Post #49, January 26, 2020: Update Post

This post isn’t dedicated to anything but just a little information of some updates I’ve made to the website and just plans that i have for Tyler’s Music Thoughts or just TMT for short, i enjoy saying TMT more because its just easier and rolls off the tongue easier.

  1. First change I had made to the blog was a week ago or so and i put all my posts into categories, for example, all the posts from November 2019 are under the category titled “November 2019” and so on.
  2. The second change for the blog would be that I created tags for certain posts. I implemented these tags that are of the artists name or album name so if you want to find the Harry Style review and don’t know what monthly category it is in then type in “Harry Styles” or “Fine Line” and you should find the post from that.
  3. Third change is that I made sure that the website is user friendly. What i mean by that is that ever since i started this I didn’t like when i posted and how the single post would stretch all the way down to the bottom of the page and so on, it was annoying and didn’t make sense to me how someone could read my posts. I found a way to minimize the post’s on the homepage and to make it that it has a “read more” button and also fits more posts on the actual page itself. This was super important to me and also one of my favorite updates to the page since it has been a problem for me since my first post.
  4. The fourth and last change isn’t that big of deal but i love how aesthetically pleasing it is to the reader and myself. When you press “read more” it will obviously bring you to an expanded version of the post but also it will have a blown up picture of the album cover that i use for the review in the header of the post which looks fantastic in my opinion.

Thats it for all the changes to the blog and overall website and also ill be continuing my work on the look of the site and trying to make it more user friendly and just better overall. My goal is to have it fully functioning by the end of February.

Lastly, i want to talk about some plans i have for TMT and my goals. First i want to get an official TMT logo, it has been in the works for a long time now, approximately 5 months, i want it to be special and something i can look back on and be proud of later in life. I also have dreams of a podcast eventually which i think would be super fun, i enjoy blogs and podcasts, i think both of them are great ways to outlet one creativity. Another dream is possibly creating clothing to go with TMT and what this small brand stands for. If you cared enough to read all of this then don’t be afraid to let me know if you’re for TMT and if i should follow my dreams and goals.

Thank you for reading this little update and thank you to all of you, the numbers for 2020 are booming, KEEP IT UP!!! When i started this in June of last year i wanted to wait 10 posts to see if i’d be dedicated to making these posts, then i started with 1 view, then 5, then 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, were on our way to a total of a thousand views since i started promoting this blog. Thank you all for the constant support. In the last 5 months of 2019, when i started to promote it in august till December 31st i accumulated 600 views just in that 5 months which is a lot for a person like me. But in this month alone we’ve gotten half that…just in January…which is unreal to me, so again, Thank you all and please continue to like, comment, and as always, FOLLOW!!!

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