Post #44, January 18, 2020: The Rich Youngin’ Post

Rich Youngin’ is the second studio album from Salisbury, North Carolina rapper Stunna 4 Vegas. Stunna 4 Vegas blew up soon after his partner DaBaby gained mainstream attention in the middle of 2019. Like DaBaby, Stunna 4 Vegas has a very unique style which is wrapped around bizarre lyrics, a comedic undertone, quirky beats, and a charismatic attitude. His presence on his previous album BIG 4X caught my attention and is what made me a fan of his music, he is very energetic and entertaining to listen to. Lets get into Rich Youngin.

Rich Youngin’ by Stunna 4 Vegas

Rich Youngin’ is full of what seems to be the same songs. Stunna 4 Vegas is slowly following the footsteps of his label mate and friend DaBay. When DaBaby was popping off he would use the same flow on different projects and people soon caught on to it and complained which basically forced him to do something different. Stunna is a very talented rapper in my opinion and has a lot of potential but he needs to figure that out on his own and has to make the decision to change what he is doing. With that being said, this project starts off really strong, tracks like “DO DAT (feat. DaBaby & Lil Baby)” really Cath your attention and ultimately set the tone for what the rest of the album ill be about, money, women, his success, the other narcissistic tendencies of Stunna 4 Vegas. Nothing crazy stands out about “ON FYE” accept the energy Brough by Stunna and the beat which especially caught me off guard because half way through I think I hear a Digital Nas producer tag which is impressive because I really like this producer and would be impressed if Stunna worked with him on this track. “R & BEEF” is one of the most unique tracks I’ve probably heard from the whole BDB family. This beat encases a saxophone? I’m not sure what wind instrument this is but it definitely does sound like a saxophone, this also is one of my favorite songs for that reason mainly and the high energy he brings. I have an opinion that if you have Blac Youngsta on a song then that song is automatically really good, Blac Youngsta just adds such a narcissistic and charismatic energy to all the tacks he is on which is a good thing to have on someones music like Stunna 4 Vegas. The next 4-5 songs don’t stand out in any way and actually bore me when I listened to this for the first time because nothing excites me, the beats are really really nice but besides that he says the same things in the same tone and voice he did since track one. “UP THE SMOKE (feat. Offset)” is EASILY carried by offset which is not a bad thing in my opinion, but, this has been one of my favorite songs all around since it released a couple months ago, Offset just always has such an entertaining flow and energy which in turn makes him my favorite Migo, but that conversation is for another day. This album isn’t bad, it’s just hollow, and what I mean is that it has a nice outer structure and has a lot of face value but when you really try and break it down and analyze it, it’ll be hard to because besides the hard hitting beats, high energy and aggression, there is absolutely nothing special about this project. The album reflects Stunna highly, this album wasn’t made to be this great body of work, it was to be made as something to be digested quick, not analyzed super hard, not really cared for that way, etc. The thing about these types of album is that they have an extremely short life span, about 2 months honestly, it is popular for a short amount of time then the attention of it dies out slowly until he drops something new. One thing that irritates me is that this is a 12 track album but one 2 songs stitch past 3 minutes but barely past 3 minutes, this just adds to my point that he doesn’t show much longevity. This way of making music isn’t bad, the problem is that he isn’t creating longevity in his career, it may seem like he is but he isn’t sadly.

BIG 4X, Stunna’s last album was good for the time and place when it was dropped, he was just getting attention so he needed something to grab the masses attention, I guess he didn’t get enough attention and duplicated what he did then but did it again. I really hope his next piece of work isn’t something we’ve heard before, like the 11 tracks on here, the 12th track “A HUNNID” does have a different flow for the hook which makes me love it honestly, but thats a 1:12 ratio on different songs. Like I said in the beginning of this review, Stunna has a lot of potential but hasn’t tapped into it, maybe DaBaby’s influence will help this, time will tell. Rich Youngin’ will be getting a smooth 6/10 strictly for the energy and the overall energy of the album. This album is very empty and DOESN’T shows a lot of longevity in his career, I do have a feeling that this opinion will change later on in his career or hopefully soon with a new project.

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