Post #77, March 29, 2020: The Pandemic Post

Comethazine is an artist that I’ve talked about several times on this blog and as a matter of fact is one of my favorite rappers for several reasons. I feel that Comethazine is one of the few rappers who have mastered the song making style of very short songs. I feel this way bencause he makes very short track but he makes them super aggressive and super entertaining. He provides me with not much content but a lot of substance in the little content he provides which makes him the best at what he does in the type of rap he makes. This is the first project that isn’t apart of his Bawskee trilogy and I had indifferent thoughts going into this project, “what will it sound like?”, “will he switch up his flows?”, “will he become more versatile!”. These are some questions I have for this project so let’s see if any of these end up being answered.

Pandemic by Comethaine

Since this is a 20 minute 12 track project it will be a short post but I’ll do my best to make it as long as a I can.

This project had two lead singles “No Front” and “Glide” which released soon after the release of Bawskee 3.5 towards the end of last year which was one of my favorite tapes of 2019, but the single “No Front” is the intro track and at first I thought that it would set the tone for what the rest of the tracks will sound like but I ended up being wrong because a lot of the tracks lack in a lot of areas but I’ll talk about that when I get there. “Mama’s Glizzy” is a track that I liked because of the production and the flow he uses, he definitely seems to be experimenting with new flows on this project which is good to hear because I was wondering when he would switch it up so it’s refreshing to hear something new from Comethazine. I think a lot of these tracks are alright like “Permanent”, “Ambitions”, “Ambitions”, and “Blu-Ray”. These aren’t all that good because they don’t seem like Comethazine, the track mixing doesn’t sound finished, the tracks seem like throwaways from Bawskee if you ask me, they just don’t sound complete. These tracks are also very fast paced which is what he is known for but these seem very different, I do like that he seems more experimental with his flows and his range with his rapping speed, this is very nice and impressive. I like these tracks but they ultimately play a huge role in my dislike for this album. Now “Nutted” all the way to “Gallardo” are what I expected to hear off this album, low in time length but high in energy and substance in my opinion. “Lead The Race” is easily the best track on here for many different reasons, the aggression is what I love to hear from Comethazine and the thing that makes this different is that he sounds more animated and more engaged with the track than the others before this one. I love this track because it’s what Comethazine does best if you ask me. “Glide” like I said was one of the singles released way before the release of the album and didn’t do much for me since I’ve already listened to this track a lot, I definitely out played this track, I still really enjoy it but since I’ve listened to it so much it doesn’t do much for me now. “Plottin’” was teased on his instagram a little while ago and when I saw this snippet I loved it, it stuck to the same theme that “Lead The Race” had, short duration but high in energy. “Gallardo” concludes this project with high energy and aggression, like I’ve said a million times before, these are the few reasons why I love Comethazine. Comethazine has longevity in my eyes but clearly still needs to become more open to new sounds and new ways of expanding his rapping capabilities to become more relevant and important. Comethazine is easily one of the most animated and aggressive rappers but he seemed to dial it down a bit on this project if you ask me, he is still aggressive and still talks about murder, sex, money, drugs, all the typical Comethazine rap topics but it definitely seems different. Now one of the most craziest things I’ve heard him say is off of “Hench Mafia” from Bawskee 3.5 and that’s “But the Lord can not save you, Send the preacher’s son to the grave to” which is a relentless line to rap if you ask me. And another from the same album from the track “Solved The Problem” he raps “Shoot a bullet straight to his head, I solved the problem” is such a dark and menacing thing to rap. Bawskee 2 is full of extremely graphic lyrics which ironically is what I love from him, it does seem like he dialed it down a bit on the aggression and down right overly offensive lyrics on this new project.

I had a feeling that this project wasn’t going to be that impressive but I still anticipated it and looked forward to it because I’m a genuine fan of Comethazine. I started listening to him around the spring time of 2018 when his break out single “Bands” came out so I’ve been around for 4 projects so far. I love the Bawskee trilogy, I think they are amazing and would love to see another one but it was inevitable that Comethazine had to switch things up so I’m not mad at all with this but I feel that he could have spent a little more time with this project because it really isn’t it in my opinion. Pandemic is easily my least favorite Comethazine project for a few reasons that I explained up above but I understand that not everyone will have great projects. This has its highs and definitely has its lows but I just hope he does better next time. I love the things he did differently with his flow and his rapping skills, a little more lyrical (to an extent), maintaining the aggression, high energy as always, etc. I’m definitely pleased with what I got from Comethazine but I’m not 100% happy. I’ll rate this a good 6/10.

Thank you for being here for some more great posts. Sorry for the short post but as I always say, low content means a short post. There will be 3 more posts this week that are full of great content so you have to come back to read them, a way to stay aware of the posts is to follow the page, enter your email down below to always get updates for when I post. See you all soon and don’t forget to like, comment, and FOLLOW!!!

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