Post #68, March 14, 2020: The Heaven Or Hell Post

Don Toliver became known by fans of Travis Scott right after the release of ASTROWORLD with the track “Can’t Say”. Ever since then Don has been absolutely loved by many people and the question that has been asked since his feature on Travis Scott’s album was “When will he release his debut album?”, Don was on one of the biggest albums of 2018, on an Eminem album, on a label album with Travis Scott and the rest of the Cactus Jack crew, and was announced to be going on tour with The Weeknd all before releasing a debut album. All of that changes tonight though, we are here for Don Toliver’s debut album titled Heaven Or Hell and I have very high expectations for it so lets see if Don delivered and if he has a strong future ahead of him.

Heaven Or Hell by Don Toliver

I personally have been waiting on an album from Don Toliver for a while now and the time has come for us to hear his debut album. Don released a project back in 2018 titled Donny Womack which is something that I listen to from time to time, that was my first major listen to anything Don Toliver besides his feature on “Can’t Say”. I want to get right into the music so let’s start with the intro track. “Heaven Or Hell Intro” is a decent intro, it doesn’t really set the tone for what the rest of the album will be in my opinion because the rest of the album sounds better than this track but it ends very nicely with a little Houston touch to the beat to make it chopped and screwed. “Euphoria (feat. Travis Scott & Kaash Paige)” is the first real track that showed me what the rest of the album will sound like, very drugged out and borderline heartbroken is what I get from this track and some other tracks on this album, Travis and this Kaash artist really deliver great features to support Don on his debut, I want to say that this Kaash Paige artist is a new Cactus Jack signee? I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be upset to hear more from her because she really encapsulated the whole vibe and mood with this track. Now this next track is a track that I’ve been waiting on for SUCH A LONG TIME. I can’t stress to you all enough how much I’ve been waiting for this track “Cardigan”. When I first heard the snippet in the Travis Scott documentary I fell in love with it and actually memorized the hook before the release and it is now my favorite song and will be for a very long time, this track shows to me that Don is next up to take the crown for harmonies and melodies because he runs this track, I can’t express how much I love this track and also I’d like to say that this will be on my favorite songs of 2020 list, the ending to this track is gorgeous and spacey which is a sound that I expected to be on this album. The next track “After Party” continues my love for the album, this track right here is THE track, and what I mean is that this is the one for the mosh pits and the concerts, the energy is high, the tempo is high, and the way it makes me feel is unmatched compared to the rest of the album besides “Cardigan” obviously but this track is a close second. “Wasted” really brings the tone back down to where it was originally which was really drugged out and fairly calm which isn’t anything I can complain about because that’s what I love about Don, his ability to make darker and psychedelic themed music that resembles Travis but obviously while doing his own thing and putting a unique twist on it. “Can’t Feel My Legs” was the second major single for Don after “No Idea”, sort of a “what’s next” move for Don but when this initially released I didn’t like it that much but after I listened to it over and over I fell in love with it and falls perfectly with this on going theme we’ve gotten so far with the tracks before this one, I don’t have a whole lot to say because it isn’t new and I can’t share my feelings from my first listen since it was a while ago. “Candy” is probably my least favorite track for the reason that it doesn’t really start until about 2 and a half minutes into the track, I’m just left on edge for the whole track waiting for some sort of beat drop, the hook isn’t that catchy and doesn’t sound too good with the auto tune he uses but the guitar at the end of the track really saves it, nothing a killer electric guitar solo can’t save. The first thing I thought of when I saw the name of this track was the “Company” off of Drakes If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late project which features Travis Scott, these have no correlation but that’s what it reminded me of initially but this track “Company” is an interesting one for me too because I still have that feeling of “when will it start”, in the beginning he is really playing strong to this drugged out theme to the point where the music isn’t really starting at the times where it’s supposed to, this track for me starts just past 2 and a half minutes again but is definitely a better track than what “Candy” was. We already heard “Had Enough (feat. Quavo & Offset)” from the JACKBOYS project so I won’t speak much about it since I’ve already talked about it before. This next track got a lot of criticism for the feature. “Spaceship (feat. Sheck Wes)” got some hate for the Sheck Wes feature which I loved automatically during my first listen but I don’t see why people don’t like it because it’s what Sheck Wes does, hype tracks and hype verses, nothing more and nothing less but I really liked seeing this feature because they are both JACKBOYS and it’s good seeing them come together through Travis and making great music but this track is a definite favorite because the vibe it gives off is one of the best that fits in with the overall theme so far of this album. The last track (kind of) is “No Photos” and it really just does a good job concluding this amazing album, it has a catchy hook, great melodies and perfect harmonies and like I said it just does a good job maintaining the constant sound that we’ve gotten throughout the duration of this album. “No Idea” is no doubt Don Toliver’s biggest song and the thing that I love about it is that I was there when it released and when it wasn’t popular at all, it was such a good song and I was confused that it didn’t blow up but once it hit tik tok it blew up and made him more popular which was great to see and be apart of.

I think this is an amazing debut album from Don Toliver, he has had a fantastic come up and I am so ready to see where he goes from here on his own and with Travis because I definitely believe that as long as he is signed to Cactus Jack he will be just fine and the music will be a consistent thing. Don Toliver will be a Houston legend one day and I am super excited to be there for the journey, definitely one of my favorite artists out right now without a doubt. After listening to the album several times I feel good giving it a perfect score because he brought major heat for a debut album to let people know he isn’t playing around, it met all my expectations and then some, the production is fantastic, the vocals are everything I imagined they’d be, and honestly so much more so I feel great giving it a 10/10.

Thank you for being here for another week of posts. This will be my longest week of posts because I am doing 6 consecutive posts this week so I have high hopes for this week because we got great music and great content from myself so go ahead and follow now so you don’t miss out on any of it and also don’t forget to like and comment. See you tomorrow for the second post for the week.

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