Post #45, January 19, 2020: The Circles Post

Circles is the last and sixth studio album also the first posthumous album from the late musician Mac Miller who met his untimely demise towards the end of 2019. I personally never got into Mac’s earlier work but started listening to him when The Devine Feminine released and when Swimming released. I think Mac Miller was definitely a leader for his generation and was an extremely underrated artists all around, but it wasn’t until his death did the masses realize what type of artist we lost. I am extremely excited for this album and I anticipate a lot of emotion and sentimental moments hidden behind the lyrics on this album.

Circles by Mac Miller

Mac Miller was an actual artist, a true musician, it wasn’t until The Devine Feminine did I realize the musical capabilities this young artist had, especially on the song “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” this is the earliest song by Mac Miller that I remember and just how it affected me and my path with music, it is a gorgeous song and if you haven’t listened to it then I highly recommend that album or just the song. Mac really pours his heart out on this album and it is very noticeable on each and every song. One thing that I noticed about these songs is that they all are individually important and unique, it is noticeable to me that he took his time on every single song and made sure every track wasn’t just a track but an emotional experience to the listener. “Circles” is the first song and the title track, and as a majority of introduction tracks this sets the tone and mood for what the rest of the album will be, very laid back, optimistic, and good feeling music, there is an environment that I see this song and album being played in, and that environment is during a smoke session with a group of friends, this album would be the perfect album to play with your friends just relaxing and having a good time together. “Complicated” continues the general theme of what this album is going to be which is generally positive and laid back, great theme, great message, and great energy behind the instrumental and lyrics, I love it. Hands down one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while has to be “Blue World” the production on this is just on another level and brings my emotions up so much and just makes me genuinely happy. I personally think that the meaning behind this song is to keep your positivity even though the world around you is all negative, if that were the case then this song would be the song to make the positive in my life shine, such a beautiful song. “Good News” was the lead single off this album and is also one of my favorite, I don’t have a specific part of the Sogn that I love, I love all of it and the general message of the song, Mac really just flows so effortlessly on this track and had such a calming and nonchalant tone to his voice, this and the lyric just ties the whole aesthetic together which is truly a masterpiece in my opinion. The next track is a really unique one to me, “I Can See” starts off with a series of sound that remind me of an older Super Smash Bros. theme but thats just the feeling gives me. This song has such fantasy and spacey feeling to it, almost like the listener is flying through the cosmos from planet to planet, the production on this album is very different and unique in its own way. Mac’s way of rapping so far and especially on this song is so soft and vulnerable, which makes everything come together so nicely. There isn’t anything better than a song with a good drum line and strong percussion, that song is “Everybody” who ever did this drum line really mastered it in my opinion but Mac really uses his words and his voice to paint such a picture on this song, from talking about life, to an old man he saw, to moments with a special lady, I can all see it being painted in my head through his lyrics which is a special talent not most artists can do so I just a lot of credit to Mac not just on this song but all of them so far, they’ve all done this. I don’t have much to say about “Woods”, I would just be repeating myself at this point but its like every other song in the sense that its really good and one o my favorite for obvious reasons in my opinion. The next two songs “Hand Me Downs” and “That’s on Me” are going to have to take a little longer with me because I still don’t know how I feel about them, they are great trans but they don’t sit well with me for some reason, I have a good feeling that these two songs will age well throughout the future listens to this album. The track “Hands” feels like a dream, thats all I could say, he has a special affect to his voice where is implies it a little but also has a little reverb to it which really trips me out honestly but it works so well over this instrumental, the instrumental works so well for Mac, the looped “yeah” is something that I feel only a small group of people could make sound good, Mac is one of those people. “Surf” has one of my favorite instrumentals off the whole album, the five and a half minute track has a journey of an instrumental, what I mean by journey is that it starts one place and goes to so many other places all in the same song, it really makes me feel relaxed and just overall happy. “Once a Day” has a very special and unique message behind it that can be relatable to many people, but thats what I think Mac does best not just on this album but on all of his work, he is relatable, if you can be famous and relatable to your fans then you’ve done something special that most celebrities cant seem to do because it then gives you time to be on a more personal level wit your fans but this track is a great and smooth finisher to this gorgeous album.

I did something I normally don’t do which is talk about every single song off an album, I only do this when I genuinely love all the songs and think its a perfect album. I didn’t know how id feel about this album at first, I actually thought I wasn’t going to like it because posthumous albums eliminate one major factor to their success, that factor is the actual artist, a lot of posthumous albums feel rushed and not completed, this album sounds like an album that Mac would release himself which obviously was the intent but is a great thing to accomplish without Mac clearly not being here. This album is a fantastic Hip-Hop album and deserves all the awards it can get. The people who worked on this after his death really captured the essence of what his life was. Circles is perfect, I want to give it a perfect 10/10 but for now I will give it a 9/10 strictly off of the two songs I’m “iffy” about, I will eventually like those tracks but all in all this is a perfect album and the best album I’ve heard in a while.

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Rest In Piece Malcom McCormick a.k.a Mac Miller.

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