Post #75, March 23, 2020: The Colores Post

My realm of music has stretched far starting at the end of last year and early this year, I’ve gotten into more classic rock, electronic music, pop, alternative, but “Urbano Latino” as classified on Apple Music isn’t something that I thought I’d get into although I did do a J Balvin and Bad Bunny review last year I never thought I’d come back to the genre, but a Spanish artist has to be very big for it to gain my attention and J Balvin is that artist. From the two albums I’ve heard so far which would be OASIS and this one, Colores, I can definitely say I’m a fan on his music because of how energetic and bright it is. I have a lot to say about this album so let’s not waste any time.

Colores by J Balvin

So “Colores” clearly translates to “Colors“ from Spanish to English and all of the track names are names of colors in Spanish which was a super creative concept for this album. Before I get into the music I want to talk about the concept and overall set up of the album. I love how the names of the tracks which are colors resemble the energy of the track, for example, yellow is a bright color and is known for being a color of happiness, joy, warmth, and good energy and the track “Amarillo” matches the meaning of the color with the production in my opinion. I’m judging this off the sound, I don’t know what the lyrics say but maybe the lyrics play a bigger picture in the names match with the style of the track. All of these tracks match but some stand out way more than others and some of these stand out tracks would be “Azul”, “Rosa”, “Morado”, “Verde”, and “Negro”. Another thing that I love is that I’m only judging this off of production, energy, the different flows from J Balvin, and consistency with the concept, no lyrics will be judged this time because I unfortunately can’t understand anything that is said on these tracks. The cover art is crazy, great designing from Takashi Murakami, this flower smiley face print was on some hoodies for the album which looked absolutely amazing but weren’t available at the time I checked so that made me pretty upset because I love the cover art and that pattern.

“Armillo” (Yellow) is the opening track and is definitely one of my favorite because it has such a great energy that would totally resemble the color yellow, there is something about the way the beat is structured when he is rapping the hook that makes this track sonically pleasing every time I listen to it and the same thing is applied with his flow throughout the track and certain breakdowns of the beat. “Azul” (Blue) is a Little slower in tempo than “Armillo” which would make it resemble the color blue but I think this is one of those tracks where the lyrics play a part in the name, although the production does a great job at catching the emotion behind the color blue, I still feel that the rest of the energy and meaning is within the lyrics. This is still one of my favorites though. When I first heard “Rojo” (Red) I didn’t see how it matched with the color red because it started off very slow but once the 808s kicked in and he started rapping it made a little more sense. Red is the color for a lot of aggression but at the same time it is a color that means love and passion so that’s where J Balvin wanted to go with this track instead of the aggressive route. The way he uses his voice to sing also plays a big part in the sensual aspect of the color red. “Rosa” (Pink) is a track that I feel relies more on the lyrics than the production which is perfectly fine but it is a struggle for me to match it with the concept. Pink has a very lighthearted meaning so when they decided to choose this track to be pink I think they made it more about the lyrics than the production because I would have made this one “Rojo” if they were doing it on production alone because it’s more of a slower track where the track “Rojo” is conveying more in love which is why I’d switch the two names but I still enjoy the two so it is what it is. “Morado” (Purple) is more of a calming and peaceful color while also radiating creativity so when I listened to this track I instantly felt this vibe behind the music, this is one of the more prominent tracks where the name and the sound match, the next 3 tracks actually do this too. “Verde” (Green) is the perfect name for this track, actually, at this point in the album I noticed the theme and wanted to challenge myself to see if I could guess the name of the track before seeing it just based off the music and this track is the track that I guessed correctly, it just felt “green” if you know what I mean. I’m extremely happy with this track because it conveys everything that green is, it’s bright, upbeat, energetic, and refreshing to an extent, fantastic track. “Negro” (Black) is definitely my favorite off the album because when I did the same thing that I did for “Verde” but on this track which was guessing the name before seeing the name I actually guessed it right again because the production on this track is way more dark and dirty than the other tracks on the album which is why this is my favorite by far. Now this next track is one of the only tracks that doesn’t fit that theme so well based off the production, “Gris” (Grey) is odd to me because of how hard it is to convey the color grey, because the color grey resembles nothing in a way, emptiness, emotionless, timeless, it’s just an empty feeling color which doesn’t fit well on a whole album of tracks with substance, I love that he made something out of it but the track would have been named something better like “Oro” (Gold) because I feel that it has a strong and bright undertone behind the beat but that’s my opinion. “Arcoíris” (Rainbow) is a track that doesn’t totally fit the theme again because in my eyes I see a rainbow as being something that has all the colors in it, so I would assume this track to be as little all over the place and trying to fit the primary colors of the rainbow in it, that is a tough thing to do so I see why it doesn’t totally match but it’s still a great track. The last track “Blanco” (White) is a color that means clean, pure, perfect, and other terms like those which does match the theme of the track to an extent, it’s a really good track and would be classified as almost perfect to me but it also has a gritty undertone with the production which does contemplates itself. It’s still a great track and a perfect way to end this perfect album so I cant complain.

This is 100% a concept album. This is a fantastic album in all aspects especially sonically, sonically this album is perfect, it is so bright all the way around and full of energy and color of course. The tracks all work super well with each other and compliment eachother super well. The concept may be something a little basic but J Balvin still hit it out the park, there is not a bad track on here and almost every track can be compared to the color it is named after. I would rate this an easy 10/10 for so many reasons. Whenever J Balvin releases something from now on I will definitely listen to it because I am a fan and I also want to get into more Spanish speaking artists or anyone that falls under that “Urbano Latino” genre because it is amazing music and makes me very happy.

Thank you again for being back for another post, this one is amazing and the album is too. It is definitely making my list for my favorite albums of 2020. I have two more posts going up this week so stay tuned and follow so you don’t miss out on them.

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