Post #48, January 22, 2020: The Music To Be Murdered By Post

The living legend Eminem has released a surprise album this week which definitely caught me by surprise, if someone were to ask me who i would think would drop a surprise album this year Eminem wouldn’t be on that list unfortunately because his last album was a surprise release as well. Only someone on Eminem’s level could release a surprise album with no promotion and have the numbers be through the roof. I wanted to do this album last because i knew that it would take more time to review, digest, and analyze, so after some days i am here to give you all my opinion on Music To Be Murdered By.

Music To Be Murdered By by Eminem

My first though when i played the first track “Premonition (Intro)” was “wow he sounds bitter” but after further analysis i realized that this wasn’t the case on this album. Kamikaze had an Eminem that was really bitter and angry about the current state of rap, this gained a lot of attention for him in good ways and bad ways, it showed the fans that he is still the Eminem who isn’t afraid to say anything to anyone and it showed critics that he is unable to accept the present and is so against the new wave of rap. Eminem seems to be unbothered by a lot of what he was bothered by on his last album and is here to just rap and to get some points across with topics such as hooking up with girls, the current state of rap, some of the social issues this country is facing like shootings, a rough relationship with his stepdad as a child, and many more, he is definitely storytelling on this album which is what i love to hear from Em.

I really enjoy the theme of M.T.B.M.B. It is obviously revolved around Alfred Hitchcock and has excepts from 50s-60s horror films to give it more of a vintage horror movie feel to it, the music gets you distracted from what is going on around you hence the name of the album. Some things that i love about this album that is very different from his last few albums is that there is less singing from Eminem, when he tries to sing it just doesn’t work unless its in a baritone voice because he has a fairly deeper voice so when he used to sing full chorus’s it just wouldn’t work because it didn’t sound the same with his deep voice so for him to recruit Ed Sheeran, Juice WRLD, Don Toliver, and Skylar Grey to sing the hooks on some of his songs really make this better because not only is he working with other people but it also sounds amazing, there are songs obviously where he does the singing on the hook which works because it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to do something completely out of his element. Em makes a good point that I personally didn’t think of until i heard the first track, he mentions that the rap community doesn’t recognize artist’s that have achieved longevity in this industry which is hard to do but instead we judge them for what they made and say that they cant do better than that, we should start appreciating that they made it this far and are still able to make good music, yea, maybe not as good as they first came out but at least they are still relevant.

Some of the features on here are extremely surprising but they work extremely well, when I had seen that Young M.A. was on here I was shocked because this is a collaboration I thought I’d never see but it definitely works, she delivered a great feature but obviously Eminem outshined her which is expected because it is his own track but it was good to see him show some respect to her. “You Gon’ Learn (feat. Royce da 5’9” & White Gold)” is one of my favorite tracks obviously for the bars but mainly for the sound of it, it has a darker and my sinister undertone on the beat which mixes well for Em and Royce’s style of rapping There is a line that Royce raps which caught my attention, he said “The segregation is bein’ told where I’m gonna go, Separation is bein’ woke and goin’ wherever I wanna go” this line really caught my attention the most during the songs The Interlude after this song gives a little explanation behind the meaning of the album which is a great touch to add to the album. I can easily say that “Godzilla (feat. Juice WRLD) is the best track on here, it’s entertaining, full of bars, reminiscing because of Juice’s appearance, and just insane. This is another collaboration I thought I’d never see, Juice does such a great job on the hook, it’s infectious and extremely entertaining and let’s not dismiss the last minute of the track where Eminem just obliterates the track with his extremely fast rapping skills, he continues to prove to everyone that he is the best to do it. Time to switch the mood drastically. “Darkness” is hands down one of the most emotional songs I’ve heard in a while, it took me a while to figure out what the message was and when I heard the gunshot sound effects at the end of the song and the news clips I knew that it was about the Las Vegas shooting that happened a few years back, when I heard the news clips saying “another school shooting” over and over again it gave me goosebumps and choked me up a little bit, this is one of the many reasons why I love music, it can inflict this emotion on a person, it has such a strong feeling behind it that makes you and the music in sync. “Leaving Heaven (feat. Skylar Grey) is a really really good song, I think what brings it all together is the feature from miss Skylar, her small contribution really adds a lot of emotion and feeling to the track, her vocals are very impressive and make me want to check her own music because I’ve never heard of her. “Stepdad” is another track that inflicts a lot of emotion, the emotion of anger for Eminem’s experiences. As you could assume this track is about his step dad, I don’t think all the events on this track actually happened like him killing his stepdad but I think a lot of what was rapped was true, he goes crazy on this track and also gets very graphic about the dark fantasies he wants to enact on his stepfather like poisoning him, beating him, and killing him, Em really paints the image of what he raps about vividly in my mind, a true storyteller. “Little Engine” isn’t that interesting of a track but the reason why I want to talk about it is because the beat, it sounds like a vintage horror film or horror themed video game, this ties in with the overall theme and gives more life to the album, also a very catchy hook. In my personal opinion I think Anderson .Paak is one of the most soulful rap artists out now, I absolutely love his feature on “Lock It Up” it adds so much charisma to the track in my opinion. Probably one of the most shocking features I’ve ever seen is on the song “No Regrets (feat. Don Toliver) and my reasoning is because Don Toliver still isn’t that well known yet and he got on Eminem’s album, i really want to know how this went about, I just cant imagine how that all went down, it is very confusing to me but i really like this song so I’m not complaining. I really wish i could talk more bout this album but for some reason it is difficult, maybe because I’ve made posts for the last 5 days? I’m not sure but I really do like this album, i do think that this is his best in a while. Definitely better than his last 2 albums, maybe his last 3.

At the end of the day i understand that Eminems music rolls into my generation, i was born in 2000 and thats around the time when his career started but i never got into his music until a few years ago so i cant make much of an opinion on his past music, only The Marshall Mathers LP2 to his current albums. I would rate this album a good 7-8/10, Eminem always delivers hard hitting bars and over the head lyrics. He impressed me so much on this album, as he always does. Sadly, Eminem will continue to be judged on his past music and not what he’s doing now as if what he is doing now isn’t great, Eminem has always been great but not to the level of what he used to be in the 2000’s but still a legend in a lot of people opinion, even mine.

This post concludes my streak of posts that lasted for 5 days, this has been fun and i cant wait to see what the next week brings. We got some of the best music I’ve heard in a while this past week so it’ll be hard to top in the upcoming weeks and months. Share this post and page with others, like, follow and let me know what you think about this post and page. I made some changes to the page to make it more user friendly instead of it being complicated to navigate on here. Thank you all so much for the support, see you soon.

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