Post #84, April 20, 2020: The Blame It On Baby Post

It only took DaBaby 6 months to come back with another album. BLAME IT ON BABY is DaBaby’s follow up album to his KIRK album that released late last year which was covered on this page. DaBaby is someone that I became a fan of not too long ago, probably about a year ago from this date, a little sooner maybe. DaBaby has quickly become one of my favorite rappers due to his entertaining flow which has gotten extremely repetitive over the last year or so, his entertaining personality, unique voice, extroverted style, etc. also because he is from North Carolina but that plays a little bit in the reason to why I love DaBaby. When this album was released I only had one major expectation and it was that he’d change his flow, I know that was a goal on his last album but about halfway through the album the music started to get boring but I hope that isn’t the outcome here. I’m excited because DaBaby rarely disappoints in my eyes and also I’m excited because we have new DaBaby music so let’s get right into this.


Right off the bat I can tell you that this is a pretty bad album. This post will probably be more about what I hate about it rather than what I like about it so I’ll start with what I like about the album then I’ll go into all of my problems with the album. I only really liked about 6 out of the 13 tracks which isn’t good at all. The first track I enjoyed was “PICK UP (feat. Quavo)” which was ironic because I hate Quavo, there is just something about this track that makes Quavo’s verse bearable. The production and DaBaby’s verse do a lot for me on this track, he just does his thing with his normal DaBaby flow, I can’t complain. The next track that I enjoyed was “TALK ABOUT IT” and this is because it has that typical DaBaby flow, he changes it up a bit which is a reason why I like it but I also enjoy the unique and different beat that he uses because it’s just an odd but catchy beat. There isn’t a whole lot to this track that I like besides the overall energy but that’s about it. “FIND MY WAY” was the single that was released before the album and is the lead single, this is actually a really nice track, probably the first serious track of the album. The production is very well done and caught my eye while listening to the album. He changes his style a lot on this track to a more vulnerable tone of voice instead of an abrasive tone which is what he normally uses on his tracks. I can’t complain at all with this track, very nice. “ROCKSTAR (feat. Roddy Ricch)” is another “enjoyable track”. I used quotation marks because it’s borderline a good track, it just sounds too generic for me and the flow he uses is very off beat in my opinion. This track is only good to me because of the production and Roddy Ricch’s appearance. These next two tracks that I’ll be talking about are the best tracks off the album in my opinion. “JUMP (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)” is what I expected this album to be full off, high energy tracks and just what DaBaby normally makes but with slight changes. The production is super weird but fits well with both of them on this track. I don’t think NBA YoungBoy is bad, everyone thinks he sucks which confuses me, I’ve voiced my opinion on him several times on this page through reviews of his albums and I would call myself a fan honestly. I think this is a highlight of the album and definitely something I’d add to my playlist. The second track that is a favorite of mine and is actually the last track on the album that I liked is titled “BLAME IT ON BABY”, a self titled track. This was teased on Instagram and I fell in love with this track for the build up, the beat change, and the flow change. This track is what I wanted the whole album to sound like, aggressive, energetic, and narcissistic. Fantastic track in my opinion and it makes me sad that we didn’t get more of this but it is what it is. That’s about it for the positives of this album so now on to the negatives.

The first track of the album “CAN’T STOP” really turned off my attitude towards the album and that sucks because the first track shouldn’t make me feel this way. It just sounds like he tried too hard to be different, he’s also extremely repetitive with the hook which made me annoyed. There are a lot of tracks that I should like, like “LIGHTSKIN SH*T (feat. Future)”, “SAD SH*T” & “NASTY (feat. Ashanti & Megan Thee Stallion)” but I just don’t because they lack a lot. The problem with the tracks I don’t like is that it sounds too pop, what I mean is that he definitely went mainstream and commercial in the last year. This can be the downfall of artists career because they forget the sound that made them famous, I understand they can’t keep the same sound but this is definitely not it at all. KIRK had the intention of being different from what he normally made but wasn’t different enough. This has the same expectations but sounds too different to the point where it’s a terrible album. I realized probably half way through the album that this was DaBaby’s worst project. The tracks are just too experimental for DaBaby and this proved to me and to the rest of the fans listening that he can’t really be great outside of what makes him great which is that typical DaBaby flow. His ability to be versatile is high but not consistent. I’ll give him props because he definitely made an album that doesn’t sound anything like his other projects but not in a good way, he changed his style up but the cost he paid was high. I’m sure his next album will be better but he needs to take his time and not wait 6 months, he needs a good year between this album and his next for it to be great. The last thing I want to say is that he tried too hard to be different and it’s very clear throughout this album. I don’t like when artists try too hard, art comes natural, when it’s forced it can become a whole lot of things and good isn’t one of them.

I definitely this this is his worst album to date, I’m not sure what went wrong here, lack of preparation? trying too hard to sound different? A fluke? Whatever you think happened I’d love to hear it because I don’t think anyone can support this album. With all of that said I’m going to rate this album a good 4/10. This seems like a harsh rating for someone like DaBaby but this only brought me 2 good tracks, I loved 2 tracks out of 13, that’s not good at all. Let me hear what you have to say about BLAME IT ON BABY, I’m curious as of what you think about it so comment what you think down below!!!

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