Post #65, March 8, 2020: The Eternal Atake Post

It’s here. The album that has been teased for about the last 3 years, Eternal Atake the album has released. I had my doubts when Uzi said it was releasing soon but he proved me wrong, although this album was supposed to release next week on the 13th he decided to release it a week early which caught everyone off guard, I’m pretty sure no one saw this coming. After I listened to it I am here to give you my thoughts on the highly anticipated Eternal Atake.

Eternal Atake by Lil Uzi Vert

I don’t even know where to really start with this post because I’m writing out of pure excitement. Let’s talk about the history of Eternal Atake. About 3 years ago we got Luv Is Rage 2 which was a really good album in my opinion and is still an album that I listen to on the regular but after this release we got news of Eternal Atake and ever since then we got leaks, false release information, false hope, everything to keep us on edge with Eternal Atake. When Uzi was having his label situation with DJ Drama we all thought that this album was never going to release but thanks to Roc Nation they saved Uzi and made it so he would be able to release music again. After some fake release dates and constant hype for the album we got a release date and in classic Uzi fashion we needed up getting the album a week early. But what do I think about it?

The first thing that I want to say is that this is a concept album in my opinion and it’s pretty easy to tell. The concept is alien abduction, look at the cover art and the video that was released for the album a few days ago, there are small skits throughout the album that tell a story of “Uzi’s abduction” and the music plays into this theme super well because tracks like the first 6 have such a futuristic, out of the world, and spacey sound to them which like I said play a huge part in this little concept. This is what Uzi has been on for a while now, alien abduction and space, he has referenced these for a while now but this works extremely well for him because I feel that this has always been his style, really futuristic type beats, spacey production styles, and dark/ gritty production styles as well but this album really solidifies this thought of mine. But this does lead me into the production as a whole. The production on this album is hands down the best production he has ever had on an album, it is very experimental and engaging, it personally gets me extremely energized and in just a good mood, one of the best produced tracks in my opinion is “Silly Watch” simply for the piano arpeggio used in the beat, the constant piano riff is simple but is dark and gritty enough to where it mixes well with the base line and percussion to create a fantastic beat for Uzi to rap over, one of the best. Actually the first 6 tracks are my favorite, back to back to back, they are all so hard hitting and eccentric in their own ways which make me love them all individually. The other tracks on here all share common sounds like quick synths and sounds of lasers to promote more of that spacey feel throughout the duration of the album, I feel as if I’m being elevated to a different universe during this entire album which is what I expected. Another tracks production I love is “Prices” because of my initial listen, when I listened to it first I was saying to myself “I know this track, I’ve heard it before, where have I heard it before” and I had forgotten that this was the track Uzi said he sampled from Travis Scott’s “Way Back” off of Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight which is one of my favorite Travis Scott tracks of all time but the way Uzi used this sample is out of pure genius. The last track that stands out the most to me is obviously “P2”, if you payed attention to Uzi on social media talking about Eternal Atake you probably saw him say that there is an “XO Tour Lif3” Part 2 which is this “P2” track and I see what he tried to do on this track and I love him for it but “XO Tour Lif3” has over 1.2 billion streams on Spotify. Please let that sink in, over 1.2 billion streams just on Spotify. That track was a highlight for so many people for the music during the 2010-2019 decade and him trying to “recreate” it is almost impossible, this is why I’m saying “recreate” loosely because I just think he wants to look back on the track and try to remember the joy it brought people. The production style is the same in so many ways and is produced by the same produced TM88 but this track is a fantastic way to end the long awaited album (not including the bonus tracks).

The way Uzi raps just makes me happy. Nothing more to it, it makes me extremely happy because I was there to see him blow up, I myself along with millions of others have been there from the beginning and have seen the hate he has gotten but he IS the voice and the image of the youth if you ask me. Uzi makes happy music and music that just makes you feel good and head bop aggressively. But it isn’t just his rapping that I love on this album, his harmonies are perfect as always but I feel that they stand out more than ever on this album, more specifically on tracks 7-12, these tracks are a little slower and more harmony built that rap which works well for Uzi because he’s never been good sticking to one way of doing things so this is great to see. Uzi hasn’t always been the most lyrical rapper but does has his moments, especially on this album, there are plenty of times where he spits some decent bars especially on the track “POP” his flow is extremely quick and he slides some good bars and punchlines in there as well. “P2” is full of deep subliminal meanings just like “XO Tour Lif3”, nice rapping flows as well and perfect harmonies. Lil Uzi vs. The World is my favorite Uzi project but this comes in at a very close second.

I think that this has potential to be his best work yet, it starts off very strong with super high energy beats then goes into a more personal and vulnerable state then closes out with some “typical” Uzi tracks, nothing outstanding but just normal Uzi tracks in my opinion, this album is all over the place in a good way and leave such a good impression on me and leaves me extremely satisfied which doesn’t happen often with highly anticipated albums. Albums like this where it was long awaited and hyped up often fail to make me happy because they never meet expectations, the last album that was long awaited and highly anticipated was ASTROWORLD and how I felt after listening to that album is how I feel right now after listening to Eternal Atake. I can say that without a doubt this will be the album we all look back on when we’re old and say was one of the best albums of the New School of rap. It may be hated on at first but it’s appreciation will increase as time goes on but I’m glad that it took 3 years to release because it was well worth it, such a fantastic album.

Now to close this post out I will say this, out of the 18 tracks I only didn’t like 1 track and that was “Urgency (feat. Syd)” I just didn’t like how it sounded that’s all, too much auto tune for my liking but besides that I think all these tracks are hits. There are so many reasons to why I think this album is 10/10. It is perfect because it sticks to the theme of outer space and alien abduction from start to finish, it’s weird and complex in its own way, there is a genius is the sound Uzi promotes on this album, Uzi sounds more mature and refined on this album, there are countless reasons for why this is a perfect album but I can’t go on forever so if you want to talk about it to me then comment or follow my socials.

Thank you for being here with me to review Eternal Atake, my 2020 predictions are coming true slowly, I can’t wait to see what other highly anticipated album releases next. But as always like, comment, and follow the page for more fantastic content from myself, see you tomorrow.

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