Post #50, February 3, 2020: The Funeral Post, Part 1

This will be a two part post. Funeral is 24 songs which is a little too much for me to do in one post so I will do 12 tracks on this post and the last 12 track on another post, with that being said please enjoy part 1 and stay tuned for part 2 coming in a few days.

Lil Wayne is back yet again with another album. Funeral was announced shortly after the release of his 2018 release Tha Carter V which got positive reviews all around. I wasn’t looking forward to this album that much because 2015 was when I started listening to this music in a serious matter and that was well after 6-7 Lil Wayne albums and I haven’t gotten the chance yet to listen to his past albums nor do I really have the interest in all honesty.

Going into this album I am expecting a darker more serious theme just based off the name of the album. A name like Funeral shouldn’t be full of bright and happy songs in my opinion but dark and “depressing” songs to match ones emotions during a Funeral.

Funeral by Lil Wayne

I’m going to start off by saying this. Funeral is a much better album than Tha Carter V in my opinion. I had a much better listening experience with this album than his last album because after I let it fit with me I noticed that I really only liked about 7 songs off Tha Carter V and I genuinely like much more songs on this album. “Funeral” give this album a strong intro, it starts off very slow but has a beat change about half way through which picks up the listeners energy which is great. “Mahogany” is one of my favorite tracks because it just gives me old Wayne vibes like a “6 foot, 7 foot” type of feeing because of two reasons, one being the instrumental and the way he raps which is about the same throughout the entire song, great pace and tempo during the entire song. “Mama Mia” is my favorite song which makes little sense to me because the instrumental is very very weird but unique in its own way, it consists of very peculiar sounds almost like a very distorted and altered horn or stringed instrument. This track sounds very good in my opinion, the beat mixed in with his aggression, impressive flow, and over the head bars is nothing but entertaining to me. The next track “I Do It (feat. Big Sean & Lil Baby)” really caught my attention when i was looking at the track list before initially listening to the album. I think it would be extremely hard for these three to make a bad song all together, three extremely creative people cant all come together and make a bad song in my opinion but this song didn’t meet my expectations but also didn’t fall below them, so basically this song is alright, not the best but also not the worst. “Dreams” is a track that i didn’t think i’d like because of the singing Wayne does on here. His singing mixed with the amount of auto tune normally turns me off but sounds really nice and fits in well with the entire instrumental because when he is singing the hook the beat changes and becomes much slower but when he raps it speeds up and gets more energetic. I also like the reoccurring theme of dreams on this track. “Stop Playin With Me” isn’t a bad track but also isn’t a good track, id let it play if it came on but i wont love it, he dose his thing on this track which is all i could ask for. On Tha Carter V Wayne had Uproar which was the club banger off that album and off this album he has “Clap For Em” which is the club banger for this album, a song being a club banger is very self explanatory, it is a song that could be played at. apart, club, or strip club and this song has the perfect tempo and energy for it to be played in all 3 of these environments. The next track which is “Bing James (feat. Jay Rock)” is a fantastic song with an utterly fantastic feature but thats half the reason why i like it, the other reason is that it is the 8th out of 24 tracks on this album and also that the end of the song ends in 24 seconds of pure silence, obviously this wasn’t a coincidence, the numbers 8 and 24 are obviously to remember and to pay homage for the tragic passing we experienced this past week with Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the others that passed in the tragic helicopter crash recently. The song is full of high energy and insane lyrics as always but is also a little tribute to Kobe Bryant. The next two tracks “Not Me” & “Trust Nobody (feat. Adam Levine)” are alright, i like “Not Me” better because it makes the most sense to be on this album than the other track, if anything “Trust Nobody (feat. Adam Levine)” is one of the worst Wayne songs I’ve heard in a while, the feature doesn’t do much and actually just doesn’t belong on this album, Wayne should have kept it in the stash in my opinion. 2 Chainz has always been a super entertaining artist in my opinion and i almost never get disappointed when i hear him on someone else’s track and the same applies for “Know You Know (feat. 2 Chainz)” i think it is an extremely entertaining track with a very quick and nice feature from 2 Chainz, i cant complain with what i was given on this track, its good. For the last track of this review we have “Wild Dogs” which once again isn’t the best but also isn’t bad. It doesn’t give me anything that wasn’t given on previous projects or even on this track, one this i could say is that Wayne has a very impressive flow on this track that is very addictive to listen to.

That is it for the first part of this review. Once again this is a two part series because 24 tracks is just a little too much for one post so ill be back in a few days for a part 2 post. So far this album has been better than Tha Carter V, of the twelve that i talked about on this post I only dislike one track, all the others have been fantastic, good, or decent.

Thank you for being here for another post by me. I took a little break after last weeks releases which took a lot to do but as always don’t forget to like, comment, and FOLLOW!! stay stuned for the part 2 of this post.

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