Post #69, March 15, 2020: The LUV vs. The World 2 Post

Lil Uzi Vert released Eternal Atake last week and is back with another album, you can say that this is the deluxe to Eternal Atake but the name of this album is LUV vs. The World 2. Now I have some very tight and personal connections with the original LUV vs. The World, when that released times were just simpler and happier during my life so I have a strong appreciation for the original album but Eternal Atake was amazing and is sitting well with me after a week so I already know this will be just as good but let’s see if it actually is. I am excited to listen to this album and to give you my thoughts so lets get right into it.

LUV vs. The World 2 by Lil Uzi Vert

I am very excited to be talking about this album for several reasons, the most notable would be the nostalgia this album cover brings me. Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World was released during the time that Uzi was blowing up and also when that tape came out my life was just different and not as chaotic as it is now and a for some reason that seems to be a common thing for a lot of people. Another reason for why I’m so excited is because I’ve never seen an artist release two albums back to back besides Future but one of the albums wasn’t that good. Long story short I feel that Uzi is earning G.O.A.T. status and will eventually go down and one of the best to do it despite the hate he has gotten over the years with the way he lives his life basically but like I said during my Eternal Atake review I feel that he is the voice for the youth. One thing I’d like to point out is that when it hit 12am last night Spotify actually was crashing because of all the traffic on Lil Uzi’s Spotify page, that has to say something. On to the music though.

Starting with the first track on here titled “Myron” this track was teased on Twitter by Uzi and went viral very fast for the flow and just the good and positive vibes it has through the beat and just his voice, I’m glad we got this track and I’ve been listening to it almost non stop. A lot of these tracks have the same sound and feel which is that spacey, intergalactic, futuristic sound that Uzi has mastered throughout the years and people actually compare this to the original with the sound it gives off which is a stretch in my opinion but definitely brings back nostalgia of you ask me. Tracks like “Bean (Kobe) [feat. Chief Keef]” was apparently a track that has been in the works for a while and has been anticipated just like “Myron” but I really love Chief Keef on this track because although I don’t listen to Chief Keef like that I do have the biggest respect for him and want to see him bigger than he is now so seeing him on this album is great and refreshing in my opinion, definitely one of the best from this newer album. “Yessirskiii (feat. 21 Savage)” was really interesting when I first listened to it because I never would expect 21 Savage to rap over a beat like this, definitely Young Nudy but not 21 so when I pressed play and heard 21 I questioned it at first but loved it in the end and also the chemistry was super strong and makes me wonder what they can do together in the future because I really liked this one right here. “Wassup (feat. Future)” really gives me old Uzi vibes which is definitely a good thing but Uzi does his thing on this track and sounds great doing it as always but the thing that I like is Future’s verse which is surprising because I don’t really like Future like that but there is something about him working with Uzi that makes it very tolerable and entertaining, mainly entertaining because that’s what I’m looking for in this album. “Strawberry Peels (feat. Young Thug & Gunna)” isn’t that good to me but has potential to get better over time but for now I’m not really feeling it. “I Can Show You” is in my opinion one of the better tracks off this Deluxe album, it has a great build up in the beginning and just flows perfectly through the duration of the track and clearly radiates those good vibes. “Moon Relate” is another track that I would say is better than the rest for the nostalgic feelings it brings me, also for the same reasons as all the other tracks so far, the vibe it gives me is a big reason why I like it, just like Eternal Atake made me extremely happy just like these newer tracks. “Come This Way” and “Trap This Way (This Way)” are okay, they don’t really match up with all the other tracks so far but they aren’t terrible. “No Auto (feat. Lil Durk)” was teased by Durk himself on Instagram I believe and went viral as it should have but this is probably the most different track on here because it doesn’t follow that sound that we’ve gotten so far with the whole outer space thing Uzi has been doing but it is definitely a good touch to the album without a doubt but just doesn’t seem like it matches with what it’s surrounded by. This track right here is a track that I love “Money Spread (feat. Young Nudy)” is perfect because these two rap over the same type of beats and have relatively the same energy and style when they rap but one is clearly different and better than the other but ever since I did the review on Young Nudy I’ve just been craving his presence on tracks like this so I was definitely excited for this track in particular when I first saw it initially. This Young Thug feature makes up for the one earlier on this album, this is definitely a better Young Thug feature if you ask me, it has a more low key and less aggressive approach to it which is good because I’m not looking for aggression I am looking for carelessness and happiness and that’s what they both delivered to me on this track “Got the Guap (feat. Young Thug)”. So the final track on here which is “Leaders (feat. NAV)” was really anticipated when Uzi announced NAV being on this album and all I can say is that it’s a vibe, nothing more and nothing less really, NAV doesn’t really contribute a whole lot besides being a decent feature, this would have done just as good without his contribution and probably would have been bigger but I mean it’s alright so I’m not complaining. The rest of this album is Eternal Atake and what I just talked about was LUV vs. The World 2 which was a good listening experience but I definitely liked Eternal Atake more but this was definitely solid and extremely entertaining also it made me feel how I felt when I listened to Eternal Atake the first time, happy.

14 new track on top of the 18 we already got to make a 32 track album full of nothing but good vibes, positive energy, aggression, feels, intergalactic production and absolutely well done features, this deluxe is one of my favorite deluxe versions and mixes well with the original material. I’m going to keep my score from the first one a week ago which was a perfect score, Uzi did it again. I can’t wait to see where Uzi will go to for his tour because if he comes to Raleigh I definitely have to see these songs live in concert because it would be legendary, this is bar far Uzi’s best work to date in my opinion.

Thank you for being here for another post, I appreciate you all immensely because the page is growing and I’m able to have fun doing what I genuinely love to do so thank you all very much for the support. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow, especially follow because I have 4 more posts on the way for this week that you don’t want to miss out on.

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