Post #76, March 24, 2020: The Circles (Deluxe) Post

I recently decided to start reviewing deluxe versions of albums because before the Eternal Atake Deluxe I just didn’t think of doing deluxe albums but once that released I made the decision to start doing them because there is new music on them that can be reviewed so when I heard that Circles was getting a deluxe version I automatically knew I would do a post on it. There are just two new tracks here so what I’m going to do is review these two tracks then just talk about the album and how well it’s sat with me since my initial listen.

Circles (Deluxe) by Mac Miller

So like I said, since there are only two new tracks in this deluxe version the post won’t be that long, I’ll do my best but don’t expect and long and drawn out post because there isn’t a whole lot of new content.

So the first track that was added to the deluxe version is titled “Right” and there isn’t a whole lot to this track that I love, I think it’s great but I don’t love it. It definitely fits in with the whole vibe of the album so far, the low key aesthetic with a little hint of psychedelic tones in the production are what make me enjoy this track and where it sits with the other tracks on this album. The drums on the track also fit well with the rest of the album because that is a prominent instrument on the album, for example, “Hands” has some of the best usage of drums on the whole album along with a few other tracks but “Right” is very subtle about the usage of drums which makes it stand out because it isn’t crazy, it’s low key. The ending of this track is super enjoyable and is my favorite part of the track because the beat has a really cool effect on it where it sounds futuristic, very nice touch to end this track. “Floating” is the other track added to the deluxe version and is my favorite of the two because the title is how the track makes me feel and I love when tracks do that. The theme of an album full of very low key and non-eccentric tracks still applies with the deluxe and this track in particular, it’s just a super relaxing and calming track which makes me enjoy it a lot. I love how towards the end of the track the tempo picks up and it becomes a little more upbeat but only sticking to the instrumental, mac stops rapping a little over half way and lets the production ride out which was a nice touch in my opinion. Those are my thoughts on the new tracks so now on to what I think of the album after a couple months of its release.

I posted my original review on January 19th where I gave it a pretty strong review, I really loved this album when I listened to it initially and I still love it. It is at the top of my favorite albums of 2020 list and I plan on having it stay there for a while because it has aged very well with me, I in fact listen to a good amount of these tracks almost every single day like “Good News”, “I Can See”, “Thats On Me”, “Hands”, and especially “Blue World” these 5 tracks are the ones that stood out the most and are the ones that are in my playlists that I listen to everyday. This is an amazing piece of music and I actually made the decision a few weeks ago to buy the vinyl record of the album because I like to collect vinyl records. My initial rating was a 9/10 but I want to change it to a perfect score of a 10/10 because it is a gorgeous album and definitely one of the best I’ve heard in a while. I don’t have too much else to say that I haven’t said in my original post which if you haven’t seen it then you should go back and read it because it’s one of my favorite of the year so far but like I said I don’t have much else to say so I’ll end the post there.

Thank you for coming back to the page and for reading this post, sorry for such the short post but I thought I’d be nice to take a little trip back to this wonderful piece of music with the deluxe version. As always though you should like, comment, and most importantly follow. If you know anyone who enjoys music or reading then go ahead and share this page with them because I guarantee they’ll love it. See you tomorrow.

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