Post #82, April 13, 2020: The New Toronto 3 Post

Tory Lanez is an artist that I never had anything good to say about. I always thought he was a very bad musician but it wasn’t until lately with his antics on Instagram was it that I made the decision that I’d take his music seriously. His last album Chixtape 5 was not that bad in my opinion, I enjoyed a bit of it but it wasn’t enough for me, I definitely do think he is one of the most talented right now because he can bounce genre to genre and language to language while making the music sound good, also he is very versatile as far as his rapping style goes. I was pretty excited for this album because of how much he hyped it up so let’s see if he kept that same energy from promoting the album.

The New Toronto 3 by Tory Lanez

Right off the bat we get a side of Tory that is abrasive and attention grabbing. “Pricey & Spicey” has an extremely abrasive feel to it from the 808s, orchestral chorus sampled in the background, and from his actual raps. This track grabs my attention off rip and gets me engaged in the album also this track makes me curious for what I’ll listen to during the remainder of the album. “The Coldest Playboy” does relatively the same thing as the last track did for me, but this keeps me engaged and only increases my interest for the rest of the album. Tory actually went and said that this was his favorite track off the whole album, I definitely see this and can agree to it, it’s very entertaining and different from the first track, also the production style is giving me good signs for the rest of the album. Now, I love transitions and the transition between this track and “Stupid Again” is just amazing. Having a sample from Connor McGregor to start off your track just adds such a high level of energy. This track is hands down my favorite, mainly because of that sample, it’s just purely amazing. Tory does an amazing job on this track, he has a narcissistic and confident tone behind him which adds a lot of value to the track because it increases the overall enjoyment of the track for me. Amazing track from Tory. “10 F*CKS” is a track that I really want to enjoy but I can’t because I genuinely hate the breathy sinning Tory does halfway through he track, the beginning is amazing and in a word soothing because it’s not abrasive at all, more calming than anything but I do think it gets ruined halfway through. “Dope Boy’s Diary” is one of the few tracks that revolve that importance of lyrics, he really rides this track with his flow and his lyrics, I don’t have a whole lot to say besides the flow and just how different it is from what we got so far from Tory. “Accidents Happen” is alright in my opinion. It doesn’t really have anything that stands out, the flow is super impressive from Tory and Lil Tjay delivers a very nice feature if I do say so myself. I’m not the biggest fan of Tjay but he definitely did his job on this track. This is the first time I’m listening to “Broke In A Minute” and when the part where he says “she wanna leak it, she wanna send it, Ayy f**k that b**ch my face wasn’t in it” I realized that I have heard this before but from Tik Tok, I had no clue it was Tory but this is definitely one of my favorite tracks off the album, it’s just an incredibly entertaining track in my opinion because it’s just fun and aggressive. Another hit from Tory off this album. The next track that I actually liked was “Who Needs Love” and I liked it because I loved the acoustic guitar in the production, it really ties everything together. His voice sounds very good on this track, it’s a very good track and makes me feel good so that’s a big reason for why I think it’s great. Track 11 “Do The Most” is another one of my favorite because it’s basically a club banger. It has a heavy west coast influence to it because of the 808s chosen for it also the 3-4 count beat throughout the track. So far on the album he shows his versatility a lot and it’s very impressive. “Letter To The City 2” is hands down probably the best track off the whole album, he “rap raps”. He just goes off bar after bar after bar, the thing that does it for me is the piano in the production, this element of the track takes it from just any other track to one of the best in my opinion. This is probably one of the better rap songs I’ve heard in a while. “Back In Business” has a really strong cinematic feel to it. I think the reason why I feel this way is because of the orchestral vocals in the background of the production and the way he uses his voice to add more of a dramatic undertone to it, I think this is a very entertaining track for it being so late in the album because this is where albums get boring but not this album, he is making the entertainment consistent. “D.N.D” is another alright track, I’m pretty indifferent with the track because I do think it’s the shortest on here, it does it’s job but doesn’t stand out in any way, it’s almost like it was a filler track. “MSG 4 GOD’S CHILDREN” is the final track and does a good job sending off the album, this is another really lyrical track which is good to hear if you ask me because a lot of people just throw in a “so-so” track at the end but not Tory, he takes it super serious all the way through from start to finish which makes me gain a lot of respect for the creative side of Tory Lanez.

This was definitely a really well done album and exceeded all of my expectations that I put on it initially. I think The New Toronto 3 is a fantastic album, nothing more and nothing less, Tory shows off his versatility through all the tracks and doesn’t make any of the tracks sound the same. This is a very well done and impressive album, since I didn’t like 3-4 tracks I will have to rate this an 8/10 but that’s still good for someone that I never liked for years. My views and opinions about Tory changed after listening to this album. I’m glad to say that I’m excited to see what he does now that he is off his label contract.

Thank You for being here again to read another one of my posts. I hope all of you are keeping your hopes high through this tough time, I’m just tying to share my thoughts on the good music we’re all getting through this quarantine and to spread a little bit of positivity. Again, Thank You all for being here and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with another post.

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