Post #52, February 9, 2020: The Yellow Tape Post

Todays post has taken me a while to make for the soul purpose that I’ve been busy. This post is on Key Glocks newest album titled Yellow Tape. The artist comes straight from Memphis which stands out because there is a tear of Memphis artists out now, all from NLE Choppa, Blacc Younsta and Young Dolph. Memphis is starting to be the hot place for new talent in my opinion but i have not listened to a Key Glock album before besides his collaboration album with him and Young Dolph that released around the summer time last year which i thought was really good. All i am looking for in this album is someone new to listen to and to be entertained, nothing major. Lets get started.

Yellow Tape by Key Glock

So right off the bat we are given a really strong opening track. “1997” holds a really nice guitar sample which in my opinion makes the song unique in its own way, Key Glock has a really nice flow that seems natural, this is one of my first times listening to him but my first time listening to a project so I’m definitely not dissipated with this track. Initially, when i listened to “Dough” i wasn’t really feeling it that much because the beat mixed with his voice seemed a little boring to me, i could have lived without it honestly but the thing that i do love about this song is the sample from “Nuthin’ but a G Thang”, Key Glock uses a famous set of lyrics on this song which was definitely a nod to Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre. I really enjoyed the track “Ooh” because it has a distinct Memphis sound, and what i mean by that is that i could easily see any of the current acts out of Memphis on this track, especially Young Dolph, it has energy, a good beat, a great flow, its a good song from Key Glock. I think “What Goes Around Comes Around” is one of the better tracks on this album for the same reason as the other tracks i like honestly. I really love the piano sample on the beat because it adds an element of vulnerability which is good to see from a rapper like Key Glock, in other words what I’m saying is that its good to see him take it slow once and a while. “Crash” has a different type of instrumental compared to the other tracks on here and a different flow from Key Glock which is good and refreshing because the listeners don’t want to hear the same thing over and over again, he switches up his style on this album quite a few times which is something a lot of people never do, it shows longevity. So “I’m Just Sayin” is the half way point on this album and so far we’ve been given really strong and energizing tracks, i don’t feel tired of what has been given to me so far but we still have 8 tracks to go, so far i only dislike 1 track out of the 8 that i just talked about so lets see if this album has a grey area or if it can finish strong. “Biig Boyy!” is such a hard track in my opinion, the subtle piano in the background mixed with the drum line provides with a strong instrumental on top of some aggressive and hard hitting flows, Key Glock is doing great so far on here, he doesn’t open up much on this album, he is just having fun but when he takes the time to be personal like on this track for a small glimpse, it makes it more authentic in my opinion. “Flyest Highest Coolest Smoothest” is probably the only alright track I’ve heard so far, the production is alright, the raps are alright also, but the one thing i do like is the subtle narcissism behind his flows, and titles. “Loaded” a really, really good track, the beat is a little odd but fits Key Glock really nicely and its also produced by Kenny Beats which is a plus because he is such a talented and underrated producer but i wish he had features on this album because Young Nudy would fit in perfectly with that track in my opinion. Another track that sticks to the overall theme of the album with really energized and hype songs is definitely “F**k All Dat” and for the same reasons so far with all the other tracks honestly. “Mr. Glock” is a really good track as well, he shows me that he can move around with his flows, he is ver talented and malleable when it comes to his flows, i love hearing someone that comes from a place like Key Glock but stepping out side that box and doing his own thing while still maintaining that Memphis style. “Amen” is another alright track in my opinion, it isn’t bad but it also isn’t the best track on here, i would let it play if it came on but i wouldn’t pay all the much attention to the actual song. The last two tracks “Stop Playing” & “1 on 1” are really good finishing tacks to this really entertaining album, “1 on 1” has a good element behind it and closes everything with ease, it doesn’t leave me wondering what comes after this track, it lets me know that the album is coming to a close which is good album making.

Key Glock has a really good album. I typically don’t like rap like this because it is harder for me to relate because i don’t come from this background but the more i listen to it is good because i open my mind more to this background and get used to what they rap about. Key Glock flows really well on this album and isn’t afraid to switch things up. After my first listen of Key Glock i am excited to hear what he puts out next and am okay with saying i’m a fan of this album. I would rate this a strong 8/10. The production is on point, his flows are impressive, i don’t get bored after 8 tracks, every track is a little different from the last, and i feel that he is an artist that can achieve longevity.

I have a nice schedule of posts coming within the next 4 days so be ready for this string of posts that re about to come out. Until then, like, comment, and follow, if you know someone that appreciates music or a good read then share this page with someone. Thank you for being here for another week of posts.

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