Post #54, February 11, 2020: The F**k The World Post

Brent Faiyaz is an artist that I have been interested in for a long time but never took the time to dive deep into his music. I have obviously heard singles from him here and there but never have i dug deep into his music. I do have high hopes for this album though, i hope this will make me want to go back to listen to his previous work.

F**k The World by Brent Faiyaz

So since this will be my first real listen to a Brent Faiyaz project i will start off by saying i’m not the biggest fan of RnB and i’ve always found it difficult to make connections to RnB albums because the context and whole message seems the same and repetitive to me but going into this album I didn’t want to generalize this album with the rest because there is always that chance that it will stand out or that i’ll genuinely like it so with all that said lets get into this album.

Starting off with “Skyline” like almost all the introduction tracks to an album this is a good start and sets the very sensual and somewhat narcissistic tone that will be a common theme throughout the album and also the production sets the precedent for what the other tracks will be like, a very low key and vibes out production style, almost resembling lo-fi hip hop to an extent. On the next track titled “Clouded” he carries the theme of very chill production and a very harmonious style of singing which blends well in with the aesthetic of the tracks itself, this is relatively shorter than the rest but still implements some of that good feeling attributes. “Been Away” is one of my favorite tracks for one major reason, the production, this track reminds me of a track off of Offsets most recent album titled “Don’t Lose Me”, in that song there is a repeating cricket sample which makes up the beat and on “Been Away” there is also a cricket sample which is one of the biggest things i find enjoyable about this album, this track is extremely relaxing and is a perfect RnB track in my opinion, it is slow, have great lyrics, and a smooth but very enjoyable beat behind the vocals. Another one of my favorite tracks on here is “F**k The World (Summer in London)” it is a very sensual track, one of the most sensual tracks as a matter of fact but the low key vibe is what does a lot for me on this track especially when he drum line comes in 2 minuets into the song, very slow paced but adds to the confidence of what this track is. On the track “Let Me Know” we get the sad story of his experience of lacking self love and how he can get answers to gain that self love people say he doesn’t have, the repetitive chorus has the power to resinate with a lot of listeners for the soul purpose that this is a very common theme in society, great song writing skills on this track, also the vocals are prominent on this track. The overall theme of this album stretches into the next track obviously, “Soon Az I Get Home” is one of those sensual tone driven tracks but shortly ending with a very impressive string section of a orchestra is what it sounds like, this is a fantastic touch to the song and the overall album. “Rehab (Winter In Paris)” is another one of my favorite tracks for the strong Jazz influence throughout the song with the Bass guitar repeated in the construction of the beat, mixed well with his lyrics about a certain girl that stands out among the rest for her sexual tendencies and also this song has a very nice and well timed beat. “Bluffin” gives me strong 90s RnB feelings from the RnB that i’ve heard from back in the day, I don’t have much to say besides what i’ve said already about the other tracks, it also has a strong sense of nostalgia in my opinion. “Lost Kids Get Money” has probably one of the more upbeat instrumentals in my opinion, he flows super well on this track and his vocals are on 10 in my opinion, very talented artist and thing I’ve noticed with him is his versatility, he has a fantastic vocal range thats used on other tracks and can speed up his flow with ease just like on this track. For the final track “Make It Out” we get a short 30 second track that isn’t filled with much of anything except some slight pitched up vocals from Brent which is a nice outro to this album.

This album genuinely surprised me, i didn’t think i would enjoy it as much as i do honestly, this is a very very nice album, one of the better RnB albums I’ve heard in a while, it has a sensual undertone mixed with narcissism and confidence which is such a great way to sound when making this type of music. I would rate this a strong 9/10 or a perfect score of 10/10, i feel great about this album every time i listen to it but i do need more time dissecting it but after listening to this I think i want to go back and listen tot other albums from him.

Thank you again for being here again for another post, if you haven’t followed this page yet then go ahead and do yourself the pleasure of following it, share this page with someone, anyone and i’ll be back tomorrow with another post for you all.

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