Post #78, March 30, 2020: The PARTYMOBILE Post

PARTYNEXTDOOR is an artist that I never really got into for the soul reason that I don’t typically like R&B music but lately I’ve started to get into it more and more. When I hear PARTYNEXTDOOR I become happy for some reason because his voice brings me back to when I started listening to this music with “Recognize” and “Come and See Me”, these songs bring back some early memories of me listening to this kind of music which was during a decent time in my life. I don’t know what to expect from this album besides good vibe and just some good music so let’s get into it.


The album starts off strong with “NOTHING LESS” which became one of my favorite tracks when I was done listening to the album and the thing that does it for me on this track is a mixture of all the elements in the track including the production, lyrics and songwriting. All three of these aspects of the track really stand out which ultimately makes it sonically pleasing in my opinion. “TURN UP” is another one of those track that has really strong production, lyrics and songwriting which makes it very pleasing for the ears. Since I don’t typically like R&B it’s hard for me to talk about it but I’m definitely trying hard to. “THE NEWS” is probably one of my favorite tracks on here for the same reasons as the 2 prior to this track, these 3 tracks happen to be some of my favorite. I don’t know what he does with his vocals on this track but it strongly resembles Drake in my opinion which isn’t a bad thing if you ask me. This track has a really calming effect to it which plays a huge part in my liking of the track, it really makes me relaxed and overall happy. So far in the album we are 4 for 4 with tracks I genuinely enjoy “SPLIT DECISION” doesn’t give me anything new but still sticks to that theme of really slowed down production, very heartfelt/ sentimental lyrics, and a very vulnerable tone behind his vocals which is what I’m really enjoying so far from, great album from PARTYNEXTDOOR so far. Ironically the track with Drake is my least favorite so far “LOYAL (feat. Drake)” just isn’t that good to me for some reason, a reason that I can’t seem to find, I just don’t like the overall track. “TOUCH ME” is a good pick up from “LOYAL (feat. Drake)”, it’s a little more up beat compared to all the tracks before this one which is a big plus but all in all it’s a decent track, not the best but not the worst, very sonically pleasing if I may add because I love the wind chime sound effect he has in the production. The next 3 tracks “TRAUMA”, “SHOWING YOU”, and “EYE ON IT” aren’t that good in my opinion, they are alright and the problem with them is probably that I need more listening time with them to understand them and to like them. Like I said, they aren’t that good but they also aren’t terrible, just not for me. “BELIEVE IT” is clearly going to be the most liked track on the whole album because of the feature from Rihanna, I think this track is good but it definitely could be better in my opinion. I love the feature from Rihanna because it’s refreshing to hear her voice after about 4 years of not hearing new music like that but I don’t think this track is all that. “PGT” is another track that I really enjoy for one specific reason and that reason is how the track is structured, the hook is layered over the production perfectly which adds a lot more effect to the overall track than the other tracks on here. Definitely one of my favorite, strong vocals too. “ANOTHER DAY” & “SAVAGE ANTHEM” are really good tracks to end the album with but by this point in the album I feel bored because it seems a little repetitive at this point, I get it, I get the message, I don’t need the same track over and over again in my opinion. I’m definitely not saying these are bad tracks, as a matter of fact “SAVAGE ANTHEM” has an extremely nice outro which is so peaceful and pleasing in my opinion but I’ve heard this throughout the entire album so it doesn’t really stand out a whole lot to me. If I didn’t talk about a track then that means I wasn’t feeling it a whole lot and just chose not to acknowledge it.

This album is definitely good and exceeded my expectations I had for it initially. To be fair though I didn’t have many expectations because this is the first PARTYNEXTDOOR album I’m listening to but it definitely made me reconsider my lack of expectations set before I went into the album. I would probably rate this a good 7/10 because I feel that it’s a really good album but there are several times where I find myself becoming bored or not enjoying some of the tracks but the tracks I do like really stand out amongst the rest. I definitely don’t see myself taking much from this album or even coming back to it later on but it definitely was a decent listening experience.

Thank you for coming back for another post, PARTYNEXTDOOR had a good album and I personally want to hear what you have to say so comment your thoughts or message me on my different social media‘s. My Instagram and Snapchat are both tyler_davidson3 and my Twitter is tylerd_3. Follow me and let me know what you think and also follow the blog down below by adding your email for updates to when I post.

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