Post #63, March 2, 2020: The My Turn Post

When I got the news that Lil Baby was releasing a new album I took a second and sighed because I wasn’t really ready to listen to a new Lil Baby album but I knew I had to. Then I saw that it was 20 tracks long and it made me want to not listen to it more because I don’t think I could listen to Lil Baby 20 tracks straight. I do think Lil Baby is good and a very entertaining artist but there is something about him making a 20 track album that turns me off from wanting to listen to it but for the sake of this blog I listened to it and I have my thoughts poured out into writing ready for you to read.

My Turn by Lil Baby

I honestly was not expecting much from this album, if anything I expected it to be bad or a decent album at most. Before listening to this album I seemed to forget just how impressive his come up was in the rap game, he released 5 projects in 2017 and 3 in 2018 which were 3 major albums of 2018 in my opinion so I whole heartedly feel that he earned his spot in rap, without a doubt, you don’t have to like Lil Baby’s music but I think everyone should respect the hard work he put in to be a famous rapper because I know I respect him. For this post I will go over some aspects of the album that I think were mastered perfectly and some things I think could use some criticism, this album doesn’t have too many things to critique, I think it is a really solid album but since it is a 20 track album I will go over things fairly quick. Starting with the production, then the features, and ending with the impact.

There are plenty of producers who worked on this album, producers like Quay Global, Murda Beatz, Twysted Genius, Tay Keith, Wheezy, just to name a few. Some of these producers have the most credits on here and produce some of my favorite tracks. The production isn’t anything new for Baby for the reason that he is a trap rapper, he came up rapping over trap beats and that’s what he continues to do on this album but what I would say that these are glorified trap beats and what I mean is that they are very high produced trap beats which is a common thing to do with trap rappers that blow up and become mainstream like Baby. The beat selection is fantastic in my opinion, he chose beats that perfectly fit his style on this album. I do love certain moments during the production of the album like the whistle implemented on “Grace (feat. 42 Dugg)” and the aggression on “Live Off My Closet (feat. Future)”. There isn’t a clear pattern with the production style or an overall theme but Baby gets his point across through the production and uses it to his advantage to show why it is his turn like the title of the album claims.

One thing that is crucial to the success of an artists album is the utilization of the features they have on the album. Lil Baby uses all of his features to his advantage which is something you don’t see as often as you should, the features all impress me and play a huge part in the final rating of the album. Some of my favorite features on here obviously has to start with Gunna, Lil Baby and Gunna have taken over the rap game with their consistent collaboration, we got some of the best features of 2018-2019 from these two and a collaborative album from the two in 2018 so this is definitely a collaboration I always want to see. The artist 42 Dugg’s feature really turned me off when I first heard it but as I went back through the album I started to feel it and enjoy it so this is on the list for some of my favorite features because there is just something about his voice that sounds super good on this track. The Future feature is perfect because the chemistry between the two is on 10. Whenever I see Future featured on a track it never really ends well for me because I never enjoy it but his feature on “Live Out My Closet” is fantastic and definitely a highlight for this album. I would like to say that this track is my favorite track, “Commercial (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)”, Uzi can’t deliver a bad feature in my opinion and he absolutely dominates his feature and this track as a whole, he did amazing. My last favorite feature is from Moneybagg Yo on the track “No Sucker”. Moneybagg had a really good album at the very beginning of the year and is another collaborator that Lil Baby works with occasionally that I enjoy to hear from. He delivers a good energy on this track that matches and even goes toe to toe with Lil Baby’s energy, great track over all. Like I said, the features on this album are all really good and all play to the final rating. This album is a good example of how people should use their features, there aren’t too many features, all the features are well delivered, they all help Baby instead of hurting him which happens a lot, all in all these features are a bit highlight for the album.

I can totally see this album being the album that Lil Baby fans say is his best even later down the line in his discography. This is a really good and solid album, there are a lot of track that will get you hype and energized as they should but one track really impressed me because of the meaning behind the track. “Emotionally Scared” clearly talks about his life being in the occupation that he is in and dealing with fortune, fame, fake love, etc. this is a really well written track and taps into his emotional side which I personally want to see more of from Lil Baby because this is definitely one of my favorite tracks and really uses a good deal of pathos through his words, he taps into the listeners emotions by sharing his own unfortunate events in the past which is great to see from an artist like Lil Baby. I think the tracks give a lot of clarification and support behind the title of the album “My Turn”, I can definitely agree to the statement of it being Lil Baby’s turn in the rap game and for success.

This was a very enjoyable listen, I liked about 15/20 tracks, the production was an easy 10 for me, the use of his features was perfectly executed, The structure of the album was good, and the overall aesthetic of the album is clean and positive. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about the album except for the fact that it was a little too long for my liking but I like the majority of the tracks so it evens itself out, the amount of enjoyment I got from these tracks balances for the album length and run time so I’m not concerned about this negative with the album. My Turn is really good and definitely exceeded my expectations by a long shot, next time I will set my expectations high to see if he can deliver another great album. I will rate this an easy 8/10.

Thank You for coming back this week for some more posts. This will start the beginning of March which will be a very busy month but I’m ready to push this reviews out quick and better than the last. Every month since October I’ve increased my view count and I want to see if we can keep it up and do the same for the month of March. If you know someone that would enjoy these posts and this page then share it with them, like the page, comment some thoughts you have, and just follow the page. See you all tomorrow for another post.

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