Post #41, January 11, 2020: The Time Served Post

This will be my first review of 2020 which I am very excited for and it will be on. Time Served by Moneybagg Yo. Moneybagg Yo is an artist that I’ve spent a long time listening to but I would definitely say that I never genuinely enjoyed any full album from. Whenever he releases a new album I always have high hopes that i’ll like it and for the last 3 albums I’ve started to like his music more and more. For some reason I just had a good feeling about this album, its the beginning of the year so that means a new start for some people or just motivation togo harder in 2020 which is what I think his motivation is for this album. This will be my first review of 2020 so lets get straight into it and stop wasting time

Time Served by Moneybagg Yo

My earliest memory of listening to Moneybagg Yo is his collaboration album with him and NBA YoungBoy titled Fed Baby’s back in 2017 and ever since that I’ve just occasionally listened to him whenever he dropped, but, one of my closest friends wanted me to get into his music and found that it was difficult for me because I typically don’t like trap and street music because its harder for me to make connections to the music, so after listening to more street and trap artists I started making connections through the production and the energy used on the tracks which works for me. Moneybagg obviously doesn’t use his lyrics to his advantage and relies heavily on his flow, the production, and his energy which definitely works for him. This album is up there in energy and entertains me to the fullest, I really like this album and the majority of the songs on here. So songs like “Speak 4 Em”, “U Played (feat. Lil Baby)”, “Pop My S**t”, “Pistol by da Bed”, “1 2 3 (feat. Blac Youngsta)”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “Federal Fed (feat. Future)”, “Protect da Brand (feat. DaBaby)”, and “All Dat (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)” are highlights on this album because they all have such high energy and are songs that I would call and consider “club bangers” and that means that they would be played in clubs and at parties to get people hyped up. I do have some songs that I would consider to be my favorite that I want to talk about for a little bit. “U Played (feat. Lil Baby)” is one of my favorite for a few different reasons and the first one that really stands out is the fact that Tay Keith produces the track. If you took out the Tay Keith tag in the beginning of the song I am sure I could tell that it is a Tay Keith beat, a lot of the mainstream producers have such a distinct sound and have repetitive beat patterns, for example Tay Keith uses a lot of bells in his beats, a similar high hat and clap pattern, and very hard hitting 808’s so thats how I can guess that a song is produced by Tay Keith without even knowing the tag in the beginning of the song. Another reason why I love this track is the presence of Lil Baby, I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Lil Baby but I enjoy him from time to time and Moneybagg and Baby always have such great moments when they work together, they basically feed off each others energy to make a track that resembles the energy they bounce back from each other which is something a lot of artists fail to do when they collaborate so seeing Moneybagg use the feature as an advantage is a great tactic he is implementing. Another song that I would call my favorite is “1 2 3 (feat. Blac Youngsta)” and the reason is strictly because of Blac Youngsta because I just think he is one of the most animated artists in the industry. He is just such an energetic and animated person while rapping and just in everyday life so initially hearing him say “why would I switch out a dime for a penny” made me laugh because it just sounded funny coming from him and is also a bar at the same time. But what is there not to love about this song, it is short and to the point, high in energy from both acts, the production is minimal but fits well from both acts, and Blac Youngsta does a great job on this song as a feature although, it does feel like he shines more than Moneybagg but it’s whatever. “Federal Fed (feat. Future)” is one of my favorite for the same reasons as the other songs, high in energy, production fits both acts perfectly, and they both flow on this track effortlessly. It is songs like this that makes listening to Moneybagg Yo very enjoyable for me. This song made me realize that he has gotten some really good features on this album and also that he is using them perfectly, they are doing their thing enough to where I still know that it is a Moneybagg Yo song, what I mean is that a lot of artists have great features and don’t know how to use them, so that lack of knowing turns into the feature doing better than the artist on their own song which is embarrassing a lot of the time but that isn’t the fact on this album which is amazing to see. The last song that I would call a favorite is “Thug Cry” and not for the production or the energy but for the emotion conveyed behind his lyrics. It is always humbling to see someone who hasn’t had the best upbringing and has had such a struggle in life make it to be big and famous, artists like Moneybagg Yo occasionally make a slower song where they explain their past and the choices they’ve made to get to where they are now and if they were right or not, this song isn’t lyrical by any means but you don’t need to be lyrical to deliver a message and thats what Moneybagg did on this track, he explained a little bit of his past and how he copes with it, he becomes very emotional on the track which is very obvious, this reason is why I absolutely love it.

The energy that comes with this album is extremely high which does make up for some of the other qualities that make music “good” like lyrics. The features fir so well on this album, the cover art shows a great connection and clear symbolism behind the title Time Served, the track list isn’t too long and the run time isn’t too long either, some of the songs are really short and to the point, Moneybagg has such a charismatic and borderline arrogant attitude to him on this album which is definitely a positive when you’re at the level he is at and came from the place he came from. This album is really good and is a good album to start off 2020 so with that being said, I am going to rate this a strong 7/10 or possibly 8/10, i’d have to come back to it and see how it sits a few months from now for it to get that 8/10.

This is such a good album to start off the new year, hopefully we get some more music that tops this album throughout the year. I have two more posts scheduled to come out over the next few days so be ready, there is also a great week coming this week with album from Mac Miller, Stunna 4 Vegas, and Halsey, possibly more but we’ll have to wait. Thank you for being here to start off the year with me, this year will be great for TMT, just remember that for later this year.

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