Post #71, March 17, 2020: The Find the Beat Post

I did a review on Blueface before and it was when he released his Dirt Bag project, I listened to it and reviewed it and I wasn’t disappointed but I also wasn’t surprised, but after the review I remember saying how this style of rapping won’t be interesting to listen to forever but for now it is tolerable but we are here with another Blueface project and I am very curious to see if he changed anything about his flow, rapping style, or himself in general since his last album. I wasn’t excited back then and I’m still not excited for a new Blueface project but lets see if he grew since then, I am going into this with an open mind. I did go back to Dirt Bag to see if I would be able to compare this to that but let’s see if what I said during that review is comparable here or not.

Find the Beat by Blueface

This is going to be the second post in a row where I didn’t like the album that I am reviewing so expect a short post from me. This album isn’t as bad as BOSS MAN but it’s still pretty bad, it has more energy and it does make me engaged to an extent. The intro track “First Class (feat. Gunna)” is “eh” if you ask me, not crazy but not terrible but it definitely does set the tone for what to expect during the rest of the album, very quick, effortless, and fairly empty tracks but high in energy. One thing that I noticed about some of these tracks and the growth from the last album is that it is definitely more experimental with the production but it is still very similar to what he has done in the past, tracks like Obama, Vibes, Weekend, Dirty, etc. are somewhat different from what he would normally do but what he normally does is more of a west coast sound, the 3-5 count beat to start the track is still dominate on this album which wasn’t shocking at all to hear. Here is a track I actually liked “Weekend (feat Lil Baby)” but i likes this because I enjoy hearing Lil Baby now, his album was actually really good in my opinion and he’s been getting more and more out there with features so I definitely don’t mind Baby or Blueface on this track, it’s quite nice if I do say so myself. This track “Murder Rate (feat. Polo G)” is one of my favorite, I have two favorite tracks on this album but this track is really only strong because Polo G delivers very strong and quick verses. I think this is one of the only highlights about this album. I don’t know what is going on with these rappers using brass instruments in their beats, Stunna 4 Vegas did it, Rich The Kid, and now Blueface, it sounds terrible to me and just amateur if you ask me, I’m talking about “Obama (feat. DaBaby)”. I want you all to do something very quick, go back and listen to Blueface’s track titled “Dirt Bag” and listen to “Carne Asada (feat. Ambjaay)” and tell me the beat isn’t the same. This track is definitely one of the worst no questions about it. “Viral” sounds like it was meant to be on Dirt Bag which isn’t good because that means it may have been a throw away, there is a little bar he raps that I think is good and it goes “I stay on a b**ch mind like a frontal”, I like this because the frontal lobe is apart of the brain and it’s just some good word play that I thought was funny. Now “Holy Moly (feat. NLE Choppa)” is what I love to hear from Blueface, extremely high energy, an above decent flow, a beat that resembles his energy, and a strong feature, I couldn’t ask for anything else. I won’t lie to any of you but Stunna 4 Vegas is getting pretty annoying now, I remember being excited to see him featured but now I’m not because I’ve heard the same thing about 18 times now so this track he’s on is bad because you have two artists doing the same thing over and over again which makes it tasteless. “Double Bacc” is one of my favorite because the beat is subtle, his flow is more relaxed compared to the other flows he uses on this album and this track in particular is what he is good at. Him rapping on a very low key west coast type beat has always done wonders for him. “Period” is the worst track here and “close up” isn’t any better. They literally suck for every reason possible. The vibe is off, the energy is dying, and it just seemed like the whole music making process was skipped. I don’t really want to talk about the last 3 tracks because I have nothing to say, these tracks just like the rest of the album are terrible.

I’m trying to find positives for the album but it’s really hard. Some of the features are decent but Blueface clearly doesn’t know how to utilize features because half of them are decent and the rest are below decent. I do like 4 tracks which I did talk about which is good because that’s 4 more than I expected to originally like. No question about it, this album made my worst albums of 2020 list, this isn’t good. Now, although I hated the album that doesn’t mean I can’t like certain tracks, Meet The Woo 2 is a good example of this, I liked about 2-3 tracks but I thought almost the entire album sucked. I think Blueface should keep looking because he hasn’t found the beat yet, he may have increased a little bit from his last project but this is still bad, it’s like spray painting a full trash can silver, it makes it a little less trashy but it’s still pretty trashy. I’m rating this a 3/10.

Thank you for coming back to read another post by me, sorry for another short post but the same thing applies from the last post, when I’m not give a lot to work with then it’s hard to give quality content. Go ahead and like, comment, and FOLLOW!!!

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