Post #57, February 17, 2020: The Slow Rush Post

Tame Impala has been a group that i just recently discovered with their track “Less I Know the Better” which i think is a wonderful track but i never though of going back to their previous albums, i wanted to wait for this album because when i started listening to them they announced this album which i thought was sort of a win win situation for me. I genuinely like what I have heard so far so hopefully the album resembles what we’ve gotten up until now, I expect to be brought to another place through the music, almost like a feeling of transcendence through the music. I have very high hopes for this album but hopefully Tame Impala delivers.

The Slow Rush by Tame Impala

The Slow Rush has some of the best production i have heard in a little while which is great in my opinion because that’s what i feel their sound is consisted of, strong production but lack luster lyrics. After listening to the album the production clearly outshines the actual lyrics which isn’t always a bad thing but isn’t the best, at least the listener is making a connection with something instead of nothing. “One More Year” has a really enjoyable instrumental, i really enjoy the choppiness effect that was placed over the beat, it suits well with Kevin Parkers voice. But the way i’m not familiar with the artists that make up Tame Impala except Kevin Parker. I personally like the albums production as a whole, it is really ambient and spacey which is a production style that i am familiar with through being a fan of Travis Scott who has collaborated with Kevin before, some tracks on ASTROWORLD have production credits from Kevin like “Astrothunder” and “Skeletons” I believe. These two tracks off ASTROWORLD are some of my favorite produced tracks because of the way it makes me feel, there is an element of nothingness that fills up the track and moves the listener. That same effect is apparent on this Tame Impala album but intensified in my opinion. Tracks like “Borderline”, “Posthumous Forgiveness”, “Tomorrow’s Dust” and others rely on a very modern style of synthesizers, they don’t sound too 70s pop but sound more so recent if you were to ask me but thats what makes this album amazing because while they use a modern style of synths they are also making their synths to sound like it came out of a 70s pop track or a vintage blockbuster movie, this is apparent in tracks like “Breath Deeper” which has a really funky synth keys throughout the second half of the track which is such an amazing touch. Then on “Lost In Yesterday” we get synths to sound almost laser like, this is a very small detail but it noticeable to me because i am trying to find every small detail behind these beats. They make the instrumentals so layered and detailed which is why they are so enjoyable and perfect to me. “It Might Be Time” is one of my favorite tracks because their choice of synths in this track resemble a lot of Kill Bill with the repeated high pitch synth key then low pitch synth key throughout parts of the beat. This track also has some of the best percussion out of the whole album and some of the best drums I’ve heard in a while. I am super impressed with the construction of this instrumental, it has parts of pure ambience then parts when the instrumental is in your face and super abrasive. Then there are tracks like “Glimmer” where it is purely instrumental in my opinion, the vocals are very hard to hear and almost just blend in with the surrounding instrumental but have a very nice vocal effect on them where they are molded into the production as if it was another instrument they put into the construction of the beat which is something i admire about artists when they do this. This album has a lot of highs and not a lot of lows, the production is top tier and does what i wanted it to do, it brings me to a different place mentally. I love listening to music and lyrics but sometimes its good to feel the music without paying attention to whats being said and thats what i did with this album, i enjoyed the instrumentals and the production more than the actual lyrics mainly for the reason that I can’t understand what is being said the majority of the time but at least my connection was made through the psychedelic style of production. My first few listens were dedicated to my listening experience, dissecting the instrumental and having it make a connection with me. After these few listens i went back to make a connection with the lyrics which was difficult to do but I ended up enjoying most of the lyrics, most impactful was “Posthumous Forgiveness” the lyrics and the vocals ride the production so well as if they were glued together, still, he doesn’t say much but it is extremely catchy and enjoyable, the production and the vocals both. I think i said everything i wanted to say about this album and the production style, like i said before, I love the production style, it is my literal bread and butter, it is ambient at times, transcending, spacey, psychedelic, tripped out, and super infectious. All throughout my listening experience i found how easy it would be to press play or shuffle and let all the songs play which is something i wish i could do to all albums but sadly it is a select few but I’m glad to say that The Slow Rush is one of those albums.

One thing i would like to add that isn’t totally about the music is the reoccurring theme of Time. I didn’t pay much attention to the “roll out” of the album which is basically the promotion before the release so i don’t know if this was an intended theme or just a subliminal stunt they did with the album. I noticed this because of all the time references throughout the album starting off with the title The Slow Rush and tracks like “One More Year”, “Instant Destiny”, “Tomorrow’s Dust”, “Lost In Yesterday”, “It Might Be Time”, and “One More Hour”, half the tracks titles have something to do with time and the cover art is of a room filled with sand to show just how slow time can move for it to fill an entire room with sand. The title of the album is a play on words too, the title is a clear oxymoron for time. Slow and Rush are clearly opposites which in my opinion was a great thing to do with the title of the album.

I said everything i wanted to say about this album and now it is time to give my final thoughts and rating. I think this album exceeded my expectations, i had a feeling it was going to be good but not this good, i really love this album and could say that i love all the songs on here, maybe for the exception of two tracks but even then they are still good to me. I would give this nothing under a 9/10 rating, i have to listen to it more but that wont change my mind about how good i think it is. I think Tame Impala gained a new fan and i will definitely explore more of their recent albums when i have any free time.

Thank you for being here yet again for another post by me. This week is such a great week for music and I can’t wait to finish it with you all here. Let me know what you think about The Slow Rush or about these reviews, see you all back here for tomorrow post. Like, Comment, Share.

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