Post #72, March 18, 2020: The Sweet Action Post

I first heard of Jack Harlow last year via Instagram ads and I’ve just seen more and more of him since then, although I never went and listened to him I have been paying attention to him, not closely but from a far. Sweet Action was released this week and when I got the news of its release I thought that this would be perfect timing to get a first listen of Jack and to give a great review on his project. Let’s see if Jack Harlow gained a fan or not.

Sweet Action by Jack Harlow

So right off the bat with “WHATS POPPIN” I can already see what type of rapper he is, he is a very charismatic rapper and egotistical but in a good way. He brings a good deal of aggression to the track and throughout the tape which is refreshing to hear. “2STYLISH” doesn’t do a whole lot for me for some reason, I think it’s because it sounds a little too generic for me to like. The production and the lyrics just sound like something that didn’t have much effort put into it but maybe I’ll come back to it later on and enjoy it but as of right now it’s a decent track. “I WANNA SEE SOME A$$ (feat. Jetsonmade)” is one of my favorite tracks off this tape for two clear reasons, Jack and Jetson, the lyrics and the overall melody/flow from Jack is what makes me enjoy this tape because he doesn’t stick to one way of rapping, he is all over the place with his flows and use of melodies. Jetsonmade is becoming one of my favorite producers and the same thing that happened with Tay Keith is happening with Jestonmade in my opinion and what I mean is that I can tell who the producer is before the tag comes up on the beat based off the 808s used or production style used on the track but Jetsonmade has such a entertaining way of producing, it’s different, but that’s why him and DaBaby work so well together. “SMELLS LIKE INCENSE” is probably the best track on here as far as lyrics go because there are times where he is actually spitting which like I said before is refreshing, he is doing his thing as an artist but more so as a rapper, playing with words, experimenting with flows, and using different sounds and this track shows all that off with Jack. “OUT FRONT” is probably my least favorite track because I’ve noticed that I like him when the tempo is high and when the energy is high, I’m not saying this is bad by any means but it isn’t something I would let play if it came up on a playlist. I understand he can’t stick to the same sound forever but this isn’t a sound that I would like to hear again. “HEY BIG HEAD” is one of those tracks that are up in tempo and high in energy, the tracks that I want to hear from Jack, the thing that I noticed about Jack through this track is that he can make energetic music that doesn’t sound the same, a lot of rappers fall short of this, having their music sounding the same because they do what they only know which is one type of energetic sound. I do feel like DaBaby is guilty of this and Blueface, Jack doesn’t do this which is fantastic to see. The last track “ONCE MAY COMES” is a nice little outro to the tape, it’s the only slower track on here that I don’t mind listening to because his voice matches the energy of the beat which is what he didn’t do on the other slower tracks, he would have an aggressive undertone in his voice over a slower beat. This is a “slow” track that he should have used as an example for the other tracks to sound like, as far as style goes obviously.

Jack really impressed me on this tape and I would definitely say he gained a fan with this. When I went to listen to this tape initially I looked him up on Spotify and I saw some of his numbers and he is bigger than I thought, maybe I’m really late to Jalisco Harlow. I see why he is so popular though because the music is actually really good. He talks a lot about “wait until she sees the album” and just other talk about an album which I assume is on the way but I know I can easily say that I’m ready for it because I want to hear more of Jack Harlow. One thing that I want to talk about briefly is that it’s very refreshing to hear white rapper like him because he cares more about the vibe, aesthetic, melodies, and energy of a track rather than rapping fast because that’s what a lot of white rappers like to do. During the Megan Thee Stallion review for SUGA I mentioned that a lot of female rappers have to live in Nicki Minaj’s shadow because of the bar she set for female rappers and the same things clearly applies for Eminem and other white rappers but Jack doesn’t seem like he wants to be compared to Eminem because he sounds like he’s doing his own thing which is very different from Em. Unlike MGK, NF, G-Eazy, etc. Jack doesn’t seem too phased by that bar set above him and is just trying to make entertaining music more than anything.

Like I said, I would say he gained a fan because I was ultimately entertained during the listening of this tape, he has the right amount of charisma, ego, and narcissism in his voice to where is super entertaining, this does seem like a common theme nowadays but it sounds very good with Jack. I would rate this tape a smooth 7/10, not enough content but a lot of substance if you ask me, the 7 track tape is packed full of entertainment. No way should a 7 track tape be better than an 18 track album from Rich The Mid and a 16 track album from Blueface, but, I love that it’s better than these albums, it shows a lot of longevity in Jack which is super important in the industry nowadays.

Thank you for coming back for my 5th post in a row, tomorrow will finish up this week and it’s been a great week, I’ve done the most posts consecutively which is 6 in a week which I’m super proud of. I’ve put in a lot of work which is why you should follow the page for some of the best music review content. See you tomorrow!!! (P.s. like, comment, and follow)

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