Post #81, April 8, 2020: The Before Noon Post

A$AP Twelvyy is a rapper that I’ve been paying close attention to for the last few years ever since A$AP Mobs Cozy Tape series, this is also where I discovered A$AP Ant, Bari, Nast, Yams, and of course Twelvyy along with other members that don’t make music and are more so photographers or just friends of the A$AP artists. Twelvyy released his debut titled 12 back in 2017 and this album was my real entry into his music which in my opinion was a fantastic album, I still go back and listen to “A Glorious Death” from time to time. One reason why I love the A$AP crew is because I’ve always loved New York rap and the music that came from the different places and burrows in NY, I always felt like there was so much culture behind it and within the lyrics so that’s why I have such an appreciation for all the A$AP members. Without further ado, let’s begin this review.

Before Noon by A$AP Twelvyy

I was most definitely caught off guard when I saw that Twelvyy released a new albums because I absolutely didn’t expect it at all. I’m not totally expecting a whole lot besides some pretty good lyricism, great production, and maybe some underlying messages behind the album. Let’s get into what I think and if it met my expectations or if it exceeded/ or didn’t exceed my expectations.

All I can really say is that this is a pretty good album not a whole lot stands out, the expectations I had for the album matched which is definitely relieving but it didn’t go over what I had expected. Only two tracks really impressed me and those were “Kratez” and “Baby Driver (feat A$AP Ant)”. “Kratez” because I like the darker more serious undertone in the beat, it really ties in A$AP Twelvyy’s style on this album. I think the production is one of the best and the flow’s are more dominant on this track than anything else in my opinion, they match with the tempo of the production, really great track and what I had expected the album to sound like. The other track I genuinely love is “Baby Driver (crazy A$AP Ant) and I love this for similar reasons to the other track I love which is because it has a darker undertone behind the production and the tone of voice with the two artists, I also just love A$AP Ant’s feature it’s “weird” but at the same time very entertaining which is in my opinion a highlight for the entire album. For the most part I really like the majority of the album, 12/14 tracks to be specific, but there is something not right, and what I mean by not right is that there is something about the album that is making it hard for me to be fully engaged in and loving it. Tracks 1 to 5 are amazing and are what the rest of the album should be but the rest of the album doesn’t really compare to these 5 tracks. There are obviously tracks here and there that match to these 5 but it’s rare, now i’m not saying these are bad in anyway I would say that only two tracks are bad but besides that the whole album is good I have very little complaints about the album besides the fact that there’s something off about it that I can’t put my finger on right now. Like I said I love the whole A$AP crew and what they represent and also the history of where they come from, I think they are all super talented and extremely entertaining, they all have creative minds and it’s clear to see through the music individually and as a collective. This review wasn’t going to be super long in the first place because I had a tough time trying to put my thoughts into words but I did my best and I think I did a good job at it but maybe I’ll come back later on after I let this album sit and age to update my thoughts on this album.

Thank you all for coming back for another review!!! Sorry for such a short post but it was just a little tough to talk about this since there wasn’t a whole lot that stood out in my opinion. Thank you all for being with me during these tough times, I hope you all are safe at home because that’s the best place to read these posts, while you’re in quarantine you should follow the page!!! It’ll make quarantine worth it.

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