Post #60, February 20, 2020: The Pop Smoke Remembrance Post

Just like the Juice WRLD remembrance post it is currently late at night as I am writing this. Earlier yesterday February 19, 2020 the rapper known as Pop Smoke passed away due to a fatal gun shot wound during a home robbery. When I saw the news I was very shocked and upset for this unfortunate event and just like the Juice WRLD’s passing I decided to do a post on this to show my appreciation for Pop Smoke and to share/pay my respects with you all. Post’s like these are obviously never planned so they are as raw as they will ever be, fueled by pure emotion.

Bashar Barakah Jackson aka Pop Smoke

This will be a quick and to the point post because posts like these really make me upset to make.

If you follow the page then you know that I just did a review on Meet The Woo 2 which unfortunately started my list for the worst albums of 2020, my opinion still stands on the album and how I feel and should not be taken as any sort of hate, I just couldn’t make any positive connections with the music I was given as the consumer. I still think it was a really bad project, it had some highlights like “Invincible”, “Christopher Walking”, “Element” and a few off the deluxe version that I obviously didn’t talk about but as a whole I did say that it sounded all the same but I finished my review up with saying that I know and see why people love him. I see why he was popular, he was super entertaining on tracks he made and as a person. My first time listening to him was just 2 months ago off of JACKBOYS and “GATTI (feat. Pop Smoke)” which I thought was one of the better tracks off the album itself. I don’t have much to say about his career because he has only been mainstream for about 4-6 months and doesn’t have a huge discography. I clearly was not a fan of his work but I get why he was so popular, he reminded me of 50 cent but a younger version of him which if an artist is going to sound like anyone from the older generation I think 50 cent is the person to sound like because he is a living legend. I wish I could talk more about Pop Smoke but I don’t want to sound like a fake fan who all of a sudden loves an artist because they pass, if I didn’t like the music then, then I wont like it now or try to like it because I don’t want to disrespect true Pop Smoke fans. This is a tragedy in the music world without a doubt and it is good to see all the artists sharing their thoughts and coming together but like I said, I am sorry for not saying much on his music, I don’t know much about it besides some singles and Meet The Woo 2, that will finish this part of the post.

This part of the post is more about the social issues behind his death. I would like to think and believe that Lil Peep’s death started this streak of young artists loosing their lives way too early because before that it wasn’t as consecutive as it is now in my opinion. I will be completely honest with you all, when I saw the news early yesterday I said to myself out loud “wow that was fast”. This wasn’t meant with any disrespect but I was shocked that I said that but realized that it is true, we just got done with Juice WRLD’s death, and Kobe and his daughter (I know they aren’t music related but it was still a traumatic loss) and now were back with another young life gone way too soon. Due to gun violence as well which makes it worse. I feel terrible for the fans of Pop Smoke, the friends, and especially the family of Bashar Jackson. I read somewhere that TMZ broke the news before the family knew and people are torn up over that information and want TMZ shut down because they did the same thing with Kobe. All in all I am pretty shaken up over this death all though I wasn’t a fan or anything like that but the reason why I’m torn up about this is because it is another young black creative mind gone due to something preventable and due to someone else’s selfish needs. This is a very unfortunate event in the music world and all we can do is send good energy to the friends and family and to pray for them, also to hope this stops.

Like I said numerous times throughout this post, I don’t mean to disrespect Pop Smoke or any true fans of his, I didn’t want to be a fake fan, I wanted to be honest and to share my opinion because that’s what I do here.

I will finish this post by saying Rest In Peace Pop Smoke, Rest In Peace Big Woo, W.I.P., and Rest In Peace Bashar Barakah Jackson, you will be missed my millions, take care of New York from heaven.

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