Post #83, April 15, 2020: The BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US Post

I’m sorry. I wanted this post to come out about 2 weeks ago when it released but I kept on procrastinating the release of the post. But I finally committed to this post. When I was going through the new music that released a few weeks ago I stumbled across this, I had seen posts promoting her music and they caught my attention because Eminem was involved and so was Obama, these are some big co-signs so I decided to give it a listen and I was very impressed. I clearly didn’t have any expectations because this is my first listen to Jessie Reyez but I did have high hopes because a lot can come from this album if I liked it. Let’s start this review.


After I listened to the first track I had a feeling that didn’t sit well with me, I didn’t really think it was all that good, entertaining? Yes but it just lacked something. But I will say this now, this is probably the only track that I wasn’t feeling which says a lot for this album. When I got to “DEAD (who are you)” I was shocked because this is something I didn’t expect at all. This track caught my attention very fast with the production, the background vocals, and her vocals also, this is probably one of the most entertaining and musically pleasing tracks off the whole album. One set of lyrics she says which is “I feel like my city needs a female in a phantom” really hit me hard because I think that is such a boss thing to say, basically nodding in the direction of her wanting to be a successful woman. “INTRUDERS” is such a different track from the last in the sense that it’s extremely calming and relaxing. Her voice over the instrumental brings out such a soothing element to the track which makes this a definite highlight of the album and a favorite. Fantastic song making skills as well. This next track titled “COFFIN (feat. Eminem) had me a little uneasy when I first saw it because I didn’t know what to expect from these two. My main question was “How will it sound?” So after listening to it I can easily say that it’s one of my favorites because Jessie does an amazing job on her vocals and riding the production then Eminem comes in with a presence of aggression that mixes well with the parts before him. They both have an amazing chemistry together and I personally would like to see more of this. “ANKLES” made me realize this about Jessie’s voice, I’ve never heard someone with a voice quite like hers. A word that I could use to describe her voice is animated because the type of strain she puts on her voice makes it seem almost “cartoonish”, almost as if she were a character in a Disney movie. This is silly but this is what I associate her voice with because it’s not what a typical female singer voice is which is breathy, it’s more articulated and powerful if you ask me. “IMPORTED” has the only other feature on the album and it’s from 6LACK, this is a collaboration that I felt would do really well and I was right, both of them are super talented and amazing singers so this track really releases a lot of pleasure because it’s just such a smooth track in my opinion, very pleasing. “LA MEMORIA” is a track that makes the album take a little bit of a left turn, a direction that I didn’t think would be taken on this album, transitioning from majority English to Spanish. This track is 100% Spanish which adds so much to my overall enjoyment to the track because lately I’ve been trying to get into Spanish speaking artists and this only made me appreciate the music more honestly. This is one of my favorites off the whole album for very clear reasons. “SAME SIDE” is probably one of the more lyrically touching tracks on this album, some of the lyrics she sings are very relevant and relatable to a lot of people. One set of lyrics come from the very beginning and they go “I feel like I’m tied down to someone who’s making me cry more than making me smile” and these lyrics are in a way bone chilling because this is a common theme with modern relationships if you ask me. She gets very personal on this track and shows a lot of vulnerability not only through the lyrics but through her voice, fantastic song writing and singing. “ROOF” is probably my least favorite track on the album, I still enjoy it but it just seems like a filler track in my opinion, this is fine and all because the good outweighs the bad by a long shot so typically when the good tracks outweigh the bad I’ll give the bad one or two tracks a pass, also depending on how many tracks there are on the project. The track “DOPE” is the most up beat and entertaining track off the album, I really enjoy the energy behind the production but more so behind Jessie’s vocals, it just makes you want to get up and dance in my opinion. So far I can’t say I’ve heard a bad track, I love all of the tracks on here so far. “KILL US” keeps this going, another very passionate and emotional track, the production and the constant fluctuations in the tempo are what make the track enjoyable in my opinion because there are times where it slows down then picks up along with her vocals, she continues to prove to me just how talented she is. “LOVE IN THE DARK” seems to be the lead single, the song writing and overall structure of the production seems like it was made to be the most popular and radio friendly. This doesn’t make me like it any less but I can hear these tracks from a mile away, the tracks that are made to be popular and for streams. “I DO” in my opinion is very similar to “SAME SIDE” in the sense that it’s very vulnerable and somewhat personal, more than what we’ve gotten so far on the album. Jessie seems to be okay and unfazed with some of the subject matter she brings up on this album which are signs of a strong minded person which is always a great thing to see in people. The last track “FIGURES” does a fantastic job sending off the album. This track ends this absolute masterpiece in a calming way but still sticking to the overall theme of heartbreak and the idea of potential revenge to someone that hurt her so bad. Jessie’s vocals seem extremely passionate and stronger than ever on this track also which leave me with a great impression with her music. The deluxe did release and it adds 3 new tracks all with features, I listened to them and they are all amazing but the features from J.I.D., Rico Nasty and A Boogie are absolutely amazing in my opinion, they all add so much to this album and I’m glad they were put on the deluxe version.

I mentioned this not too long ago in the review, I think this is a masterpiece, I think it is an absolutely well done and fantastic album. The overall message and theme is relatable to a lot of people, heartbreak doesn’t limit anyone and she expresses her experiences with it and how she coped with it. The song writing on this album is amazing, the two features on the original are great, I have nothing bad to say about this album. This album definitely exceeded any sort of expectations I put on it and with that I can give this a 10/10 without even thinking about it. Perfect album.

Sorry for the day late post, I had lost power and internet so I wasn’t able to post at the time I was supposed to. As always though thank you all for being here again and from the looks of it we have a very nice week lined up this upcoming week, come back to read these reviews next week to make your quarantine a little bit better. See you then!

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