Post #79, April 5, 2020: The It Is What It Is Post

I had a strong feeling that this album was going to be good. I’ve rarely heard of Thundercat but I knew that he was a fantastic musician. I was introduced to him through Kendrick Lamar’s album to Pimp a butterfly and the 2 tracks that I heard with Thundercat on them really stood out to me. Recently I’ve just been seeing more and more of him through videos on YouTube with people like Kenny Beats and his “The Cave” series along with a small handful of other videos but this video really stood out to me because I felt that the collaboration was one of the best I’ve seen in a while, this made me super interested in Thundercat and his skills on the bass guitar. I got word that Thundercat was releasing an album and all I could imagine was just how well the production and instrumentation would be. I set my expectations pretty high so let’s see if Thundercat met my expectations or not and also if he gained a supporter or not.

It Is What It Is by Thundercat

Starting off with this review all I can say is that I love the entire album, I think this is music. This is pure and raw talent and I’m disappointed in myself that I haven’t found out about Thundercats music sooner but hey, there is a first time for everything. I won’t be talking about all 15 tracks but only the ones that I think stand out among all the other great tracks. The first track “Lost in Space/ Great Scott/ 22-26” is a fantastic Intro to the album, the “Lost in Space” part of the track is named like how it sounds, what I mean is that the production has a really nice drifting effect to it which makes you feel like your floating amongst the starts, this production style is my favorite. This has a smooth transition into “Innerstellar Love” which has another spacey and drifting sound to it, this track close to half way is purely instrumental which is a decision that I’m glad was made, when the artist just drops the vocals and lets the instruments talk it wonderful and beautiful, definitely one of my favorite tracks. “Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy, Steve Arrington & Childish Gambino)” is probably my number one favorite track on this album because it has the perfect amount of 80s funk behind the production. I’m not sure who Steve Arrington is but he definitely brings a lot of soul along with Steve Lacy and Childish Gambino, also this track really represents the whole album and just how funky and soulful it is, I absolutely love this. Now, “How Sway” sounds very familiar and it sounds familiar to me because I want to say that this is the beat that was made on Kenny Beats show “The Cave”. I could be wrong but the bass line sounds almost exact to the one on the show, but the track is purely instrumental which is a common theme so far in the album. I love the color that Thundercat brings out through this track with the bass, this track in my opinion shows his talent on the bass guitar the most because he goes absolutely crazy with it. “Funny Thing” is another track that has heavy funk inspiration behind the production, I genuinely don’t know what it is about this funk sound from the 80s but it’s becoming more and more popular in music nowadays and I personally don’t mind at all because I think it was great back then and now so I support the rebirth of this sound. Zack Fox makes a comedic appearance on “Overseas (feat. Zack Fox)” which in my opinion is a nice addition to the album to make it seem not as serious as it actually is and to show us that it’s okay to take things not so serious from time to time. “Dragonball Durag” was the lead single off the album and definitely has single material within the track, it has a catchy and repetitive hook, nice production, and extreme rhythmic tendencies with the bass among other instruments in the track, I can’t complain at all about this track, it’s great. Now this may be a very silly comparison but when you review music you have to make comparisons to things so people are able to relate and understand what you mean and how you feel. As a kid I never played much video games but when I did I played the “mainstream” games, the games everyone played like the LEGO games on wii, racing games, etc. One of these games for me was Super Mario Galaxy on the wii. These tracks “How I Feel” and “King of the Hill” brought me back and hit me with a lot of nostalgia because the production on these tracks remind me of this video game for the atmospheric and outer space sound it has in my opinion, it almost put me in a euphoric state of mind while listening to these because of how enjoyable they are. “Unrequited Love” has a really low key and smooth vibe to it which is absolutely gorgeous but I’ve noticed this with Thundercat, he isn’t the best singer in my opinion but he makes it work so well on his tracks, definitely some stale vocals but ultimately play into the whole vibe of the track which is super nice. “Fair Chance” and “Existential Dread” are really nice tracks but don’t do as much as the others do, maybe I just need some more time with them but as of right now they are alright and don’t support a whole lot to me. The final track “It Is What It Is (feat. Pedro Martins)” is a real nice send off for the album, it has a very nice and calming production style which makes it a great outro track for this wonderful album. This is also a little ode to the late Mac Miller, the two were friends and towards the middle point of the track Thundercat says “Hey Mac” and nothing else but let’s the track ride out with great instrumentals, some of the best off the album. The beginning thought is almost like Thundercats acceptance with his untimely death? I may be reaching but this is what it sounded like to me.

This album was definitely one of the best I’ve heard all year long. It is full of nothing but great instrumentals, wonderful production styles, distant and eerie vocals, and just great vibes as a whole. This album exceeded my expectations because I had no clue it would be this well done. If I could rate it anything over a 10 I would but for now it’ll be a 10/10 album, all the tracks are great and have a subtle funk to them. Thundercat definitely gained a supporter after this album and I will make sure I go back and listen to his earlier work because this was just perfect, this is what music should be.

Thank you for coming back for another week of posts, I hope all of you who see this are doing well and are in good health because I personally would hate to hear if any of you were to not be in good health during these times. Everyone stay safe and stay out of contact of others because we all have something similar in this pandemic and it’s the want for it to end so let’s all come together and stay way from each other (that was mean to be ironic). Anyways, go ahead and like, comment, and follow the page and if you know anyone that would enjoy this page then share it with them and have them follow because I know they’d like it too. See you all tomorrow.

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