Post #43, January 13, 2020: The Circus Post

This pot will be a first listen to an artist that I should have been paying attention to for a while. I’ve been hearing about this artist named Mick Jenkins for a while now and it wasn’t until this past week when I decided to give him a listen with his newest project titled The Circus. The 28 year old rapper comes from Chicago which is very surprising because he doesn’t have a distinct Chicago accent or style to him that would hint to the fact that he’s from Chicago and normally an artists environment plays a big part in the content they put out but it is different with him in this context. I’ve never listened to anything from Mick Jenkins so I went into this small 7 song project with no expectations and no premeditated thoughts on Mick Jenkins as an artist. Lets get right into the music and what it means and how I feel about it.

The Circus by Mick Jenkins

The Circus is very unique in its own way. With the title of The Circus I would imagine before listening to the music that this would reflect an actual circus but if anything it is the opposite, most of the songs on this project are slower in tempo, relaxing, and radiate a chilled out vibe. There’s a very low key theme throughout all of the songs on this project, there’s a dark undertone behind his raps and the production like on “Same Ol” the baseline provides a dark and mysterious energy to the track mixed in with his raps. “Carefree” has a very nice and relaxing tone to it in all context while maintaining somewhat of a mysterious and dark undertone, the production makes you question a lot about the theme of the album. I’m glad I listened to this project for many reasons honestly, one main reason are the lyrics, now, almost every song has good lyricism to it, wordplay, double entendres, etc. I am going to go over some of my favorite bars on this project right now. On the first track “Same Ol” he raps this “I’m 6’5 stepping twice your stride if I marched in place” which I thought was a subtle flex if I’ve ever heard one, what he is talking about it obvious, he is just commenting on his height compared to someone obviously smaller than him, well done bar. Another one I like comes from the same song and it goes “Typed it in all capitals, maximizing capitals, business ain’t capital, remember I spoke in lowercase, I do everything on accident don’t ask me how” he goes on for a little while with the word association of “capital” and uses it in the sense of typing, money, business, then switches it back to speaking in lowercase which would mean to be quieter than normal, this is a brilliant use of words and wordplay. On Track 5 “The Fit” he has a few really subtle but nice bars and one of them is “What you standing on in them Nikes I’m just checking” he mentions “Nikes” obviously talking about shoes but then says “I’m just checking” which is good word association because Nike’s symbol is a check. The other one on this song is “Taking my talents to hokey, flows is too icy” this one is very self explanatory and doesn’t need much explanation, he is referring his rap flows being too “icy” to the point of switching professions. My last piece of lyrics off this album that I really enjoyed was more so just word repetition than anything and it’s because he uses the words “underpriced, overhand, overheard, and understand” all at the end of different lines to give the listener some really nice “under” “over” word play, I genuinely thought this was impressive.

I really think that the majority of this project is very laid back, not much stands out except the immense utilization of his lyrical ability on these short tracks. The production is very nice and fits his flows and style on this album very nicely and froths album I can tell what time of rapper he is and what his other work might sound like. I plan on paying much more attention to Mick Jenkins because I genuinely enjoyed this small project, this will possibly start off my list for my favorite albums of 2020, i’ll see if it stays up there throughout the year or not but I can definitely see myself coming back to this album in the coming months. I think I will rate The Circus a smooth 9/10, not a perfect score because Im not the biggest fan of “The Fit”, now I do like some of the lyrics on that track but i’m not the biggest fan of the production on that track alone, all the other tracks are fantastic.

This was a good week for music, and a great way to start off 2020. This upcoming week is going to be a very interesting and great week for music. As of now I know that Stunna 4 Vegas is releasing a project, so is Mac Miller and Halsey, I will definitely see if anyone else releases music and if they do then ill most definitely do a post on them. Thank you all for coming back to read these posts, it means a lot to me. If you have any music that I should listen to them comment what it is or message me individually, my instagram and snapchat is tyler_davidson 3 and my twitter is tylerd_3, shoot me a message about music you’d like for me to listen to or shoot me a message about any music. Follow the page if you haven’t yet and ill see you back here in a couple days.

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