Post #58, February 18, 2020: The Changes Post

Justin Bieber has been popular all throughout my life, but as a kid all I remember was that all the girls loved him and all the guy hated him so I’ve never gotten to really listen to his music or to him besides features from some rappers I like. I personally don’t know what to expect besides a good energy, good vibes, and just a good time in general. I went through the track list prior to listening to Changes and I like what I see so far as far the features go. It has been about 5 years since Justin’s last album so I am ready to dissect this album and to give you all my opinion’s on this new Justin album.

Changes by Justin Bieber

So right off the bat after my first listen I was right about what I said about the good energy and this album providing a good time for me. These tracks are all very light hearted and easy going on the production, I can’t think of any tracks that are like this in particular because they area ll similar in one way or another, easy on the drums, occasionally some smooth and quiet synths, easy on the high hats and claps, and light on the vocals which shows off his ability to sound vulnerable. “Come Around Me” is a good example of what I described above, it is a calming song all the way through but one thing that i like is when artists implement real world sounds into their production, for example, crickets, fireworks, rain, traffic, etc. Justin uses a FaceTime call to end this track which is a great touch. A certain thing that caught me by surprise was Quavo’s feature on the track “Intentions (feat. Quavo)”, if you’ve been following this page for a while then you know that Quavo is my least favorite Migos member for several reasons but he has a very quick appearance on this track and I don’t mind it in all honesty, I think it suits everything very well. Something I enjoy about this album is the “bubblegum rap” beat selection Justin uses on some of these tracks, very light hearted beats, fun sounds, up beat, careless energy, bubblegum rap is 2016 Lil Yachty, older Playboi Carti, Tobi Lou, listen to some of this music and you’ll understand what I mean by “bubblegum rap”, but this track has that style of production and so does “Yummy”, as a matter of fact when i first heard “Yummy” I thought it sounded like “Buff Baby” by Tobi Lou, if you don’t know that song then listen to it and let me know what you think, the synths and the choice of key board sound the same, but “Yummy” was the lead single and has grown on me immensely, I think its a good and fun track, also i think the Summer Walker remix is alright, nothing crazy in my opinion. “Forever (feat. Post Malone & Clever)” was a disappointment in my opinion, these features weren’t used that well, I thought that Post Malone’s part was decent but could have been so much better and I was super surprised that Clever made it on Justins album, I’m surprised because Clever is still a very new artist who isn’t that well known still but his vocals on here are a little weird to me, he goes over the top which doesn’t work in his favor. I see what they tried to do with this track but the execution wasn’t that well played out. Now, this next track made me extremely mad. “Running Over (feat. Lil Dicky)” has a very nice beat and fits the whole style of the production that we’ve gotten so far, light hearted, not abrasive but very relaxing. Justin’s part is very good and would make this track one of my favorite, only if Lil Dicky wasn’t on here. You see, Ski Mask the Slump God was originally supposed to be on this track. His feature was leaked and I got a chance to listen to it and it was amazing, he fit so well on this track with Justin and would have made this track more interesting in my opinion. Lil Dicky had a decent verse but it’s not comparable to Ski Mask if you were to ask me. “Take It Out On Me” is one of my favorite because I think it is a really fun song, the production fits really well for Justin, he really sings and harmonizes well over this beat and also I like the message of the song as a whole, this seems like a constant theme so far with the album, his relationship with his wife. “Second Emotion (feat. Travis Scott)” is great in my opinion, not even for the Travis Scott feature which I think is alright but the production is a very Travis Scott type beat and actually sounds like a track I’ve heard by travis before which I believe is titled “Left Cheek Right Cheek”, the similarity is the mandolin usage in the production, very nice instrument implementation in the production but this Travis feature isn’t the best but also isn’t terrible, I would definitely count this as a win though as far as Travis and Justin collaborations go. “E.T.A.” is my number 1 favorite track on Changes and the reason for me saying this is because of the guitar usage in the production, it is so soothing and relaxing but his vocals are what make this track amazing, Justin shows off his pitch on this track and it is so enjoyable. The title track “Changes” is a really good track, he is obviously talking about/to his wife with lyrics saying “so I can be the best for you, that’s all I want to do” and I really like this track for that reason, he gets very personal with this track for his wife, his vulnerability mixed with his harmony is infectious and appreciated. Justin really shows off his vocals on “That’s What Love Is” he really gets up there with his pitch which is really impressive and never gets old in my opinion, he has always been able to show off his pitch but it is still an amazing thing to hear after all these years but he also keeps the wife talk going with this track. The last track is only two and a half minutes and is a good closer to the album, not much is here in this track except for some very strong vocals but besides that nothing really stands out all that much with the closing track.

Changes is the 5th studio album from Justin Bieber and has a clear theme of “changes” and his life after meeting his wife. This theme of his love for her is on several tracks and is a topic I talk about throughout the album review. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this album, I thought it was a really well done album, the lyrics are strong and meaningful, the vocals are perfectly orchestrated and executed, the production is on par with everything else and is constructed to show the amount of vulnerability with Justin and his voice, this is a very enjoyable album in my opinion. I would say that I don’t like four tracks, at most. I would rate this album a good 7/10, possibly an 8/10 but I would have to let it sit longer with me. Like I said I think it is great, the message is great, production, lyrics, all that but on top of all this, Changes is technically the first ever Justin Bieber album I listened to so it is a good album for my first real listen to one of his albums.

Thank You for being here once again for another post, there is one more scheduled to g up tomorrow and that will finish the music for this past week, we have more in the upcoming weeks which I’m excited to share about, until then.

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