Post #53, February 10, 2020: The UNLOCKED Post

Thursday night around 12 at midnight i was recovering from a tough day. I have my day job which consumes a lot of my time so when I come home on Thursday nights I obviously look forward to new music. I can not express to anyone how excited and in disbelief i was in when i saw that this album released. A surprise album from one of my favorite artists and favorite producers. This post will be a lot of fun to make because of the content that I’m being given. Nothing more needs to be said, lets start this review.

UNLOCKED by Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats

Let me start off by saying that whenever i do a post on some of my favorite artists or producers i try not to be biased about what i write about, I try to have a clean slate in my mind when i listen to something new because there is always the chance that it can be terrible. After listening to this album just know that isn’t the case here, it is genuinely good all around.

There is nothing better than finding out one of your favorite rappers and producers made a collaboration album out of nowhere, this wasn’t advertised in any way before its release. So when we start off with “Track 01” i automatically got the strongest Wu-Tang Clan vibes, it has an old sample which gives off a little static then goes into this hard instrumental, Denzel is influenced by Wu-Tang obviously but the way this album starts off is insane to me. Kenny Beats shows off his skill on this opener and throughout the rest of the album. “Take_it_Back_v2” has that typical aggressive Denzel flow and crazy good bars, the lyricism is on point all throughout the album and on top of that the mixing and the samples used are what make this track even more entertaining. These two feed off of each other and it definitely shows on this track more than any other on here. The next track which is “Lay_Up.m4a” has the best hook on this album, Denzels flow is unmatched and this track proves why he is not comparable to anyone else in the rap game, he is in his own area and doing his own thing. For “Pyro (leak 2019)” I want to take a moment to say that a producer needs to properly know how to match their beats with the artist and for people who producer for Denzel it can be tough because he is so versatile and aggressive on his tracks so i have so much more respect for Kenny because he is meeting Denzel eye to eye with the production, these little excerpts from vintage recordings and tape pull everything together, the beat switches are top tier on this tape, the percussion and overall drum line is so impressive, Kenny is one of the best producers out now. This next track is very special to me, “DIET_” is one of the most aggressive tracks on this tape, and the thing i love about this track is his gradual increase in his aggressive voice, it starts off fairly calm then goes into this deep and angry voice which is what he does best. When i initially listened to this i was in shock because of all my time listening to music and dissecting the lyrics, cadence, vocals, production, etc. I’ve never heard anyone that sounds so much like DMX on a track. Denzel has a moment on here when he sounds exactly like DMX which is scary but so impressive in my opinion. On all of Denzel’s projects he has always had that one track where the tempo drops and the overall mood decreases to a chilled out and really relaxed vibe, his most famous tape for doing this is Imperial, my favorite Denzel project. “So.Incredible.pkg” is that tack, it is very calming but still has that element of aggression behind his voice which shows just how much versatility he has. “Track07″ is perfect to me because it has such a funky vibe to it, the nostalgia behind this track is insane because this is something that reminds me of music from the 90s, Denzel and Kenny work so well together and i always imagined what they could create but i never ever though that it would be this good honestly. So here we are, the final track, this album has been a roller coater in my opinion, it just goes all over the place. It starts off super aggressive and experimental, then it goes in to a calming period, then to an area of pure funk, and ends with even more aggression. ” ‘ Cosmic ‘ .m4a” is a perfect way to end this short album, it has that aggression we always get from Denzel and then ends with some impressive producing skills from Kenny which is always a good way to go out. I love so much about this album, some of those things would be the beat selection and the detailed structure of the beats from Kenny, also I love Denzels Bars, i wrote some down but i dont want to waste a lot of space on lyrics.

I genuinely don’t think i should enjoy this album as much as i do because its too early in the year to say this is my favorite project of the year but i have high hopes that this will stay in my top 5 for the rest of the year. Denzel and Kenny have such a strong collaboration and connection and the proof is here on this tape. I highly recommend this album for anyone, this will get you in a super energetic mood then following a relaxed mood, Denzel is just that great of an artist and Kenny is that perfect of a producer. I love the general theme of the album. It holds a little bit of the internet behind it and what would seem like “a glitch in the system”, thats what the music reminds me of honestly. I love the cover art, it definitely gives me the strongest Wu-Tang vibes which is great to see nowadays. This is a perfect album in my opinion, i have absolutely no complaints for this at all, Denzel continues to show me that he can not make bad music.

Thank you for being here for the UNLOCKED post, this was so much fun making but as always don’t forget to like, comment, and follow, share this page with someone who likes music or just likes to read, thank you for being here and reading these posts.

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