Post #42, January 12, 2020: The Rare Post

This post I will be discussing Selena Gomez and her new project titled Rare. I personally can not remember the last time I listened to Selena Gomez other than some random singles she put out throughout the years, but I do remember having her on my old I pod touch playlist back in 2013, other than that I haven’t kept up with her at all until now. Since we didn’t get any music in the first week of 2020 I was really hoping that week 2 would be different. For week 2 we got a lot of different albums that interested me, some more than others which will be the ones I do posts on, lets begin.

Rare by Selena Gomez

Pop has never been the genre I go to first for good music, in fact I actually tried to stay far away from it over the last 2 years but since I started this blog I wanted to try and go back to it and I’ve slowly been gaining that respect I once had for pop music. There are a lot of highly anticipated pop albums set to release in 2020 and I will do my best to get to all of them, I do know that Halsey is releasing next week which I am excited for in all honesty. This week we have a new Selena Gomez album, the first album since 2015. After doing a little research on why it took her almost 5 years I found that she had went through a lot of mental and personal issues that led her to just take a step back from music over the last 4-5 years, but since she resurfaced to media and the music industry it does seem that she’s been welcomed back with open arms and that the fans are ready for this album.

Rare is full of the typical up beat, good feeling, and care free songs that most pop albums consist of. The intro track and the title track “Rare” is a really good introduction for what Rare is going to be, she is obviously talking about herself with a person who doesn’t appreciate her for who she is sense the lyrics “And I’ll bet there’s somebody else out there To tell me i’m rare, to make me feel rare”, these lyrics hint to the fact that she’s in a toxic relationship and is ready to get out and find someone who will treat her the way she explain in this song, like I said, this song is a good opener and holds a good and positive message for the audience she attracts, and also may be a reflection of what she wen through over the last few years. The next song “Dance Again” is one of my favorite because it has a really confident vibe to it and a very nice rhythm, it doesn’t seem like she’s trying to deliver a message but besides that it is still a very smooth and catchy song. “Lose You to Love Me” is probably the most sentimental song on this album and definitely reveals more light on what she’s been going through in her love life. It is a very uplifting song on ones self worth and self identity which is a good topic to sing about nowadays when self identity seems to be a reoccurring theme with the younger generations. I love the chorus in the song, it really ties in everything together and give the listener more sympathy to her experiences, and I love the layered vocals on the track as well. Another one of my favorites is “Ring” and the production on this track is the main reason why it is one of my favorites, her vocals stand out immensely but the production does stand out more. Her vocals really just ride the production to deliver a fairly short and fun track in my opinion, nothing else really stands out with this track besides the few things I listed but besides that its a very nice track. “Let Me Get Me” is another one of those tracks where the production does a lot for the track and probably stands out more than Selena does, this is a thing that artists shouldn’t let happen, I’m not trying to say that she is relying on the production but it just happens to come across to me that the production is hitting more than she is on this track, although the last minute she cuts the beat a little bit and uses her vocals more which is a highlight for this track and is what I wish the majority of this track would be, still a really nice track though. When I was going through the trackless before I pressed play on the album I wanted to see if she had any features and I had seen “Crowded Room (feat. 6lack)” which really caught my eye and I knew right from there that this was going to the THE track, it was going to be the track that I think is the best, stats out above the rest, and would be the most popular out of the rest and I genuinely think I am right about this track. Selena delivers a very nice verse and does such a great job on the chorus, her singing on the chorus makes this song 10x more enjoyable and more addictive to listen to. 6lack delivers such a fantastic verse, he is basically talking about why a certain girl should be with him, he would treat her different form the rest, he would care for her unlike the rest, and other topics related to those, I never would expect that these two would have such great chemistry together, they both do such a great job on this track and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the track Selena decides to push through music videos, social media posts, etc. The last song that I would say that I love would be “A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi)”. Back to what I said about going through the tracks before I pressed play on the album, when I saw that Kid Cudi was on this album I freaked out a little bit because I didn’t expect for him and Selena to work together but I am super glad they did. Obviously, I think Cudi stands out on this track because, well, its Cudi, its not so much of a biased opinion but just a fact, Kid Cudi almost always dominated on his own tracks or tracks he features on and one of those tracks would be this track. Selena and Kid Cudi just deliver such good vibe on this track while talking about a place to go to when times get tough which is a really good topic to sing about. I really like this album. I think Selena out did herself on Rare, she has two features who are there to support and not to do better than her on her own project which happens a lot nowadays, the length isn’t too bad and the overall theme is uplifting and motivational to the younger audience she attracts. I didn’t list a few songs but I wanted to talk about the ones that stood out in one way or another, I genuinely like all the tracks on here but clearly some more than others.

Like I said Rare delivers a very positive and uplifting message about self worth, self love, and self identity, all things Selena has been able to identify, accept, and to fix over the last few years and fixing those things can be a very long and tedious process for someone who isn’t able to even identify that they ahem things going wrong in their life. She also touches on toxic relationships which is also another topic that needs more attention towards for the younger generation. Selena does an outstanding job on this album which wont go unnoticed, I would rate this album a strong 8-9/10, it is catchy, sounds fantastic, delivers a positive message, and so much more. I personally need to see how it sits with me in order for it to deliver a higher rating, so I will come back to this over the next few weeks or months and see how I like it then.

I have one more post scheduled to go up tomorrow and it will be a first listen post. Ive never listened to this artists that my post is about so it’ll be a good one tomorrow. Thank you for being here for this post, don’t forget to like, follow, and comment what you think about the post and the album.

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