Post #73, March 19, 2020: The A Written Testimony Post

Now I am not entirely sure who Jay Electronica is but I have heard him in certain conversations throughout the years but the conversation that most actively gets brought up is the Big Sean track titled “Control” which featured Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica and this track brought what many people would say is one of the best verses in a rap song which is very agreeable if you ask me. I’ve never heard Jay Electronica so if you were to play him I wouldn’t know who it is but, the thing is he has been rapping since 2009 and this is his debut album so I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t know who he is or what he sounds like, there are probably a lot of other people like me but one thing that I do know about him is that he is a good rapper so lets see if this album was worth the wait that lasted over a decade.

A Written Testimony by Jay Electronica

So right off the bat I want to say that this won’t be a super in depth post because although I like this album and think is fantastic it’s hard for me to make any connections because a lot of the bars went right over my head, the subject matter isn’t anything I can relate on, and I’m just having a tough time talking about this album for some reason, but, I’ll try my best.

So we have an intro that has a vocal sample from Louis Farrakhan who is a minister and an activist leader, the sample is of a very powerful and moving speech, it’s hard to talk about, you’d have to go and listen to it and feel the speech. “Ghost Of Soulja Slim” once again starts with a sample of Louis Farrakhan to add a little more to the track. Something that I’ve noticed about this album is that there is a common sound of children cheering from time to time on this album, I don’t know what the meaning for it is or if it even has a meaning but I’m sure it’s there for some reason. The thing that caught me off guard is that Jay-Z is on this album a good amount which is great for Electronica because it gets his name out there and gets him more attention with his music but the main subject matter of the whole album is religion, he talks about the Nation of Islam, mentions a lot about the Muslim religion, and raps a small amount in Arabic so this is definitely an aspect of the album that I enjoy. “The Blinding (feat. Travis Scott)” really caught me off guard because I didn’t expect a Travis Scott feature on this album but it’s just the chorus which having him sing it adds a nice touch to the track. I love the beat switch halfway through the track, it really shows a lot of versatility with Jay Electronica and what types of production styles he can rap over. So far there have been a lot of bars that I’ve caught but haven’t been too impressed about, there are a lot of good one liners, punch lines, double entendres, word play, everything, but nothing crazy enough for me to talk about it. The thing that I love about “Shiny Suit Theory (feat. The-Dream)” is the production style it has which reminds me of something from the 80s, also the implementation of the applause from an audience is a great touch because it makes the track more alive in my opinion but this track has my favorite set of lyrics off the whole album, it’s just a series of lyrics where Electronica is talking to Diddy about wining a Grammy for his family and to start rapping again, this set of lyrics is well rapped and paints a good picture in my head of this conversation happening. “Fruits Of The Spirit” reminds me of something that would be on Jay-Z’s 4:44 album that released a few years ago, the reason why it reminds me of a track off that album is the way it’s produced because it has vocal samples in the beat instead of just instruments, Jay did a lot of this and still does this. “Ezekiel’s Wheel (feat. The-Dream)” is one of my favorite tracks because of how low key the sound and vibe is. The production is absolutely amazing and the feature really wraps everything up perfectly, I also love the Star Wars bars he uses on the track and the lightsaber sound he uses. This is just one of those tracks where he just raps and flows and all I can do is just listen and feel hypnotized by his words because there is just something about his voice over this beat which makes it extremely relaxing. A set of lyrics from Electronica that I love are “My debut album featuring hov man this is highway robbery” and this is very true, he is extremely lucky to have that connection and the ability to have one of the greatest ever on half of his album. The last track “A.P.I.D.T.A.” is another super relaxing and enjoyable track from both Jay-Z and Jay Electronica, they both just do such a good job lowering the tempo and matching the tempo with their rapping, this is a great outro to this long awaited album and I honestly couldn’t say anything bad about this track, it’s very calming and entertaining to an extent.

I love a lot of things about this album. I really enjoy the bilingual aspect of the album from both Jay-Z and Jay Electronica. I myself am religious and love the amount of religion that is talked about, it may not be my religion but the overall concept is something in which I believe in but this shows me that Jay Electronica took up the Muslim religion during the making of this album and decided to let that influence his music, great path to go down for the music making process by the way. I love the lyrical ability from both Jays, I love the amount of entertainment there is on this album while still maintaining that level of extreme professionalism, and honesty many more reasons that I can’t think of at the moment but are definitely there because this is a great album. I do think the long wait ultimately ruined a lot for this album though because this has been on the way for over a decade so people put it on such a high pedestal and set such high expectations for the album so when it finally released the overall views on the album weren’t as good because of the high standards set on it. I’m sure it will still be mentioned along with the best albums of 2020 but I don’t think the 10 year wait reflects the music, it just doesn’t seem like it took that long to make, if anything it sounds the time spent of this album was under a year. I hope his next album won’t take as long. I would rate this a 7/10, nothing any higher because of all the flaws I had listed earlier in the review.

Thank you for being here again to conclude this weeks posts. This has been a super busy week for me because of all the new music we got. I did the most posts in a week I’ve ever done which is 6 and I hope all of you read them because they were all so good in my opinion. But we have another great week this upcoming week, 3 new albums from Mac Miller, J Balvin, and The Weeknd. I’m excited and you should be too but in the mean time you should like, comment, and FOLLOW!!!

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