Post #47, January 21, 2020: The Modus Vivendi Post

070 Shake is an artist that peaked my interest in 2018 with her appearance on Kanye West’s album Ye and Pusha T’s album DAYTONA, she just had a really strong and confident presence on these projects and made me wonder when she was going to release more music herself because at the time she didn’t have much to her discography, a year and a half later were here with her debut album titled Modus Vivendi, a very interesting titled and meaning that I’ll discuss later on but let’s start with the post.

Modus Vivendi by 070 Shake

Right off the bat I’ll say that I genuinely love this album, it conveys such a high amount of creativity through concept, lyrics, and production, it is a great album but I’ll obviously go over what I think makes it great, I actually can’t think of anything that would stand out to be bad about this album, I genuinely like and enjoy all of the tracks on this album.

Let’s start off with the meaning of “Modus Vivendi”. Now this phrase translates to a latin phrase which means “Mode of living” or “way of life”, this is such a great title to have for an album, the music may not provide an immense amount of information and support for the meaning of the title but does have some correlation in the sense that the music is optimistic, bright, and vivid which would point towards the fact that this is what 070 Shake meant behind “way of life” or “mode of living”, these two phrases could be interpreted many ways but the music does in fact she’d a little light to what she meant which is one of the three characteristics I listed above.

The sound of this album is especially different to me because it is classified as “Hip-Hop/Rap” and she may rap on a lot of these songs but in all honesty it sounds more of a mix of rap and electronic music if anything with all of the different sounds it incorporates. Shake is signed to Kanyes label G.O.O.D. Music so i wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kanye had any production credits on here or if Mike Dean also had production credits, some of the samples on here like for example track 4 “It’s Forever” holds a sample from The Ebonys 1973 track of the same title, all I’m saying is that the production does sound experimental as if Kanye had just the slightest influence on here. The thing that stands out the most on here would be the production in my opinion, on almost every track the production stands out in one way or another, some of my favorite produced tracks are “Come Around”, “Morrow”, “Rocketship”, “The Pines”, “Guilty Conscience”, and “Microdosing”. All of these tracks are structured in such a way that the production stands out just a little bit than her vocals do, he vocals are very strong on all these tracks but the production just hits me more than her lyrics. There is one thing that i love about her and what she does on this album, she seems like she is a risk taker in the sense that all of her songs sound very very different from each other which is a great thing to do with your music as an artist so you can gain attraction from other people, but, they all sound the same through the songs instrumentals and her voice and how she uses it, she may sing on one song or rap on another, she may use a higher pitch tone of voice or a lower to match which instrumental she’s on which again shows that she’s intact with the music she is creating. A few songs that stick out to me would be “Rocketship” because the beat sounds so lovely, the beat sounds very futuristic with the background sound effects it has, in a way it sounds like as if i was floating through space. “Come Around” really has such an abrasive instrumental which is a little ironic in a way because her vocals aren’t as abrasive, there is a perfect balance between the beat and Shake herself that offset each other. One of the most aggressive songs on here “The Pines” really shows her versatility because she is using an awful lot of auto tune which can be a slight risk with artists and can be detrimental if not used to their advantage, she owns the autotune on this track and better yet, the hard hitting 808s really tie in the whole aesthetic of the track. One of the last songs that stick out to me as far as production goes is “Microdosing” and really just the last minute or so because the beat turns from this really nice Hip-Hop beat to this futuristic sounding soundscape that really takes the whole track to another place. When i finished this album I did not have any complaints although i will need more time listening to it and digesting the music for me to appreciate it more than i already do now.

This was a first listen to a 070 Shake album which is in fact her debut, i personally think that Modus Vivendi is a fantastic debut album and in general and a fantastic album all around, it isn’t so much Hip-Hop but a mix of electronic, it gives off a real futuristic vibe which is always a good sound to have. I would rate this to be a perfect album, a strong 10/10, it may not resinate well with others because it takes an open mind and open ears to digest the immense amount of creativity an artist like 070 Shake has.

Thank you for being here for my 4th post in a row, one more to go for this week and it’s for sure a special one. I appreciate all of youwho come back every psot and read these, it means a lot. I have a lot planned for the up coming months so stay tuned and SHARE this page with others, this page is trying to GROW. See you all soon.

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