Post #70, March 16, 2020: The BOSS MAN Post

Rich the Kid’s music and myself have not gotten along ever so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that he was releasing a 19 track album (heres a hint, I wasn’t excited). As a music reviewer I have to go into new music from everyone with a blank slate of the artist and their past work, but obviously I need something to compare new music with so I have enough on my mind while I’m doing these reviews so I can base my opinion and overall review on. So basically I have never listened to a good Rich The Kid album but my mind is open and unbiased during this review because this album has a chance of being good. Let’s see if Rich does anything different on this album for me to like it or will he be 3/3 on this blog.

BOSS MAN by Rich The Kid

Okay. I’m going to get done with this review real quick. I listened to BOSS MAN and I have my thoughts gathered and ready to share but just know that this will be a VERY short review because I think this is terrible. For real.

I will start off by talking about the 2 tracks I like which are “Stuck Together (feat. Lil Baby)” and “Sick (feat. DaBaby)” but the reason why I like “Stuck Together” is because they both bounce back and fourth from each other which is what I like to see from Rich, I like to see him actively involved in the track with the other artist or by himself because he just seems extremely disengaged on this album. “Sick” is good to me because of the same reason, he and DaBaby have an oddly interesting chemistry together which I don’t mind honestly, I actually found myself enjoying this track a lot which is a positive to me. That ends the good about this 19 TRACK ALBUM. I only like 2/19 tracks which is….tough.

Okay let’s start off with the intro track “Far From You”. One of the worst tracks I’ve heard in a very very long time, he tries too hard to come off at sentimental and lyrical on this track which isn’t him, he isn’t lyrical so I don’t know why he tried to go this route because I know he knows it doesn’t work for him. Oh, never mind actually “Ray Charles” is the worst track I’ve heard in a long time, THIS IS TERRIBLE, who in the world produced this track?!?!? They need to find a new career path and who let Rich The Kid put this out, it’s just terrible. He couldn’t even make a Nicki Minaj feature good. Post Malone did a good job as a feature but that’s about it, he really outshines Rich on his own album which is great for Post but terrible for Rich. Tracks 6 through 9 are very boring and don’t do anything for me, I actually almost fell asleep during this album because I was so bored and just not entertained. Track 10 “Easy” is produced by someone that typically produced for Pop Smoke (Rest In Peace) and it’s apparent because the beat sounds exactly like something I heard on Meet The Woo 2 which only worked for Pop Smoke, not Rich The Kid. Tracks like “You” and “Over With” are tracks that he needs to stay FAR away from in all honesty. I have a question to ask real quick, sorry to interrupt but is it bad that I value both YoungBoy features more than Rich The Kids parts? Because I genuinely like Youngboy’s parts on both tracks he is on more than probably the entire time Rich The Kid raps on this album. Oh boy. Rich The Kid and Quavo, two of my favorite rappers out now. I really hope no one thinks they are my favorite because that was intended with a lot of sarcasm but I’m sorry but I’d rather do anything than listen to this track again, it sounds like it was mixed poorly, engineering seems unfinished, it’s just bad. I can easily say that Quavo and Rich The Kid are my least favorite rappers ever. That kind of finishes the album for me, it went by very very quick and wasn’t memorable at all, nothing sticks out besides Lil Baby and DaBaby which is not surprising at all, a small handful of these features are decent but aren’t good for the most part, the lyrics are god awful, the overall aesthetic of the album is awful. Looks like he went 3 for 3 with bad albums on this blog.

I’m going to say a few more things about Rich The Kid. I try not to be a hater because I’m not but this isn’t for me at all, it’s for someone, just not for me. Congratulations to Rich The Kid for doing what he wants to do and making his money, I definitely respect the grind and the come up but the music is absolutely garbage, I’d rather watch paint dry. Rich The Kid puts the L in Album with all the and music he makes. I am going to start calling him Rich The Mid because he makes mid grade music, below mid grade as a matter of fact. You see the cover art? You see the two goats? You see how they look asleep? Yea, that was me during the listening of this album. I bet he was playing his album during the photo shoot for the cover because those goats are asleep. I went into this with an open mind because I really wanted it to be good but I got disappointed yet again which looking back on it isn’t surprising. I don’t want to rate this album because this is probably the worst album I’ve ever heard but I’ll rate it a 1/10 since I have to give it something. I don’t like bashing artists for bad music but it’s hard to praise something that is not able to be praised.

Thank you for being back for another post, sorry for the short post but like I always say, I can’t provide good content when I’m not provided good content. The Don Toliver album was very good and that was a long review because the content was great so that meant that I was able to give you all great content but when I’m given an album like this where the content is low then it’s hard to give good content to you all. I’m only being honest with these reviews even if the honesty is mean, I’ll always be honest. As always, like, comment, and follow for more great posts.

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