Post #85, April 21, 2020: The A Muse In Her Feelings Post

I first heard of DVSN back in 2016 with their track “hallucinations” at the time this was one of my favorite songs. Throughout the years I’ve tapped into DVSN here and there but never seriously, not until now, this will be the first full length album I’ll be listening from them, everything up until now has been through features and singles. The only thing I really expect is just some slow, relaxing, deep music from the Canadian duo.

A Muse In Her Feelings Narrated by DVSN

This album definitely surprised me because I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is and for me to like it so much. I was right about the album making me feel relaxed and calm, the tracks are focused around invoking emotion, specifically a sad emotion but through experience and relations more than anything which is something I love to see artists do. The first track “No Good” really sets a good time for the album, this give us a little taste of what the general sound will be which is definitely a positive in my eyes. PARTYNEXTDOOR makes an appearance on the next track which is titled “Friends (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)”, I am also pretty fresh off his album that released a few weeks ago which was a decent album, I hadn’t visited it since I listened to it for the review but he makes a very good appearance on this track which plays a part into me really enjoying the overall track, good track from DVSN and PARTY. If you know me you know I love a good guitar or any string instrument in the production of the track and this next track implemented a great usage of the acoustic guitar. “Still Pray for You” has a very nice chorus, verse, and instrumental but also if there is anything I like more than string instruments it’s beat changes and this track has a real smooth one towards the end of the track. “Courtside (feat. Jessie Reyez)” was a fantastic track to listen to. I’m fresh off the review for her album BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US and it’s sitting very well with me after some odd weeks since it’s release. She has some unexpected moments on this track with her vocals that stood out a lot, this track and feature are definitely highlights for the album so far, I also love the 808s used in the production they really do a lot for this track in my opinion. “Miss Me?” is another stand out track in my opinion for one main reason, the reason is because of the production that’s at the end of the track. It’s chopped and screwed which impressed me because that’s a typical Houston sound, not Canadian, but I love to hear it. This ending to the track only made it better overall in my opinion. “Dangerous City (feat. Buju Banton)” is a track that has a lot of potential but The Buju Banton’s feature really brings this track some life and color and it also saves it honestly. I was never the biggest Ty dolla sign fan and I’ve never really liked anything he’s been on so this track was ruined by him in my opinion but then Buju Banton came in and made it a more bearable track to listen to. The next two tracks “So What (feat. Popcaan)” & “Outlandish” aren’t really that good in my opinion, they just don’t have that special something to make them as good as the other tracks in my opinion. The next track “Keep It Going” rebounds very nicely from the last two tracks and has a really nice beat and tempo to it, it’s one of the more upbeat tracks on the whole album which is good to hear because it just adds to the overall good vibes we’ve gotten so far, also it has a smooth transition into the next track which is something that I love about music, good translations. “Flawless Do It Well, Pt. 3 (feat. Summer Walker)” is a track that is a clear favorite of mine. This track has a lot of really great qualities in my opinion like the vocals from DVSN, and the production as well from DVSN. The one thing that really shadows everything else is Summer Walkers feature, it’s just gorgeous in my opinion because she definitely has one of the prettiest female voices in the game right now. This track has a lot of positive qualities and no negatives, fantastic track from everyone on it. “Muse” is probably one of my favorite tracks because is has such a funky vibe to it. The 808 used in the production gives off such a good feeling and I love it, the vocals over the production make this track what it is and what it is is amazing. I have nothing bad to say about this track, it’s amazing. “For Us” gives me some of the best feelings compared to every other track, the vocals on here start off subtle but end extremely strong which is something I’ve always loved about DVSN. This track was good to add at the end of the album because it’s keeping the energy up all the way through which is something you typically don’t see too often. “…Again (feat. Shantel May)” is such a good closer to the end of this fantastic album, it just closes everything out with some more good and slow vibes also incorporating strong and gorgeous vocals from both acts on this track, another thing about the vocals are that they are extremely soothing all throughout the track which is a strong reason why I I love it too. Definitely a highlight off the album in my opinion.

This concludes my review for A Muse In Her Feelings narrated by DVSN. This was a fantastic listening experience if you ask me, it was entertaining, emotional, personal, vulnerable, etc. The album has a lot of positive qualities that overshadow the negative qualities which helps a lot for the final rating of the album. For my final rating I decided to give it an 8/10. I feel extremely confident with this rating and wouldn’t change it honestly, I can’t wait to see what they come out with next because if it’s anything like this then we’ll have another fantastic review.

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