Post #51, February 6, 2020: The Funeral Post, Pt.2

Thank you for being back for the part 2 post of my review on Lil Waynes Funeral album. Lets resume where we were previously.

Funeral by Lil Wayne

Starting with track 13 which is titled “Harden”. This is a track that i saw coming on this album, and what i mean by that is it isn’t too much and it isn’t too little, it has a good in between through his rapping and the beat, this track has very nice bars and is basically a low key song, doesn’t stand out a whole lot but is a highlight for this album. I really like this next song, “I Don’t Sleep (feat. Takeoff)” has a really carefree feeling to it, i feel this way primarily through Waynes voice, the tempo, and the relaxed attitude Takeoff brings to the track, its a happy track. I really liked Takeoffs verse and as a matter of fact this is probably my favorite feature because it is very entertaining, Takeoff is an extremely underrated rapper and its always good to see him get the credit he deserves. “Sights and Silencers (feat. The Dream)” is for sure, without a doubt, most definitely the worst song on here. Way too slow for my liking and just does not sound like a Lil Wayne track, he definitely touches into RnB which is okay but this was a terrible approach, the feature was boring and Waynes verse was very lack luster, definitely a let down. We might be back to back for bad tracks here. “Ball Hard (feat. Lil Twist)” is a very boring track as well, the beat is decent but thats the only thing good about it, i feel that at this point the album is reaching what i like to call “the grey area”. The grey area only applies for long album in my opinion and normally starts just after half way and ends a few tracks later, 4-5 at most, and these are the tracks that didn’t need to be on the album and were probably just filler tracks and are extremely disliked and forgotten. Thats all with that track. “Bastard (Satan’s Kid)” is very interesting, very simple instrumental but very odd and interesting lyrics, he starts off talking about family issues with his mom, dad, and uncle, and how his father basically ignored him, there is more said but i don’t want to go on and on about what he said, very nice refresher. If you know me then you know that I’m a huge XXXTENTACION fan and when i saw that he was on this album i was definitely looking forward to this track. “Get Outta My Head (feat. XXXTENTACION)” has the sound that i expected to be on this album. It has a depressing message, aggressive delivery, very deep lyrics about Waynes inner voices telling him to do things, etc. We get glimpses and a small verse of X which is a very nice touch to the track and some classic screaming from X which ties everything together. One of my favorite tracks. “Piano Trap” is one of those grey area tracks, nothing special to it except that it’s a filler track. This next track is produced by Murda Beatz and is one of the more interesting instrumentals for the soul purpose that it gives me strong old Wayne vibes. Wayne does his thing and raps very nice over this beat, this beat was made for him in my opinion. “Darkside” & “Never Mind” are once again some grey area tracks for me, no matter how much i were to listen to these tracks they just aren’t good enough for me to remember them, very boring tracks honestly. This next track made me laugh when i first heard it, “T.O. (feat. O.T. Genasis)” has a really abrasive beat, great verses, nice flows, everything that follows with a good Wayne song, but O.T. Genasis’ feature sounds like “Coco” his breakout single from a couple years ago, this is not a good thing because this shows me that he still sounds the same and hasn’t evolved his sound, now I don’t listen to him so i don’t know his music now but this track really reminds me of that song. “Wayne’s World” is a good outro to complete Funeral, very upbeat, bright, and energizing in my opinion and has a small sample from Wayne’s World the movie which was a nice touch i think. This does conclude this two part review, my first ever 2 part review, it was fun but the listening experience was alright. This album starts off strong but slowly moves into that grey area.

Funeral has a lot of highs but also has a lot of lows, it is an inconsistent album and doesn’t come close to some of his previous work, still better than Tha Carter V in my honest opinion. I had a much better time listening to this than his last album. I would rate this a strong 6/10 for the should purpose of the album being very inconsistent. If you think otherwise then let me know what about the album you liked. I don’t think it stuck to the name, the name compared to the tracks was pretty random if you ask me.

Thank you again for being here with me during this post, i plan on doing Key Glocks album Yellow Tape but that will come out a little later, i have been pretty busy but i will get that out to you all, thank you again for supporting this blog, continue to do so and don’t forget to like, comment, and FOLLOW. Do me a favor and share this with someone, anyone.

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