Post #92, May 10, 2020: The Good Intentions Post

NAV has always been an artist that has never really stood out to me but has just been kind of there, you know what I mean? NAV doesn’t have any major thing to him that makes him more important than his peers, he is very generic in my opinion, but I still find myself becoming excited when he releases a project because there is something about his robotic personality that is just entertaining. NAV is back once again with a new project, I’m not really expecting a whole lot except it being better than his last, I have a feeling it’ll be better than Bad Habits but hopefully I’m not wrong. Let’s see if anything stands out with this project.

Good Intentions by NAV

Starting off with the intro track titled “Good Intentions (Intro)” has a really good and catchy sound to it, it isn’t anything new or surprising from NAV but it does set a good pace for the album and sets off the overall tone pretty high. The hook makes me think that this is a follow up album to Bad Habits, his 2019 release. “No Debate (feat. Young Thug)” is a pretty entertaining track in my opinion, still nothing crazy. The Young Thug feature is actually really good which is rare if you ask me, I tend to find Young Thug features really hit or miss but this is definitely a hit, I also enjoy how they go back and forth on the track. The one thing I don’t like his how the ending of the track comes to a very abrupt end, not prepared for the ending and leaves me wondering where the rest of the track is. I’m not a big fan of “My Business (feat. Future)” NAV just doesn’t really do a whole lot for me on this track but the most surprising thing about this track is Futures feature, I actually really enjoy it. I think him and Thug are hit or miss with me but so far they have delivered really good features, more of a Future track than a NAV track. An artist should never have the feature outdo them on their own track but that’s what happens to NAV the majority of the time in my opinion. Production is great as well just to throw that in there. “Turks (feat. Travis Scott & Gunna)” was released about a month ago and this was a very highly anticipated track, I was super excited when it was released because it was teased a little while ago on Instagram and ever since then it’s been very hyped up. All three acts perform really well on this track and all flow effortlessly. I really like NAV’s verse and him on the hook on this track because it’s very infectious and he makes it aware that it’s his track, he doesn’t get out shown by his features which is the most important thing here. “Brown Boy” made me realize the type of production we’ve gotten thus far, very outer spacey and universal type beats. He’s always had this type of production style but it’s more apparent on this track, although I really don’t like this track I think the production is above decent. NAV seems to change his flow just a little bit on “Status (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)” but has the same tone of voice as all the other tracks on the project so far, a slight difference though. This production fits Uzi very well which is great because it’s another track that NAV and Uzi have that adds to their perfect chemistry. They’ve always been a really good duo if you ask me, always made hits. This is a very good track and I don’t mind the small imperfections it holds. “Codeine (feat. Gunna)” is a pretty cool track, nothing really stands out with this track besides the production and their flows. I’m absolutely loving the production so far on this project, definitely better than his last album and probably his most well produced album. Gunna and NAV do their thing on this track, definitely not bad but not the best. I understand where “Saint Laurenttt” was intended to end up but I don’t think the delivery was the best, I get the theme of the track and the purpose of it but it just seems off to me. I love the vocal effects he has put on his voice during the hook, I think that’s creative and different because I’ve never really heard him doing something like that. It’s definitely the most low key track so far but I’d probably need more than a handful of listens to like it a lot, I don’t think it’s terrible though, I also feel that this was made with the intentions to be the lead single or at least one of them. I think “Coast to Coast” is the worst track so far off the project no question about it, it’s just really annoying to me. That’s all with that track. I was really intrigued when I had seen the track list and saw this track, “Run It Up (feat. Pop Smoke)”. Pop Smoke was definitely a unique artist, I wasn’t with the wave but I saw why he was liked by so many people but I was definitely curious as of how he’d sound with NAV because they have very different sounds but I can definitely say this is one of my favorite tracks, this definitely surpassed any negative thought I had on it, really a surprising track and a highlight to the album. The production is also really good and probably one of the best produced tracks off the whole album. “Spend It (feat. Young Thug)” is an alright track, I wanted to wait a few days to write my thoughts on this track because I felt very indifferent about it my first few listens but after a couple days I genuinely like it, the production fits NAV and Thug very well, NAV likes to play alright with melodies on this album and in genres, not so much is style but I see a little bit of versatility on this project compared to his others. This is another track that caught my eye and my attention, “Recap (feat. Don Toliver)”. If you are a repeating viewer or know me personally you know I love Don Toliver, he has one of the best albums of 2020 in my opinion. I was really excited to see how these two work together because they both know how to use melodies in a druggy way so this was a highly anticipated track. I think they both do their thing and deliver on any sort of expectation I had with this track. Don does outshine NAV in my opinion and I don’t think that just because I like Don, I think that because Don just has such a unique voice to where he’d outshine anyone, he outshined Travis on the JACKBOYS project on certain tracks if you ask me. But this track is definitely a favorite and a highlight so far. “She Hurtin” was also another track that I wanted to wait to write about but after a few days I can say that I don’t like it. The track just stands out too much and not in a good way, the production style isn’t NAV, I understand that he wants to switch it up but this isn’t it in my opinion. “Overdose” does a good job playing onto the sound of a really drugged out person who has clear bad habits but follows it up with saying he has good intentions. NAV does a good job capturing a snapshot of his life on this album if you ask me, you can hear on a lot of these track how his relationship with drugs will be stronger than any relationship with an actual partner. This track is decent, not the best. The last 3 tracks haven’t been the best, “Did You Wrong” is the 3rd bad track in a row, it just doesn’t fit. I’m not a big fan of the overall sound of this track, his voice is getting very repetitive and borderline annoying, I’ve gotten this NAV on his self titled, I don’t need it 3 projects later. I really love the production and overall structured “My Space”. The production has this subtle stringed instrument in the production which does wonders for the track and just really ties in everything. His melodies mixed with this production style really speaks volumes, great track with pretty good lyrics. “No Ice (feat. Lil Durk)” and the previous track really save this album from ending on a really bad note, again, this track isn’t anything crazy, almost all the tracks are nothing new from NAV but they are good for what they are and that includes this one. The feature from Lil Durk does a lot for the track as a whole. I’ve noticed me appreciating Lil Durk a lot more lately, I definitely like his verse on this track and I’m also excited to post my review on his album that released this week as well. I’m not the biggest fan of this last track “Proud of Me” I think it’s a little too slow to be an ending track. This track being the final track makes me wondering “That’s it???”, it just makes me think that there should be more and not just this. I don’t see this happen a lot with other artists but leave it to NAV to do something that I don’t like, it’s a pretty okay ending I’ll give him that.

NAV’s album Good Intentions is not as bad as I feel like I expected it to be, I wanted it to be better than his last and I definitely think it was. I did go back to his last album to compare it and I like more tracks off this project than the last (not including the deluxe). Speaking of the deluxe, the deluxe for this album will release today and I clearly didn’t speak about it here but depending on the amount of the tracks it has I might do a review on that too. One thing that I want to talk about that I didn’t before was about the track “Status (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)” and what I said about it, I said “I don’t mind all the imperfections it has” one imperfection that I can elaborate on would be the similarities between this and “Tap (feat. Meek Mill)”. The similarities are in the rhyme schemes of the tracks. There are 3 repetitions of the ending word of a line, on the track of his last album, he repeats tap, back, slap, wack, etc. 3 times after each line of the hook and on “Status” we hear chop, block, mop, a lot, etc. 3 times after each line in the hook. To someone who pays attention to music heavy this is a red flag because what it looks like is that he is reusing flows from one of his biggest track skills far in his career, hanging onto that success from the original track. I still enjoy it though but this is something that I don’t appreciate as a music listener. I just wanted to touch on that because I thought that it needed to be said. After all of that said I think I’ll rate this album a good 7/10, I don’t think this is and at all but it definitely could have been better. I enjoyed this album and will continue to look forward to a NAV album but he needs to do something different next time so he won’t sound so generic.

Thank you for coming back to another post by me. I really appreciate you tuning in during these tough times, let’s enjoy music together and appreciate what we have together. Don’t forget to like, comment and FOLLOW!!! Be back tomorrow for another post.

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