Post #55, February 12, 2020: The Meet The Woo 2 Post

I will start off by saying i think i will have mixed emotions about this album, i am excited to talk about it but at the same time i feel that i will have strongly disappointed opinions at the end of this. I hope to take something good out of this album or from the New York artist and somewhat of an overnight sensation known as Pop Smoke. I already have mixed emotions on Pop Smoke but lets see if this project solidifies any opinion i have on him, good or bad.

Meet The Woo 2 by Pop Smoke

Starting off this post I will say that it’ll be one of my shorter posts because after listening to the project I found that it is boring, lack luster, repetitive, borderline annoying after about 4 songs, and just not entertaining. I only like about 3 song which I will talk about but the rest of this post will be about what I don’t like about the album and what could be done to change it.

The first track on this album titled “Invincible“ would be my 3rd time listening to a Pop Smoke track and gives me a good idea of what the rest of the album will sound like, this is a good opener and I wasn’t upset with this, I like the beat, the aggressive tone on his voice, good opener. “Get Back” is possibly the only song on here that doesn’t sound like the same for the reason that the flow is very different compared to the rest, it is a faster flow that keeps up with the tempo of the beat which is a plus for this album, that is about it but it isn’t a bad flow in my opinion. One of the lead singles that was released before the release of this album is one of the tracks I like which is called “Christopher Walking”, when this released I didn’t want to listen to it until I listened to the rest of the album because I wanted to see if it would sound the same as the rest or not, it does, but the thing I like about this track relies more so on the production than anything, it has a sense of ambience with the use of the high pitch synth cords in the background of the beat which is a lovely touch. For the last song that I genuinely enjoyed and loved in all honesty would be the track “Element”, this is because for some reason it reminds me of an old 50 cent track, the beat is well structured and he flows really well on this track, not too many of his typical ad-libs, very nice track and the best track on here in my opinion.

I heard a lot of bad things about this album and I wanted to wait until I listened to it to form an opinion and not to form one based off other people’s influence but after listening to it I can easily say that this is the first album of the year to make a place on my worst albums of 2020 list. Pop Smoke relies too much on the same type of beat, raps the same on a lot of these tracks, has poorly timed ad-libs, uses his features to his disadvantage, extremely repetitive, etc. The track “Sweetheart (feat. Fivio Foreign)” is attrocious, hands down the worst song on this album. If Pop Smoke wants to be relevent in the future he should spend less time laughing, growling, coughing, and repeating himself and start actually saying words, dont even rap, just say things instead of making sounds. Pop Smoke showed to me that he has no longevity right now and will be forgotten by 2021, i hope the next time i listen to a project by him that its listenable.

I would much rather listen to a Lil Pump project or any Rich the Kid project but thats my opinion. I wouldn’t even give this a rating but if i had to i would say 2/10, it is just extremely bad to me and will top off my list for the worst albums of 2020.

Thank you ll for being here to finish up another week of reviews, i am blessed that next week will be another busy week so stay tuned for some more amazing posts within the next week. Until then you should follow the page if you haven’t followed yet and let me know what you think of TMT.

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