Post #88, April 25, 2020: The 4:20 Post

Mike dean has become one of my favorite producers because he produces for some of my favorite artists, the artist he works with the most would probably have to be Travis Scott but he has made his mark with Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Migos, and even new comers City Morgue. This list along with many other artist have worked with Mike Dean, his impressive discography touches a lot of people and it’s for clear reasons, he is one of the best producers to ever do it in my opinion. Mike released his debut album which is full of synth focused instrumentals and when I got word of this I knew I was going to love it, and I do. There won’t be much covered in this review because it’s just the music I’m talking about but I’ll do my best to describe just how well this album made me feel.

4:20 by Mike Dean

First of all this album is nothing but a listening experience so there isn’t much for me to talk about besides the music at hand. The best thing I can compare this album to is a movie, you typically watch a movie from start to finish and don’t go to it for specific scenes, you watch it for the whole thing, this is how I feel with this album, I can’t go to one specific part because it’s an entire experience. I have my highlights and my favorite parts of the album but that’s about it, when I listen to this on other occasions I will press play and wait for these great parts to come on, just like a movie. I definitely didn’t expect this album to be 28 tracks and an hour and a half long but I’m here for it, I also didn’t expect the tracks to be named the way they are named, a lot of it for example is “THE FIFTH DAY PART 1” all the way to 10 and it repeats this all throughout the album. For about the first 6 tracks or so we get a lot of dark and gritty instrumentals which makes a lot of sense because mike dean does a lot of this on the regular, when he produces it’s mainly darker sounding instrumentals but on the 7th track we get our first glimpse of a more brighter track, this track makes me feel as if we get our first glimpse of sunlight over a dystopian society. The usage of the electric guitar on the entire album impressed me so much, it just paints such a strong picture that represents more than just the music, this is hands down some of the best instrumentation/ production I’ve heard probably ever. Like I said I don’t really have many favorites tracks because it’s all one major listening experience and they all almost perfectly transition into the next which makes it hard to keep track of what track is what, but “THE SIXTH OR SEVENTH DAY” is one of the best parts of the album, the way it’s structured is utterly amazing, the guitar filled track gave me nothing but goosebumps when I first heard it. These next few track I’ll be listing are some more fantastic parts of this experience. “THE EIGHTH NIGHT PART 1” and the part 2 of this track are some of the darkest and aggressive tracks off this whole album, the album just takes a huge left turn at this point and I love it so much. There is something just haunting about part 2 specifically which makes it a definite stand out track. “THE TENTH OR ELEVENTH DAY” is another stand out track for similar reasons to the other few stand out tracks I listed before this one, but this one has more of an up beat, funk psychedelic vibe to it which is amazing to me. The last 3 tracks just pick up in tempo and energy each track up until the end of the last track where it slows down a bit and actually has the same sounds as the beginning of the first track to make an infinite looping album which is the second type of album I’ve ever seen, the only other album like this I’ve heard of was The Wall by Pink Floyd. This was definitely a well enjoyed listening experience, full of stories without any verbal story telling, I feel as if you don’t have to paint a pictures with words, you can convey the same message sonically.

Now, as an album there are no bad tracks because these are strictly synthesizer instrumentals, there is nothing bad about anything on this album. As a listening experience (I see a difference) it is utterly amazing, one of the best pieces of music I’ve heard in a while, it’s energizing, eccentric, dark, bright, atmospheric, and just so many more qualities. If you want to feel as if you’re being pulled into an unearthly journey in which you have no bodily control, then listen to this album, you won’t regret it. This album is art and deserves nothing less than a perfect score for the artistry, all these emotions were implemented in my mind and body without any sort of lyrics. Outstanding.

Thank You all for coming back here for another post, this post was delayed a day due to my personal life interfering with this posting schedule but I’m just glad I go this post up at a good time, this was super fun to create too. Please like this post, comment, and follow the blog, it means a whole lot to me.

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