Post #46, January 20, 2020: The Manic Post

Halsey has been an artist who has caught my attention throughout all of 2019 but never did I get the chance to listen to any of her albums, I’ve listened to some singles here and there from other artists featuring her and songs of her own but never full length projects. This will be my first listen to an album from Halsey which I am very excited for, I have high hopes for Manic and personally cant wait to see what it brings to the table. I also have high hopes for positive outcomes with this album, one mainly being me becoming a fan of her music.

Manic by Halsey

Like I said, Halsey has been an artist that I’ve wanted to listen to for a while, she’s just seemed like a real interesting person and an artist with a really respectable style to her. I was anticipating this album when I found out about its release a few weeks ago during the New Years, the cover art and the singles release prior to the albums release really peaked my interest as of what the general them was going to be, we’re finally here with Manic and it’s time now to break it down.

For the intro track “Ashley” we are given lyrics that are saddening about a possible failed relationship or events that were caused from a toxic relationship, I feel that this will be a reoccurring theme throughout the remanding duration of the album, great song though and a great intro track for Manic. “Clementine” is one of my favorite tracks for a decent amount of reasons, one being the production style, I love the same 3 piano keys on a loop layered with a subtle percussion line, her vocals really come out on this track and stand tall, I feel that the underlying message of the song itself is having a false feeling independence then realizing that maybe she isn’t so strong and is in fact a vulnerable person. “Graveyard” is also another one of my favorite songs off this album, its just a song with a really catchy hook and chorus, once again with an underlying vague message about love and being with someone, this is one of the lead singles and in my opinion is one of the few songs on here that were made for the radio because most pop artists have to have that song thats for radio plays. I really love the lyrics of “You should be sad”, she is obviously talking about an ex of hers and how he isn’t the person he thinks he is and how she’s grown from said relationship, she states in the beginning of the song “Got no anger, got no malice, just a little bit of regret” and I think those are great lyrics, when you exit a relationship like that from being with a toxic person its okay to feel some regret but you shouldn’t feel angry or any malice towards that person, she explains this topic so greatly. “Forever…(is a long time)” is a track that I would consider to be amongst my favorite for the last bit of the song, the instrumental gets pretty experimental towards the end which creates a nice finishing theme to it, it starts off a little slow but picks up throughout the song. Something that I love about this album is that she’s giving other artists a chance to shine like someone named Alanis Morissette, SUGA, and my favorite of the 3 listed on the album, Dominic Fike, when I saw that he was on this album it really caught me off guard because I didn’t expect him to have a shot at being on an album rom someone so big like Halsey, I give him props, he did a good job on this little interlude he’s on. My favorite song on this album out of the rest would be “I HATE EVERYBODY”, there seems to be not her theme of indecisiveness on this album and the messages behind the tracks, on this track I feel that she wants to think she hates everybody because she has trouble finding true love but deep down she doesn’t hence the lyrics “I hate everybody, But maybe I, maybe I don’t”, the instrumental also has a theatrical energy in a way. “3am” has a real nice punk sound to it with the small breaks of her vocals that lead into a drum line and guitars, there isn’t much to this track, its a little too catchy for me but I think the instrumental and the chorus save it for me. Another single that released prior to the albums release is “Without Me” and I actually think that I heard this before on the radio but it sticks to the same theme that the songs before it have, nothing different, I do think that this song is the song that shows her vulnerability the most out of all the other songs, this isn’t a bad thing for the music but in a personal setting it is something that she is probably dealing with. I always think that any song with a guitar, any guitar, will be a good song, that is the case for “Finally // beautiful stranger”, the acoustic guitar mixed with her soft but abrasive vocals are what make this song fantastic, it has a calming element to it but at the same time a confident element as well. “More” tells a really sad story about her pain of missing someone who I guess won’t come back to her, the feeling of wanting someone who cant be there is very saddening and humiliating, this song is a very emotional and lyrically touching song, one of the better moments of this album. I would say that “Still Learning” is the most upbeat and positive song on this album because the other songs told a tale of Halsey having difficulties with relationships current and in the past, this track talks about that as well but the main topic is self love and how she can fully learn to love herself, she questions a lot on this song about past mistakes, old people in her life, mistakes in relationships, its a very uplifting song that reflects the negatives she’s endured so far in relationships. “929” is a really good song to wrap up this album. My favorite part on the whole album lies on this track and its a set of lyrics that say “They said “Don’t meet your heroes, They’re all fu**ing weirdos”, And God know that they were right, Because nobody does you, they just try to f**k you, Then put you as a feature on the B-side” which is a fantastic set of lyrics if you ask me because it is true in a sense, people that you look up to might see you as something that you aren’t and might take advantage of you and if you are Halsey then they’ll use you for just a feature and put you on the B-side, the B-side being the 2nd part of a vinyl record. This song ends the theme of the album which is love, all areas of love, self love, toxic love, conflicting love, etc. Halsey gets very personal on this album and share a lot, she has a lot to get off her chest on this album and her showing how vulnerable she is make this alum great.

Like I said before, this is my first real listen from Halsey and my expectations were set high and i also had some hopes that i’d like this album and potentially become a fan and i definitely think those expectations were met. I love this album and her as an artist through this album, i would easily rate it an easy 8/10, if it weren’t for tracks 11, 12, and 13, not being that good in my opinion then it would be higher but besides those few tracks i relaly think this is an excellent album.

Thank you for being back again for my 3rd post in a row, i have 2 more to go to end this 5 day streak of posting, I’m excited for these next 2 posts, one of them is another first listen on an artist I’ve only listened to twice which I’m ready for. As always, like, comment, and follow, thank you for reading adn i hope you loved it.

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