Post #80, April 6, 2020: The Pray 4 Love Post

Rod Wave became famous virtually overnight in my eyes. I personally don’t see what’s so special about him, he’s lyrical and raps real subject matters but he just doesn’t sound all too good to me. I see why people enjoy him but he just doesn’t come across as all that good to me. When I first listened to “Heart On Ice” I was confused because I really didn’t like the song but so many people enjoyed it, hopefully my views on him will change after I listen to this album.

Pray 4 Love by Rod Wave

After listening to the album I can totally see what people enjoy him, he is entertaining and personal, he isn’t afraid to get deep into the track which is what I like about him, there are plenty of times when he gets super personal and emotion over the production which is something that doesn’t happen so much nowadays. One thing I can’t help but notice is that the way he raps strongly reminds me of NBA Youngboy but more melodic and lyrical. He does have a very nice voice and very nice rapping subjects like his life, his experiences, growing up in the environment he grew up in, success, etc. But to be fair these subject matters are very common subject matters for rap nowadays, the thing that makes it seem different is the amount of energy and emotion he puts into these “typical” subject matters. The production on the album is very well done too but can get pretty boring from time to time, it doesn’t have much bounce to it, the production is more so made to support Rod Wave’s voice which is what is expected from an artist like Rod, he has a message to deliver with his lyrics and probably wouldn’t want the production to take over the track but instead he wants his voice to take over the track. The production does feel a little repetitive and boring more often than not. Like I said in my opinion a lot of the production sounds the same, a lot of piano based beats, actually 12/14 of the tracks have some sort of affiliation with a piano in the production but Rod Wave has done a great job making his voice sound fairly different on each track so we don’t notice that he’s basically using the same beat over and over. He might rap with different flows or sing the hooks, whatever he is doing with his voice, either rapping or singing it’s definitely working because by the last song I can say that I genuinely liked the album.

I thought the album was very well done but a lot of the tracks didn’t do it for me, I thought about half the album was good, so what I’m going to do now is talk about 3 tracks that really stood out and are tracks that I can say are my favorites. The third track on the album titled “Thief in the Night” is a favorite of mine because the melodies that he uses are some of the best off the whole album in my opinion, he just flows perfectly and effortlessly with these melodies. Track 8 which is titled “Roaming” is one of the best tracks off this album, he just raps topics that are very real, the lyrics he raps are extremely effective with injecting emotion into the listeners, as I go further and further into the album I see the reason why he is as popular as he is more and more. I really enjoy how passionate he gets on “Ribbon in the Sky”. This is my last favorite track off the album because he gets very into the track and mentions his mother a couple of times which has the ability to really touch his audience emotionally, my first listen gave me goosebumps. This track is possibly one of the more emotional and passionate tracks off the whole album. I remember in high school when we learned about ethos, logos, and pathos and it came across my mind that these three appeals can be used in music, this track along with this album use a lot of pathos because it makes the listener feel his pain and his emotions as if we were to give him pity. He also uses the famous lyrics “and now I lay me down to sleep, pray the lord my soul to keep” if you don’t know these lyrics then you don’t know music that well, these are very famous lyrics which surprised me to hear on this album. These three tracks were some of the best off the whole album for reasons that mainly surround the amount of emotion used and the lyrics more than anything.

I’ve said this many times so far during the review, I feel like this album is wonderful, it has extremely well songwriting, evokes a lot of emotion upon the listener, versatility within his voice and rapping skills and great messages through the lyrics. The one thing that didn’t really do it for me was the production, I’m big on production because that’s the second half of what makes a song enjoyable, now since I liked about half the album and got bored time to time with the production the overall score does drop a bit for these reasons. My overall rating for the album would probably be a good 6/10, I praised what needed to be praised and critiqued what needed to be critiqued now the only thing that’s left is to hear what you all think about it.

Thank you all for coming back to some more of my posts. This was a pretty easy one to talk about because I had a lot to talk about but since I got everything off my chest about this album I really want to know what you think about Rod Wave’s new album. Don’t ever forget to like, comment, and follow!!!

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