Post #62, February 26, 2020: The Anyways Post

Young Nudy is an artist that’s gotten me into many arguments with some close friends because I don’t like him but all my friends really love his music. When I do these reviews I always like to have an unbiased opinion but when I review something new from an artist who I don’t typically like I do an unbiased review so I can give them a fair chance and I also have the idea that their new project could be completely different because that’s what happens with music. I’ve tried to like his music and I wont lie I do like a few songs off his last album Sli’mierre but thats about it for me. Just like A Boogie Wit da Hoodie I want to like Young Nudy but there is something about him that prevents me to do so, but, A Boogie had a fantastic album and I am now a fan, I hope that is the outcome here and I have high hopes.

Anyways by Young Nudy

So before I listened to this album I didn’t have any expectations as of what I wanted from this album but I was hoping that this would be the album where I finally like Young Nudy because it has become obvious to me that I’m one of the only people I know that doesn’t like his music. When I tried to listen to his music in the past I would automatically be turned off because his voice wasn’t something I found entertaining, it is unique I will give him that but it was annoying to me in a way. His rapping style isn’t anything new or the subject matter isn’t anything creative or anything that hasn’t been rapped about before but it is his voice and the way he flows which makes him popular and liked my many people. I have almost nothing negative to say about this album which is a shocker to me, I only have positives except for two songs that I genuinely didn’t like. Tracks “I Won’t Flex“ and “Marathon” just didn’t sound good to me, I can’t totally put my finger on what it is exactly but these two tracks sound a little repetitive or the flow just doesn’t match so well with everything else going on in the instrumental, other than these two tracks I like the entire album and only have positives to say so let’s talk about those.

I don’t want to go through track by track and explain why I like it because I like the other 14 tracks for all the same reasons, because they make me feel good. At no time during the other 14 tracks did I feel the urge to skip or to not enjoy it, I genuinely enjoyed the whole thing because it just made me feel happy and put me in a mood of enjoyment. About the first 5 tracks in particular are really good and made me feel the happiest because Nudy just has fun and enjoys himself on these tracks. His voice is a key factor to me feeling this way because his voice is very unique which makes him sound carefree and extremely calm almost always, he isn’t aggressive, monotone, extravagant, he is very relaxed and mellow while he raps and this is what I wanted from him on his past projects, this sounds completely different from his other projects that I tried to listen to and I can tell it sounds different because I like this project and not any of his past projects because of his voice. Another thing that is a huge positive is the production, the production is mainly produced by 20 Rocket and Coupe who are two producers that I’ve never heard of before but I really want to hear more from them because that capture that perfect “bubble gum type beat” style that fits Nudy PERFECTLY. The production on all these tracks are made so well to fit Young Nudy’s way of rapping and his voice, they are really relaxed and mellow, just like Nudy’s voice. These beats are not anything over the top but at the same time they aren’t anything to simple, they are constructed well enough to where these are respectable beats which is a good in between especially for whom they are producing for. This production style does remind me a lot of the beats off Nudy’s last album, mainly because it was Pi’erre Bourne produced and he mastered this style of producing but they are very light hearted, bright and colorful beats. I just want to say this real quick, some of these beats remind me of the Rugrats, I’m not sure but that’s the vibe I get from some of the production on this album. I am very happy with what I was given as far as music goes and content, this is a very good album for the reason that I liked 14/16 tracks on here and that I didn’t like Nudy prior to this album but I can definitely say I like him now because he proved himself to me on this project.

Like I said, this album made me feel happy, relaxed, and just put me in a really good mood. The production is perfect for Nudy and is good production in general, his voice doesn’t annoy me like it used to, his flows are perfect for someone like him and just the whole vibe of the project is great. I would rate this a smooth 8/10. Extremely bright, joyful and carefree album from Young Nudy and I am definitely excited to see if he can keep this up with future releases.

Thank you for being here with me for the final post of February. February has been a super busy month and I’m happy for it, each month the traffic on this blog keeps increasing which makes me super happy but let’s keep it going up, share this page around and keep liking and commenting. Thank you all for the support and I’m ready for March.

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