Post #89, April 27, 2020: The 38 Baby 2 Post

YoungBoy is definitely not a stranger to this blog, I’ve reviewed probably 2 other projects by him, AI YoungBoy 2 & Still Flexin, Still Steppin. I normally have positive thing to say about YoungBoy so I’m definitely ready to see what I have to say about this release. I’ve always thought that he’s been one of the best in his class and definitely one of the most consistent. Lately through social media it’s been a common theme to say that YoungBoy is a bad rapper, I feel like one of the very few that thinks otherwise, I definitely think he is passionate about the music he makes because he has proven this to me in the past, he is entertaining and can actually rap in my opinion. I’m ready to see what YoungBoy has to offer and hopefully it’s better than his most recent project.

38 Baby 2 by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Right off the bat 2we get this intro track titled “Bout My Business (feat. Sherhonda Gaulden) and it is not that good in my opinion, it just doesn’t have that typical NBA YoungBoy vibe to it, the phone call in the beginning is very touching though. This track along with the next 3 really turn me off from the whole project, not the best start to a YoungBoy album. Now this is where it starts to pick up, track 5 “Ain’t Easy” is the first track that I like in any way. It has a more upbeat tempo behind it compared to the tracks before this one. This album is starting off really bad, definitely one of the worst starts to a YoungBoy album to date. Most albums I listen to don’t ever start off with bad track, they are normally in the middle of the album, this shows me that YoungBoy seemingly just threw a bunch of tracks together and called it an album, not good. The next track “Rough Ryder” has the right amount of aggression that I was looking for with this album, it definitely seems like we’re starting to get on track with the sound that I intended on hearing. “I-10 Baby” is the third good track in a row, I think he is starting to heat up. The album definitely started off too slow for my liking but it definitely seems like he’s picking it up. This is totally the sound that I wanted to hear, it sounds a little different if you ask me. I’ve always loved that street rap from YoungBoy, that’s what I fell in love with so typically the slow music from him doesn’t cut it for me. I definitely don’t have a problem with “Nawfside” at all, I don’t think it’s the best but I definitely think it’s a good to decent track, although not much sticks out I still think it does it’s job as a typical YoungBoy track or as a filler track. I just think that I don’t like when YoungBoy goes slow, the track “Fire Stars” just isn’t good at all to me and it’s probably the 4th or 5th slow track, it definitely seems to be a me problem with YoungBoy and his music. This YoungBoy and DaBaby track is everything I thought It’d be, lackluster but clear as of why it was made, everyone wants to hear a DaBaby and YoungBoy record. The track itself isn’t anything crazy as expected but has the potential to be so much more. The narrative for the album so far is tracks that are not that good but just barely good enough, in my opinion and experience at least. “AI Nash” has a really nice flow to it and overall vibe to it, I really enjoy this track, definitely a highlight for this lackluster project from YoungBoy. Without a doubt my favorite off the whole album. I can’t really talk much about “Ten Talk” because I’ve said everything so far, what I said for the first track I like applies here, nothing stands out on this album besides a handful of tracks. I do like the handful of bangers on this album but I don’t like how inconsistent it is. This album definitely has its highs and it’s lows, more lows than high but they are definitely there. “On the Rest” does a really good job as the outro track, I really can’t complain at all, it was a super enjoyable track. Like I said I don’t like how inconsistent this album is, I like about half the tracks on here and the other half are pretty unbearable to me.

In the very beginning of the review I said this “Lately through social media it’s been a common theme to say that YoungBoy is a bad rapper, I feel like one of the very few that thinks otherwise” I just wanted to touch up on that a bit because I’m curious as of what you all think. YoungBoy in my opinion has a lot of talent, he is very immature and needs a lot of time to grow but I feel that he has the potential to be up there on the list with some of the greats out of the south, he is super consistent, entertaining, can actually rap, passionate, emotion, and energetic, these qualities just scream longevity in my opinion. I definitely think if he stays out of trouble he has the potential to be as big as Gucci Mane or Lil Wayne but that would have to take a lot of time.

This album definitely started off super slow, turned me off right at the beginning. The album slowly took a turn for the good around track 5 to track 9 then took a dip and peaked at track 12 until the end, here and there. Like I said in the beginning of the review, YoungBoy isn’t a stranger here on this blog but I can definitely say that this turned out to be not as bad as I expected it to be, his last album is still probably the worst I’ve heard from him. I know I said that this album started off to be the worst to date but it definitely ended up not that bad. With all that being said I’ll more than likely give this project a 6/10. This album totally went by super quick which typically isn’t a good thing. In my opinion, quick albums mean that I’m not paying a lot of attention to the music which also means that the content isn’t the best. YoungBoy’s music normally doesn’t do this to me but this album definitely made me feel this way.

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