve the rest of his sentence at home. The 6ix9ine situation died down a bit but got revived when he cane home. He wasn’t vocal on anything, did a little trolling here and there like playing along with everyone calling him a snitch but nothing major but it wasn’t until this past Friday was when everything went down. He announced a new track and that he’d go on Instagram live for the first time in such a long time. 3pm on the 8th of May he went live and broke the record of the most people watching a persons Instagram live, 2 MILLION VIEWERS!!! This baffled me honestly but after I thought about it that amount of people made sense. He talked about why he snitched and made a cordial apology to his fans which I think was needed. I always understood why he snitched because I’m a reasonable person, if people that I called family tried to steal from me, kidnapped me, try and kill me, have sex with my baby momma, etc. I’d show no remorse and I’d snitch on them too. I know nothing about gangs and that lifestyle but I know that there is a lot of loyalty in it, why would 6ix9ine show loyalty to people who didn’t show him loyalty and did all that stuff to him, they deserved to be snitched on if you ask me. I knew all this would happen, you can’t have an artist like Tekashi leave and not be famous anymore, if anything I think snitching made him the most popular person on the planet and with that popularity it makes him the King of NY, a lot of people will deny that and I don’t agree with it either but the numbers don’t lie at all, just speaking the truth. Long story short I’m glad he’s back, I was a fan before and I still am, I always loved the energy and the amount he didn’t care, he clearly can’t rap but he can entertain like no one else. 6ix9ine will only get bigger and bigger from this point on, watch it happen.

I had a lot of fun creating this post, the track is fun and full of good ole 6ix9ine energy. I couldn’t ask for anything else really but after all that I said the only thing I can really add is that you follow the page for some more great content. Like this post and all the other ones or I’ll snitch on you. See you tomorrow for another great post.

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