Post #90, April 28, 2020: The dawn Post

mxmtoon is a pop artist that I discovered late last year with her the masquerade album which I enjoyed a whole lot. I still go back to it very often because it had a lot of great tracks off of it. I’m super excited to see what she delivers on this short album, 7 tracks, 21 minutes. I don’t expect much but I am hoping to be entertained and also that this leaves a good impression on me just like the masquerade did. Since this is a short project it will be a shorter review because there probably won’t be much to talk about, we’ll see though.

dawn by mxmtoon

First of all I’d like to mention just how different this project sounds compared to her last project. I touch on this a little later on in the review but I want to go into depth right now because I feel that this is a topic that needs to be addressed. If I had to pick a word that describes her past music it would have to be “vulnerable” and my reasoning encapsulates a lot of aspects such as the music videos that came with the projects, the actual music, sound, cover art, and overall color scheme/ aesthetic of the visuals. The base color for the cover art and videos for her last projects have been mainly pastel blues in my opinion, basically sad colors. The way she structured her music and visuals made her seem like she was shy, depressed, and confused as a person. The thing that really shocks me about this project is that it’s the complete opposite. There is growth, mental and physical, there is happiness and energy with this project through the sound and visuals. Unlike the last projects the color scheme used for the visuals are warm and vibrante also full of energy, a complete reflection of the music. I can’t remember a time where I’ve seen such a difference in an artist and their music over such a short amount of time, that’s why I’m so excited about this project. She went from someone feeling alone to someone who has some confidence, we love to see growth. I just wanted to talk about this real quick because I felt that it was a super important thing to talk about that isn’t completely music related.

The first track “fever dream” is such a fantastic opener track in my opinion, the vocals aligned with the production create such a gorgeous listening experience, this is a great way to open an album and makes me super engaged/ excited for the rest of what’s in store from mxmtoon. mxmtoon always impresses me with her vocals so that is definitely something that I can’t wait to hear on the rest of this album. “used to you” is another track that is heavy on vocals and strong vocal inflections. So far I see a huge difference between this project and the last, the last was heavily incorporated with the guitar, this one not so much, it’s still there but definitely not as much. “lessons” seems to be the lead single for the album. It wasn’t released prior to the albums release but so far it definitely seems like the most radio friendly track and highest produced track in my opinion. Amazing track here, off to a great start here. Tracks like this are why I love listening to artists like mxmtoon, they are super entertaining but not too mainstream, this track still sounds like she’s not that big and humble, I’m starting to see longevity in this young lady’s music career which are great signs. One thing that has a role in the final rating of every review is the cover art, it plays a small part but it’s definitely there, I value good cover art a lot because the cover is what makes me click on music I’ve never heard before because I feel as if it can be a direct comparison with the music but this projects cover art is definitely interesting, totally a left turn compared to her other projects, the other projects looked and sounded as if she was very immature and weak in a way but this project just screams growth, musically and personally in my opinion, fantastic to see from artists. “quiet motions” is probably my favorite track off the album for the reason that it has a lot of impressive instrumentation within the production of the tracks itself, the instruments used create such a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. She makes the music on this project more bright and warm than the music off her previous projects which like I said shows a lot of growth as a person and an artist. “1,2” has such a great chorus and overall message. I think this track is super catchy and exciting in a way, I love how the production hits during the chorus. Something that always impresses me with her is her songwriting and song making skills, always top tier. Something else that I noticed about this track is that it’s similar to “lessons” in the sense that it’s a very radio friendly track, almost all of these tracks are radio friendly but these two stand out a lot. “no faker” has a lot of strength behind it, a lot of self growth from what it sounds like to me. This track once again has a nice message that conveys to real life situations surrounding friends and how people can possibly use you, that’s how i interpreted it at least. The track itself has another really catchy chorus, simple but catchy. “almost home” ends this short project perfectly. The production incorporates a subtle guitar pattern which I always love but the vocals are weird to me, they sound very exposed and vulnerable but come out to sound very strong and full of confidence. I genuinely love mxmtoon and her voice, definitely one of my favorite female artists.

I’m super glad she released music this week because I love being caught by surprise with releases I’m not aware of, you could imagine my excitement when I found out. I think this project is amazing just like her last, nothing less than a perfect score in my opinion. She has such strong vocals, she grew as an artist and a person from the last album, she seems to be in a happier place, the instrumentation and production is flawless and a few other reasons music related and non-music related. Fantastic project from mxmtoon, can’t wait to see what’s next from her. This project just solidified my thought and decision to become a fan of her music, she is amazing and very talented, I am super excited for her future and to see what comes from it.

Thank You for coming back for another post. This is it for the week sadly but I might come out with a surprise review and start and new little series of posts, stay tuned for TMT because some changes are on the way….

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