Post #86, April 22, 2020: The Heaven Or Hell (CHOPNOTSLOP REMIX) Post

I’ve voiced my opinion on Don Toliver several times on this blog, about his feature on ASTROWORLD, contribution to JACKBOYS, appearances on other artists albums, etc. Don Toliver has become a personal favorite of mine and a star of Houston, Texas. Being from Houston, it would only be appropriate to show homage to the city and the history it has with Rap and Hip Hop through the style of music that is Chopping and Screwing music. This should be an interesting review.

Heaven Or Hell (CHOPNOTSLOP REMIX) by Don Toliver
Remix by DJ Candlestick & OG Ron C

First of all, Chopped and Screwed music is slowed music, repeated sections of records, and record scratches throughout the remixed track. This type of music is best associated with drugs because of its extreme laid back feeling and production style. Heaven Or Hell is definitely one of my favorite albums of 2020 so far, I listen to it almost every day because it left great impressions with me, “Candy” is still one of my least favorite tracks but I’ll still listen to it if it comes on. When I found out that this remix released I was ecstatic because I’ve been into chopped and screwed music lately, I just like the vibe of popular tracks being slowed, it’s relaxing, calming, and meditative. I have nothing but good things to say about this remix, this is actually the first remixed album I’m reviewing too so this is new to me but I clearly won’t have much to say, all the tracks hit me the same but on a cooler vibe, I still feel the same way about all the tracks from the original review but I would definitely say I have a stronger feeling and more appreciation for it through this remix. One thing that I love are the transitions, each song leads perfectly into the next with such ease. I personally wasn’t going to do a review and I was just going to enjoy this album for myself but I put a poll on my Instagram asking if I should do this review or not and it got quite a bit of responses but it ended with 100% saying yes to the review so here this is. I don’t have much more to say but to expand this review and to make some more time I’ll talk about some tracks that just hit different on the remix compared to the original. The intro “Heaven Or Hell” is chopped perfectly, it shows off the skills by the DJ who produced the remix, record scratches, repeated lines, random speaking, everything about this remix just makes it better than the original in my opinion. The same thing can be applied with “Euphoria (feat. Travis Scott & Kaash Paige)” because the original track is already pretty laid back and relaxing so this remix only makes it more relaxing and enjoyable, these remixes make me appreciate the originals more. The hit single “No Idea” was already chopped and screwed before this release but by other artists so this wasn’t anything crazy to me, I still love it though. I personally think “Can’t Feel My Legs” is the best remixed track off the whole album for a few reasons. The main one being that the way his voice sounds on here makes it as if I am numb and can’t feel my legs, literally, now I know that can be corny but this remix and extremely psychedelic and therapeutic in a way or two. Definitely better than the original. “Cardigan” and “After Party” were my favorite tracks off the whole album initially so these were tracks I was excited to listen to for the remix and while I was listening to these I felt like I was being elevated to some different dimension. These tracks on the remix are utterly amazing and hard to describe, you have to experience it for yourself honestly. In the original review I voiced how I thought the start to “company” ran on too long which I still feel is true but the ending was gorgeous on the original and is even more outstanding on the remix, it just gives off a lot of unearthly feelings. These are some of my favorite tracks of the remix album. I forgot to mention who remixed the album because I always give credit where credit is due, the remix was done by DJ Candlestick & OG Ron C, fantastic job from the both of them, outstanding remix.

I’m pretty sure I gave the original album a 10/10 and I still feel that way, I would give this the exact same review but I might say that I enjoy this album more honestly, it just makes me feel much more better in all aspects. I don’t do drugs but if I did this would be the go to album to listen to, it puts me on a trip every time I listen to it and I’m sober, definitely a listen if you like good, laidback, relaxing vibes.

Thank you for coming back for another visit to TMT. I appreciate you stopping by to read this post, it was definitely a fun one to write. I would appreciate if just a handful of you shared this page to someone, tell them about it, they won’t regret it. While you’re this far in the post you should like it, comment your thoughts, and definitely follow the page. THANKS!!! See you all tomorrow.

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