Post #40, January 5, 2020: The 2020 Anticipations Post

I hope all of you had a great New Years and have set some goals for yourselves for the new year. One of my goals for 2020 is to spend more time perfecting this blog and the set up, display, execution, etc. of it. I created a menu so it would be easier to navigate through older posts, for example, if you wanted to go back to my post on KIRK by DaBaby from September then you can go to the menu at the top of the site and find “September 2019” and scroll throughout the posts to find the post you’re looking for, but throughout the months I will be adding and changing things so i can feel absolutely comfortable with my blog but until then just keep enjoying these posts and becoming more and more engaged with them.

This post will be the first post of 2020 and instead of doing an album I will just briefly go over some of my highly anticipated or just moderately anticipated artists/albums that I wish to see released in 2020.

For January we should be seeing albums from Migos, Stunna 4 Vegas, Blueface, 070 Shake, and more but out of all the release for January I am most excited for Migos with Culture III, this will be a follow up from their Culture II and the third installment of their Culture series. I am a big fan of the original Culture but Culture II was not that enjoyable of a listen because of the length of the album so that is one thing that I wish differently with Culture III. I would love to get into 070 Shake because the only time had heard of her was on Ghost Town from Kanye West’s Ye album and her feature was my favorite off of that whole album so I am definite excited to see what she will release later this month. The others that pleases this month aren’t people that I’m anticipating but I will most definitely listen to them and possibly do a post on them, I will see when I get to that point.

The people that I will talk about are people that I heard were releasing this year or people that I want to see new music from, I may forget a lot of people so if I do then comment or message me so we can talk about other anticipated acts for 2020. Starting off with Drake, Drake did have somewhat of a busy year last year, he released some singles here and there and also a care package album with some of his biggest hits or some songs that never made it into that hands of the mainstream. I hope to see new music this year since it has been almost 2 years since Scorpion. Young Thug is set to release an album titled PUNK either this month or in the other early months of 2020, I have what I like to call a “50/50” relationship with Young Thug’s music, I either love it or hate it and with the name PUNK I just have a strong feeling that I will hate it but when he releases this album I will be here to talk about it. I just feel that it will be very different and unlike what he normally releases but, we’ll see. J. Cole is set to release The Fall Off this year. We got “1985 (intro to The Fall Off)” off of his K.O.D. album in the spring of 2018, I personally don’t know what to expect from this album because Cole always finds a way to change something about his persona, rapping style, aesthetic, etc. I am very certain that I will enjoy this album but I always have some doubt when it comes to Cole because lately it seems that he is try too hard to prove himself to the younger generation but I don’t think he has anything to prove because he has already passed/set so many accolades for himself to the point where he shouldn’t try and prove anything. Speaking of J.Cole, I do wish to see albums from a lot of the Dreamville members this year as well, artists such as J.I.D., Bas, Cozz, Ari Lennox, Lute, Omen, and a few more. Kendrick Lamar is due for another album release, DAMN. was released in 2016 which was 4 years ago so it is getting to that time where we see new Kendrick but whats to be expected? Kendrick hasn’t released much music since then so we don’t know what he has been up to, he could have a whole new style to him and a new “character” that he will play through his raps, we will all have to wait and see what he is up to. I really want to see TDE do an album like how Dreamville did this past year, that would be legendary but the odds of that happening are slim, but, it is time for more TDE member to release music, SZA, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad, Reason, possibly Jay Rock, and a few more, these are all artists that I think are artistically in their own lane which is such a special thing to see in rap nowadays, I would love to see all these artists release this year. Two artists that teased fans all of 2019 are on this list and theses artists go by the names of Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti, some would say that the fans will never see Eternal Atake or Whole Lotta Red but if those albums release then it’ll be a good day in the hip hop world. Big Sean and Vince Staples are two artists that I am equally excited to hear new music from, I don’t compare them in any way, they both have very different styles but I just like its past due for new music from the both of them. I would love to see new Denzel Curry but after releasing TA13OO and ZUU just months after his debut I do think it’ll be awhile until we hear another Denzel album. Kid Cudi is set to release an album and a small series on Netflix with the same title as the album which is Entergalactic I believe? I am highly anticipating this album and series because, well… its Kid Cudi, if you know his music then you know that I don’t have to go into much detail as of what I’m highly anticipating this, but if you don’t know his music then I highly recommend some of his earlier work. I wouldn’t say that I’m excited for a new Cardi B album but I wouldn’t be mad if we got one. New Frank Ocean?? probably not, but if we got some this year then that would be fantastic, I also am not dying for new Frank, I know how long it takes for him so that why I not ecstatic. Hopefully 2020 is the year for new Rihanna, I have a strong feeling that this will be the year for the very highly anticipated album from Rihanna, I don’t have music to say about it except for the fact that I am ready for it. Some other artists from other genres that I’m excited to hear albums from in 2020 would be Halsey, Kali Uchis, Justin Bieber, any of the old one direction singers if they choose to release an album this year, Billie Eilish, Cuco, Kevin Abstract, Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Pink Sweat$, Daniel Caesar, Dominic Fike, Khalid, Lizzo, and many, many more. I wish to expand my taste across so many different genres, so please, if you have any recommendations let me know. One artist that easily tops the list in my opinion is Don Toliver, he has quickly become one of my favorite new artists ever since hearing him on “CAN’T SAY” off ASTROWORLD and he is for sure someone that I wish to see an album from in 2020. I have to end this off with Travis Scott, I doubt that he will release a full length project on his own but I do know that we will get more JACKBOYS projects so that is definitely something to look forward to, but Travis is always relevant so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did something special for 2020.

I missed a lot of artists such as A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, DaBaby, Nicki Minaj, Trippie Redd, Lil Pump, Ugly God, Comethazine, NLE Choppa, Ski Mask the Slump God, a posthumous Juice WRLD album, NAV, and so many more. I want to see what you think about 2020 for music, who will blow up? who will release music? let me know your thoughts and opinions about 2020, will it be a good year for music or no? let me know.

2020 will be a great year for this blog, I can sense it. I am all ears if you have any recommendations for me, I am always trying to expand my knowledge on music, any genre, any time period, any artist, I will listen to it and do a post on it just let me know. As always thought, like this post, comment, share this with another music lover or someone who enjoys a good read, and follow the blog so you don’t miss any posts. Thank you for being here for the first spot of 2020, so many more to come.

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