Post #59, February 19, 2020: The STOP STARING AT THE SHADOWS Post

The $uicideBoy$ have been a group that I discovered around mid 2017-18 through their breakout hits “Paris”, “Kill Yourself (Part III)”, “$outh $ide $uicide”, and more. This duo has been extremely consistent with projects that have insane amounts of song’s all within months to a year between each other but they just aren’t as popular as I feel that they should be. Listening to rap and keeping my eye on it for the majority of my music listening time I have noticed this small group of artists that are still underground but have mainstream numbers, also, their fan base is almost like a cult following. I’ve tapped in and out of the $uicideBoy$ so I don’t really know what to expect with this album but I’m sure it will be good either way, I plan on feeling sad, depressed, and overcomplicated by the end of this review so lets get into it.


This duo is made up of Ruby da Cherry and $crim (Scrim) [left to the right of the cover art]. These two come from New Orleans, Louisiana and are in fact cousins who decided to come together and create music. Like I said, I discovered these two a few years ago with some viral hits they released and through these tracks I dove deep into their current discography at the time because I thought that they were extremely different and interesting. I stopped listening to them because I just got lost with all the music they would release. Towards the end of 2018 they had released their debut album titled I Want to Die in New Orleans which I got to listen to a little bit of but got fairly positive reviews from what I heard and saw.

After my first listen I could tell that my expectations were not going to be met. This album is more hype and upbeat than anything, this isn’t bad but it wasn’t what I expected, I expected this to be more sad, personal, and depressing so that’s where I was wrong and ultimately surprised during the time I finished the Album.

There are a lot of good qualities of this album which I will discuss later on but I want to touch on something that I have a problem with first. My main problem with the album is the fact that I can’t understand about 80% of what they rap about. This won’t help them with my final rating in all honesty. In my opinion this is the only “bad” thing about this album but even then if you think about it from a different perspective then it isn’t that bad, the perspective is that they’re using their voices to implement more to the production and to the track as a whole, almost like Young Thug in a way. Like I said, this isn’t the worst thing but also doesn’t help them in the long run.

I have a small list of some of the things I enjoy about this album starting off with the production. The style of production they use on this album is very fitting for their personas, it is dark, gritty, and ambient at times. This type of production is extremely active during tracks like “All Dogs Go To Heaven“, “[whispers indistinctly]”, “MEGA ZEPH”, “Putrid Pride”, “That Just Isn’t Empirically Possible”, and “F*ck Your Culture”. About all the tracks have this style of production but these are where it is more prominent and stands out the most, this is something I was expecting from them, a dark atmosphere with their music. Some tracks end with a little chop and screw effect which I absolutely love, this was a great implementation to their production if you were to ask me. Another thing that I enjoy and have seen through the years of them creating music is this thing they do with their voices, primarily with Ruby da Cherry, he will scream or shout into the microphone while recording but after editing and mixing they turn down the volume of his shouting so it becomes ambient background vocals which is a really good tactic to invoke more emotion to the track. This tactic is used on several tracks and the track that this is used on happen to be tracks I enjoy more among the rest. Something else I noticed and enjoyed is their versatility. During my first listen I was confused because I heard all these different voices but didn’t see any features, after researching the credits of the tracks to see who the vocalists and composers were I found out that it is just them two the entire album. They use their voices perfectly on this album, for example they will deepen their voices, rap in a higher pitch voice, scream, mumbling their words, etc. I thought that there were a lot of different features on this album but turns out that it was just the two of them. One other thing I enjoy is the clear influence that they have in their music, since they both are from New Orleans they have influence from Lil Wayne which isn’t a surprising thing to see nowadays since everyone seems to be influenced by him but they actually sample him on the track “Bizarro”. They also have a clear metal influence which is also another common theme with rap nowadays, on track “MEGA ZEPH” they rub this influence off in the form of very aggressive and impressive screams, I personally don’t mind the mix of rap and metal because I love aggression in the music I listen to so thats why I appreciate artists like these two. There is not a whole lot more that I like about this album, that’s about it honestly, the production is well done and emulates the artists, it is dark, ambient, eerie, gritty, and the vocals match this style of production very well, I like the subject matter for some of the tracks, they talk about their past, their future, come up, etc. and they also show off their versatility on this a lot which again is something impressive but I just cant hear anything they say to be honest.

I enjoyed this listening experience, I listed what I thought I would expect with this album and my expectations weren’t met but they were exceeded and were actually the opposite. I thought I was going to be sad and depressed but it’s the opposite, I feel aggressive and hyped up. I will rate this album a 6/10, it isn’t bad but it also isn’t the best thing ever, the lack of pronunciation took off a lot of points but maybe this will be something they’ll change next time.

Thank you all again for a great week this week. There will be a small amount of releases this week but they will be great and ill be here right away to deliver you all the best content around. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and follow.

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