Post #91, May 3, 2020: The Dark Lane Demo Tapes Post

Drake is back again with a new project titled Dark Lane Demo Tapes. When I got word of this project I was confused because it’s so sudden and out of nowhere. After I looked into it and read that this was basically a little project full of snippets, old/ new tracks, and throwaway tracks I knew just exactly what I was going to expect from this project. This project doesn’t have the intentions of being fantastic, it’s literally teasers and leaks, new stuff and old stuff, serious music and just for fun music. I’ll clearly rate this like any other project but I understand the context in which this is coming from and won’t rate it as if it were More Life or Take Care, some of drakes best projects, this is a mixtape and will be rated as one. Let’s start.

Dark Lane Demo Tapes by Drake

Starting off with the track “Deep Pockets” we have something conscious from Drake. He had mentioned that his next project will be more conscious so maybe this is a little taste towards that new sound from Drake. I really like this track because of his flow I’ve the beat, the production is really relaxing and just really makes you want to move your head back and forth. This track does make me think of “Survival” off of Scorpion, I’m not sure why, maybe for how relaxed and laid back it sounds but this is definitely a really good starter track for this project. “When To Say When” wasn’t that good of a track when I first listened to it and after my 10th listen I still feel the same way. This is one of two tracks I don’t really like, don’t get me wrong the production sounds like something that Drake would have made in his early years and the overall raps he spits resemble something that would have been on some of his earlier projects but for some odd reason I just don’t feel the vibe. If it came on shuffle I’d probably let it play through but I wouldn’t pay much attention to it. This next track “Chicago Freestyle (feat. Giveon) is one of my favorite because it gives strong Scorpion vibes in the way that it sounds dark and cold, what I mean by that is that the production and the background vocals by Giveon give the overall aesthetic of the track and darker undertone and sets an image yin my head of something or somewhere cold and icy. This track also reminds me of “4422 (feat. Sampha)” because this feature from Giveon sounds a lot like Sampha’s off of “4422”. Great and laid back track all in all. “Not You Too (feat. Chris Brown)” is another alright track in my opinion, it isn’t anything crazy despite having a Chris Brown feature. It’s a little too slow for my liking but as a track it’s pretty good. Next we have the hit single “Toosie Slide”, this was obviously released prior to the release of this project and gave us a new dance and a new sound from Drake. This sound that he has on “Toosie Slide” appears on the next 4-5 tracks off this project and may appear on his upcoming album. This track was alright when it first came out, nothing crazy, it was catchy and just overall a fun track. I still feel the same way about it. “Desires (feat. Future” is a track that was teased off his Instagram about a week ago. This is one of my favorites off this project because it just reminds me of when Future and Drake made a project together, it has similar vibes of that project as well. I genuinely like this track and think it’s a big highlight for the whole album. “Time Flies” is another hit. This track has the most catchy hook compared to any other track off this project. I love how low key the production has gotten on this project, so far nothing is abrasive and in your face which is good to see from Drake. I don’t have much else to say about this track because I think it’s actually really good and entertaining. So far we are on a streak of track that I would call my favorites. “Landed” takes a little turn in the sound of the project, this track is a little more abrasive and aggressive than all the other tracks thus far on the project. He says a lot on this track, a lot of things egocentric based but it still sounds good. The production fits Drake perfectly and really captures what he has to say and projects it in my opinion. “D4L (feat. Young Thug & Future)” is the worst track off the entire project. Yeah, this is really bad, for a track with the big 3 of rap this is terrible, the production and tempo goes by way too fast and the features are just awful, the energy is nice but that’s probably the only good thing I could say, definitely takes a turn for the worst with this track. Back to some positive things about the project. “Pain 1993 (with Playboi Carti)” was teased off Drakes Instagram about a week or two ago and went viral, everyone has been waiting of this track and now that we have it people have a lot of mixed opinions including myself. Drakes verse is great, it really matches the production, Playboi Carti on the other hand does have the same energy as Drake, his verse is very lack luster and just flat out weird, this baby voice Carti is cool and all but his feature on this highly anticipated track just doesn’t really make the cut for me. I’ll still listen to it if it came on but I probably wouldn’t pay much attention to Carti and his verse. Drake brings the tone back to some more slow and personal raps with “Losses”, this track is definitely a highlight in my opinion for the reason that he spits a real life verse about people he knows and how they make him feel. This is definitely a track that I appreciate for the lyricism and proves to me that Drake doesn’t always have to be “Toosie Slide”, “Hotline Bling”, “Controlla”, etc. He can me so much more and this track off this project shows me that he can be. “From Florida With Love” is a favorite from a lot of people I think. This was trending on Twitter when they project released and I see why, it’s definitely easy going on the ears and has a lot of entertaining qualities starting with the hook. Although not much sticks out it can be considered as a highlight of the project because it is in my opinion better than a lot of the previous tracks including “D4L”. I knew we had to get tracks like “Demons (feat. Fivio Foreign & Sosa Geek)” and “War”. These tracks have a lot of Grime production styles in them and Drakes infamous “foreign accent” that we got a lot of on More Life. These two tracks a really good in my opinion because they are super high in energy and one of them have really great features, I’ve been hearing more and more of Fivio Foreign and seeing him on a Drake project really impresses me and makes me want to check more of him out, the same thing with Sosa Geek. “War” does a good job finishing up the project. I love the Grime element and how it makes me feel, the only thing I could imagine was “what if Pop Smoke was on this track” because I definitely think he’d kill this track. Like I said, it does a good job finishing the project and let’s the project end on a good note.

At the beginning of the review I mentioned how this project wasn’t mean to be anything crazy. It’s just a tease for something bigger that will be released during the summer time of 2020 so onto a few more months until Drakes 6th studio album. For what it is this was an alright project. I enjoyed some parts of it but as a whole I probably won’t spend much time listening to it in the future. I’ll have to rate this a solid 6/10 because a good amount of the tracks aren’t tracks that excite me or make me want to listen to them again, it has its gems don’t get me wrong but as a whole this project just isn’t as good as it could be but that was the intention. One positive thing I can say is about the versatility, Drake is all over the place on this project with different flows and styles of music which I appreciated a lot, I also like how it starts off slow and conscious, then it goes to sounding more fun and carefree, then back to serious raps but more abrasive and ending with some UK influenced tracks. I love these about the project but that’s about it.

Thank you all for coming back to read another post by me, it’ll be a little while until another music review comes because not much music released this week that peaked my interest or is good enough for me to review, if something comes up then I’ll definitely review it but don’t expect anything until next week. See you soon and as always don’t forget to like, comment, and FOLLOW!!!!

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